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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Marketing Glossary

Zero-Clicks, SEO and AI, April 17 [Webinar]

Content Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar ‘Zero-Clicks, SEO and AI’ on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, at 1.00 pm ET.

The CMI team says, “Join us for a webinar that will be brimming with new ideas and insights to fuel your content strategies. We’ve compiled encore sessions from three of our most popular speakers to bring you expert advice on zero-click content, SEO strategies, and AI for content design. Plus, join us for a live Q&A at the end of each session to get all your questions answered.”.

There will be three sessions as part of the webinar:

  • Zero-Click Content in the Modern Marketing Age
  • Evidence-based SEO Strategies for 2024
  • How to Master AI for Content Design.

Zero-Clicks, SEO and AI

Content Marketing Institute

Zeus: The World’s First AI-Powered Viral TikTok Builder #ad

The launch of Zeus will kick off with an online gathering where Billy Darr will demo what it can do for your online sales.

It is designed to help you market on TikTok. (We don’t use TikTok, but a lot of people do, especially young people, so there is a large marketing opportunity there.)

If you are still searching for a ready-made marketing solution that is designed to bring in passive profits, Zeus may be just what you need.

This could be the easiest way for you to start earning passively at home.

The creators call it “The New 2023 World’s First AI-Powered Viral TikTok Builder”

Plus, when you invest, you get access to this remarkable collection of software bonuses we have arranged:






















And to top it all off, use this coupon code to get a discount on Zeus and all upgrades: Zeus5OFF.

Get it all right here: Zeus.

Zapable creates an app in 60 seconds #ad

Zapable app buildreLongtime readers will remember Zapable ads in past years. There is a new version just released and the creators (Chris Fox and Andrew Fox) are holding a sale through Sunday night for anyone who didn’t acquire it in the past.

Zapable taps into what the Fox brothers call “the fastest-growing revenue stream in history.”

It is even more valuable now than when the first generation of this tool was released 6 years ago.

Here’s why. A website used to be all you needed to attract customers and make sales. But the market is changing, and if you don’t have an app, you’re missing out on untold thousands of dollars in revenue.

In fact, by 2023, apps will generate over 1 trillion dollars in revenue. That’s amazing growth over the last 6 years.

Now, imagine if you could design an app in less than 60-seconds and do it without a bit of programming experience and use it to build a profitable e-business for yourself.

Even better, what if you could build apps for other businesses? These apps will be critical for the success of all businesses, and business owners are just beginning to wake up to this issue.

With the new ‘point-n-click’ app builder by Zapable, you can do both.

It includes:
➤Unlimited access to the propriety ‘point-and-click’ app builder with over 30 features so you can build custom apps with ease.
➤Five fully customizable app templates working right now in the hottest markets
➤Five done-for-you agency videos with regional voiceovers plus landing pages and swipe files.
➤A Client Acquisition Guide to help with pricing, negotiation, and crafting the perfect product offerings.
➤Access to an active community of app builders ready to answer your every question.

You get it all with Zapable.

By the way, you really should think about app-making as a business. It’s a simple process with Zapable.

Businesses are terrified of getting closed down due to loss of revenue during the recent pandemic and are scrambling to get their own mobile app fast.

Now you can build amazing mobile apps within minutes using ‘drag n drop’.

You can do it:
❌ Without spending thousands
❌ Learning to code
❌ Hiring a team of developers.

Zapable allows you to create professional 100% customized apps with a push of a button.

The Zapable team is throwing in a lot of extras to help you build a business with Zapable, including:

✓ 5 fully customizable app templates for ultra-hot industries screaming for mobile apps.
✓ Done-for-you agency videos and voiceovers so you can start promoting yourself and selling your apps immediately.
✓ 5 high-converting landing pages ready to pull in clients.
✓ A quick reference client negotiation card for stress-free negotiations that earn you top dollar.
✓ Highly targeted email swipes to engage potential clients and make sales with ease.
✓ Plus a whole lot more…

And the fast action bonuses can still be claimed:
⚡ Full Access to iTaggz Agency Edition (Value $497)
⚡ Full Access to Hyper Funnel Formula (Value: $696)
⚡ They say that they also are including over $19,213 of value for the “fast-movers” ready to take action now.

By the way, the guys over at Zapable were kind enough to offer our readers a 75% discount, but there’s a catch. There are a limited number of spots in the launch so if you’re ready to create impressive, powerful apps, do it quickly, and then sell them to business owners who needed them yesterday, click here now: Zapable.

Zeta Live 2022, September 29

Zeta Live marketing event will be held live on Thursday, September 29, 2022.

Join this event to explore how today’s creativity and micro-moments throughout the consumer journey are shaping disruptive macro movements across tomorrow’s digital economy and marketing ecosystem.

