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Friday, September 29, 2023

Archive for the 'Twitter Lead Generation Cards' Category

‘6 Ways to Make Your Content Drive Long-Term ROI’ – HubSpot

Neil Patel says, “Creating content is hard work. So if you’re going to go to the trouble of creating it, you want to make sure it’ll bring you a great return on your investment for a long time. What if each of your blog posts and articles were conduits of cash that never, ever turn off? What if they kept on delivering traffic, conversions, and revenue? I’m going to tell you how to do that”. 6 Ways to Make Your Content Drive Long-Term ROI HubSpot  [...]

‘Lead Nurturing Etiquette Tips Every Email Marketer Should Know’ – HubSpot

Rachael O’Higgins says, “Properly engaging in conversations with someone is the most important part of developing a relationship. Whether these conversations happen via email, text, or social media, it’s imperative to make sure that you say the right thing at the right time to the right person — otherwise your relationship could take a turn for the worse. When building relationships, content and context are key. The same thing applies to building relationships with the leads in your database via email marketing. Poorly written emails, mass-produced messaging, and a lack... [...]

’10 Quick Tips for Generating Leads From Twitter’ – HubSpot

Diana Urban says, “Twitter isn’t just for getting followers, retweets, and replies — it’s also a valuable marketing channel for generating qualified leads. But when you’re trying to generate leads on Twitter, your tweets have to be a little different than normal. With a few tweaks, your tweets can be transformed into lead generation machines — you just have to know what those little tweaks are. Recently, Twitter’s Anne Mercogliano and HubSpot’s Kipp Bodnar teamed up to share their top tips for generating leads on Twitter in just 25 minutes a day.... [...]

‘How to Set Up and Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards in Your Tweets for Free!’ – MOZ Blog

The latest MOZ blog post is titled “How to Set Up and Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards in Your Tweets for Free!”. Dana Tan says, “Working as an in-house SEO strategist for a small business forces me to get “scrappy” every day with tools and techniques. I’m constantly on the lookout for an opportunity that can help my company market to broader audiences for less money. Here’s how to set up your Twitter Cards for free!”. How to Set Up and Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards in Your Tweets for Free! MOZ Blog  [...]

‘Twitter Study: Photos, Videos Lead To Most Retweets’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “Twitter Study: Photos, Videos Lead To Most Retweets”. Matt McGee says, “Tweets that have a photo or video URL tend to lead to the biggest increase in retweets for verified accounts on Twitter. That’s the key takeaway from a Twitter study out this week that analyzed more than two million tweets sent in the span of one month from verified accounts related to TV, news, radio, government and sports. Twitter’s data team looked at measurable tweet elements like photos, hashtags, videos, links and numbers (to measure... [...]

‘A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Lead Generation Cards’ – ‘Business 2 Community’ Article

The latest article on ‘Business 2 Community’ is titled “A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Lead Generation Cards”. Darren Braybrook says, “Twitter lead generation cards are a great way to advertise on Twitter and gain leads from interested parties. Here is our beginners guide to setting one up. Start by logging into Twitter, then select the settings button in the top right of the screen and click on Twitter Ads. This will then take you through to the Twitter Ads screen, here you want to select ‘Creatives’ from the top options and then ‘Cards’“. A Beginner’s Guide... [...]