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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Shopify Marketing' Category

Drop-shipping gets you into eCommerce without inventory worries #ad

The easy way to get started in eCommerce is with drop-shipping. With drop-shipping you avoid the hassles of shipping products and handling return. A manufacturer or wholesaler handles the mechanics of fulfilling a sale. You just: 1. advertise the product, 2. accept orders (and collect the money) and 3. tell your drop-shipper where to ship the product and pay them for the product. If you want a store selling physical goods, this is the way to get started right away. You just pick a niche, find products that appeal to people who are interested in that niche, and place ads for the products on your... [...]

Freecom Blueprint: Make money on Shopify with free traffic #ad

There are many way to get traffic to your eCommerce site (for example, your Shopify store). Most people choose to use paid ads on platforms such as Facebook. Wouldn’t it be a big help, especially when you are starting up, to get free traffic to your store? Your start-up costs could drop dramatically. If you see value in free traffic for your eCommerce sites, but you don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars in advertising, you may want to look into Freecom Blueprint 2.0, new eCommerce strategy by Tom Yevsikov. Yevsikov made a lot of mistakes in his own eCommerce before finding a path to... [...]

eCom Pages Pro Builds Complete Shopify eCommerce Stores #ad

eCom Pages Pro, being released today, is the world’s first “drag and drop” Shopify store builder that is hosted in the cloud. Regardless of your technical skills or your experience, you can uses this new software to build attractive Shopify stores in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, many people struggle to set up their Shopify stores manually. But now, with eCom Pages Pro, you can build your site and customize it however you want it while bypassing all the struggle of manual methods. The creators have included a variety of store templates that can generate successful stores... [...]

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