This year’s discussions cover the following:

  • The next chapter in digital acceleration: Join senior executives from the largest marketing and advertising holding corporations to discuss the progress, challenges and vision for the future of marketing.
  • Preparing for the democratization of data and identity: Consumers are gaining more control over their data. This creates a conundrum for brand marketers — how to provide highly personalized experiences with constrained data access.
  • Brand building in a World of Web3: How brands can prepare for a decentralized world of tomorrow and the commitment needed for NFTs, cryptocurrency and an immersive Web to future-proof their business.
  • Recession-proof your marketing: Here, you’ll discover how to make your marketing strategy more efficient and long-lasting.

Zeta Live 2022

Zero Search Volume Keywords [Podcast]

Rank Ranger has published a new episode of the In Search SEO podcast ‘Zero Search Volume Keywords’ featuring Mark Williams Cook.

The Rank Ranger team says, “Do you ignore zero volume keywords? If so, that could be a big mistake.

That’s what I’m discussing today with a man who has 16 years of experience in SEO, having previously worked as a full time affiliate making and flipping websites. He’s currently the director of Candour, a digital agency based in Norwich in the UK. And he’s also the founder of Also Asked, a keyword research tool that served over 2 million people in the past two years. A warm welcome to the In Search SEO podcast, Mark Williams Cook.

In this episode, Mark will be sharing four steps to getting started with zero search volume keywords.

The steps are:

  • Forecasting with Zero Volume Keywords
  • Researching Zero Volume Topics
  • Planning Zero Volume Content
  • Discovering New Zero Volume Opportunities.”

Zero Search Volume Keywords

Rank Ranger

Zairp: sophisticated unique-content writer; just supply a topic #ad

Zairp automated content writer
Zairp is an A.I. web-app that will write, optimize, post, and even rank content for all your sites (and for your client sites) for any keyword and many languages.

A while back, we bought a set of 5 or 6 Brazilian domain names. We thought they would let us address a part of the eCommerce world where there might not be as fierce competition as in the USA.

However, we have never developed them. Being busy is part of the reason, but a major issue was the cost of translating our content into Portuguese, the national language of Brazil, so the average person in Brazil could read the content.

That makes us ideal customers for Zairp because it will write content for us in Portuguese (among the many languages it supports.)

Specifically, it will:

✅ Set up your sites (install theme, plugins, activate SEO-friendly URLs, etc.)
✅ Write Your Content (in up to 25 different languages)
✅ Optimize Your Content (for any keyword and or location worldwide)
✅ Post Your Content for You
✅ And even syndicate your content for you to over 25 different social sites
✅ (plus a whole lot more)

What more could you ask?

Its SEO work is intrinsic to your success with Zairp. It’s what results in high viewership. That’s because SEO is still the best to get free, targeted buyer-traffic in today’s online world.

The automated SEO in Zairp really beats doing your SEO manually. Manual SEO:

❌ Takes too much time
❌ Requires too much effort
❌ Requires too many resources
❌ Requires too many steps to actually get results.

We all enjoy getting free traffic from SEO, but we hate the steps it takes. So let this new software do it for you. Life’s too short.

You can literally use it to automate SEO for

➤ affiliate niche sites
➤ local niche sites
➤ client sites
➤ rank-n-rent sites
➤ eCommerce niche sites

As you can tell, that’s pretty much any site, offer, or service you can imagine.

We have arranged a collection of bonuses for our readers. Take a look: Zairp Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers.

Get your own copy here during the launch week sake: Zairp.

Zapable App Builder: The end is near; Launch ends tomorrow #ad

Zapable builds mobile apps for Android and iOS, pure and simple. And you are getting an Agency license to build and sell apps all day long.

Zapable launch is ending

The creators, Andrew Fox and Chris Fox, are having a “Grand Finale” before it is taken off the market.

They have just announced 3 new Closing Bonuses.

(Don’t worry – if you’ve already bought, you will still get all new bonuses listed below added to your account.)

The Fox team says these new bonuses bring the total value of their offer to $32,958 + UNLIMITED Apps & PWA (Instant Mobile App) Builds.

Ready to become a Zapable 2021 Agency Member? Find out More Info by clicking here: Introduction to Zapable.

Here’s a Sneak peak to what’s in The Grand Finale Bonus Package

They are in addition to the 5 are already included in the Zapable Agency 2021:
• Cafe
• Restaurant
• Online Coach
• Real Estate
• Personal Trainers

Those 5 plus the special closing bonus brings the total to 8.

Closing Grand Finale Bonus for Zapable

New Grand Finale Bonus #1 – 3 New Done For You Agency Videos ($1197 Value, they say)

They are giving you an extra 3 ‘Done For You’ Videos in the hottest niches. These are professional lead generation magnets.

New Grand Finale Bonus #2 – Audio Accents For 8 Agency Videos ( $497 Value, they say)

They are also adding 8 new USA Voice-overs for the 8 agency videos .

This means you can choose between multiple accents best suited to your target market.

After the launch period these voice-overs will be a paid upgrade, but if you get in now, there’s no extra cost.

New Grand Finale Bonus – #3 – Invite-A-Friend feature ($297 Value, they say)

Make sure apps go viral by allowing people to share it inside the actual app. This could drive 1000’s of extra visitors to your mobile app.

Original Bonuses

You will also receive the Full Original Bonus package detailed below if you get in before the closing deadline.

Closing Action Bonuses

Closing Action Bonus #1 – UNLIMITED Apps + Pwa Builds – 14 Spots Left ($9,997 Value, they say)

We have decided to re-open 14 spots for this Grand FINALE .

This will be your last chance.

Closing Action Bonus #2 – Full Access to the NEW Zapable Cloud Based App Builder + PWA

Over 30 Features – 12 Months Enterprise Level Subscription included ($10,997 value, they say)

Closing Action Bonus #3 – 5 Pre Built App Templates Loaded Into Your Account of the HOT Markets ( $997 Value, they say)

5 ‘Done For You Apps’ Pre-loaded into your account. Focused on 5 Hot Selling Industries.

After the Covid pandemic there are some ultra-hot industries right now which are screaming for mobile apps.

They need a mobile app just to keep their business open. These are easy to sell to.

We’ve added the unique and best features per app so you don’t even need to build them yourself – we’ve done the thinking for you.

You can also customize them yourself if you wish.

Includes Full ‘Done For You’ Zapable Agency Tool Kit 2020 (Value $8479, they say)

This toolkit is the ultimate ‘Done for you’ Lead Generation Tool Kit.

At Zapable they don’t just believe in giving you an amazing app building tool including 30 amazing features; they also give you the entire ‘done for you’ agency toolkit including:

✓ 5 Amazing Done for you Videos – In the hottest niches wanting mobile apps right now

✓ 5 Scorching Hot Lead generation pages – High converting squeeze pages (We also give them in Clickfunnels, divi and elementor format in case one of these formats works better for you.

✓ Pricing charts unique to each app niche – So you can sell people specific apps focusing on the features needed for their niche (We give you these in keynote, Powerpoint and PDF format)

✓ Email connect scripts – Cut and paste these well-written scripts and email them to business owners to help you generate leads.

✓ App marketing guides – Detailed PDF guide giving you ‘step-by-step’ instructions to sell apps in different industries

✓ And even more inside

So that’s the robust package they are offering, which they say is worth a combined $32,958.

Click here to check it out right now: Introduction to Zapable.

At Midnight EDT tomorrow they slam the door shut and they opportunity will be gone. So if you want to build apps for yourself or for clients, don’t delay until it’s too late.

P.S: Did you know many businesses that had a mobile app thrived during the recent lockdowns?

A Mobile App is a lifeline for any business , one that you now build in minutes ‘point and click’, and you can build one with no previous experience.

P.P.S – You probably have heard of the expression “Right place; Right time”? – Well this is your time and opportunity. It’s up to you to grab it now: Introduction to Zapable.

Zapable: How many apps are on your mobile phone? Mine? 195 #ad

The mobile phone culture is firmly embedded in modern society. All over the world people have flocked to these phones for convenience and for powerful flexibility. With the right apps, they can do virtually anything a computer can do.

You use apps; we all do. There’s a business opportunity in that fact. Somebody can profit from selling apps, and it might as well be you.

In fact, there are over 27.2 Million small businesses in the USA alone.

86.2% of these businesses have said they an app for their customers to use to connect with their business would be a plus, but they think only the “Fortune 500 Companies” can afford it.

Today at 9 AM EDT, Chris Fox and Andrew Fox are holding a webinar to introduce you to Zapable. They will show you live how you can build professional apps (even with no tech skills and no previous experience) and sell them to businesses in your town or online.

You will see how easy these apps are to build and how impressive they are to your clients. And almost any business, online or offline, can be a good client for your apps, such as:
✓ Online Coaches
✓ Personal Trainers
✓ Barber
✓ Pet Groomers
✓ Local Hotels (skip big chains; they already have apps)
✓ Real Estate agents
✓ Beauticians and,
✓ Many more.

When business owners see how good these apps are, it will be hard to say “No”. Look at the kind of things the apps you build with Zapable can do:

• Send out an instant ‘push button’ notification to clients or customers with the app. Such as: “Get your free website consultation today” or “Weekly Special: Buy one candy bar, get another one free”

• Allow them to take orders online or book reservations right from their phone. What a time-saver!

• QR Scanning Digital Loyalty Card. “Buy 6 Coffee, Get 1 Free”. Virtually stamps customer’s card.

• Build affiliate marketing apps,

• Build Shopify stores,

• Create Amazon catalog shopping sites

We should let you now that this is not an untested app builder. We first heard about it in 2015. Since that time it has been improved and enhanced multiple time. This new version is the best yet.

The training webinar starts at 9 AM EDT. Sign up here: Introduction to Zapable.

You can build a successful Mobile App Agency that creates and delivers Apps to businesses with about 60 Minutes of work per app. These apps can sell for big money. Check out or

Don’t miss this “one-off training” where the developers will show you live on screen how to turn this software into a simple and prof1table business.

=> Click Here To Secure your Seat: Introduction to Zapable.

Ziliate: Create Affiliate Sites In Any Niche #ad

Ziliate is a complete affiliate marketing solution, just released by Dr. Amit pareek, that includes a proven system, training and software to make sales while building your list.

Here are some major features of Ziliate.
➤ Create Beautiful Affiliate Niche Sites, Review Pages, Lead Pages, and Thank You Pages For Any Audience
➤ Simply Customize the Theme Designed Especially for Affiliate Marketing
➤ Get High-Converting DFY Social Posts, Review Articles, Ad Copies, Banners, and Email Swipes for DotcomPal
➤ Build Huge Email List of People who are Looking for Reviews, Offers, and Deals
➤ There is no Additional Charge for Getting up to 30,000 Page Views Monthly
➤ Procure Access To Top Paying Affiliate Programs
➤ Advance Subscriber Management to Easily Manage Subscribers
➤ Seamless Integration With the Most Popular Autoresponder Services
➤ 100% GDPR & CAN-Spam Compliant Lead Capture System
➤ Sub Domain Names are Included. Even Add Your Own Custom Domain Names
➤ Includes a Well-Researched List of 50+ High Converting Affiliate Programs
➤ Live Chat is Included for Customer Support so You Never Get Stuck

To use Ziliate, simply:
1. Log in to your account and go through Affiliate Business System, Training, and Workshop
2. Build your affiliate niche or review site with DFY AffiliatePal theme. Use the Drag-N-Drop Editor to add your content and your affiliate links for top affiliate offers.
3. Just publish your site and start driving Social, SEO & Paid Ads Traffic to enjoy affiliate sales and commissions

Click here to see the demo video of how it works: Ziliate.

It will help you get your affiliate marketing business up and running in no time and then help you scale it.

For ease of use, it is a 100% Cloud-Based system where you will be able to build affiliate sites in just 5 minutes after following quick steps without any complicated downloads, installations, expensive domains, or hosting.

Get all the details here, and get your own copy while it is available for a one-time fee, here: Ziliate.

Zippo Pay, A new way to take online payments #ad

Bryan Winters. is the man behind the new payment software, Zippo Pay. What he and his team have created is so clever, you haven’t see it before; neither have your customers.

Zippo Pay is an ingenious new patent-pending online income opportunity for beginners and pros alike.

In their initial testing, their new software and the related web funnel (that comes with it) brought in over $300 and nearly 150 email leads in a matter of hours.

And it took only a few minutes to set up.

You can see how they did it in a case study video they created for you. Click here to watch it: Zippo Pay.

The heart of the system is the “viral payment button” and the accompanying checkout funnel, which is designed to build your email list – and income – with no effort beyond your few minutes of set up time.

This is placed on your sales page, either alongside a Paypal button or by itself. (By the way, if you don’t have a product to sell yet, they include a great product you can sell.)

In fact, they give you the whole web funnel they used in the case study.

So, in Zippo Pay, you are getting:
■ The payment software
■ The top-notch product to sell
■ A web funnel package
■ And, to top it off, free traffic via the new Zippo Pay Marketplace.

To get your free traffic, simply list your Zippo Pay offers in the ZP Marketplace where visitors from all over the world can browse and order them.

This is a unique opportunity, unlike any you have ever been offered before.

And it’s patent pending, so this is the only way to get this exact capability for your site.

In a nutshell, Zippo Pay is the first ever “pay by lead” software, where people “pay” (so to speak) for your products by referring email leads to your offer.

But, as important as building a profitable email list is, that’s not all you are getting. Zippo Pay directly builds your sales, as well.

When you see the case study, you will see that it shows making sales at the same time it gathers leads.

So, for a small one-off fee (only available during launch), Winters is giving you everything you need for starting or enhancing an online business.

And to add even more value we have arranged for Winters to provide a collection of complementary bonuses for our readers. You will see them on the sales page.

Don’t wait on this. The price is reduced during the special launch week sale. Check it out here: Zippo Pay