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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Marketing Services' Category

Asigo for marketing when times are tough. #ad

Asigo is made for times like these. Warren Buffett often has said that tough times are the ideal times to invest. His point is that when other people are too scared to act, the brave take actions that will lead to their success. If you want to succeed, you must act in a way the majority of people don’t. That’s obvious, actually, since if you do what most people do, you will get what most people get, average results, at best. Buffett always advised us to get in at the bottom (when people are afraid and nervous) and ride the wave up. Get out at the top (when people are brave) and take... [...]

[Live Demo] Asigo ‘dropshipping eServices’ #ad

The Asigo Launch is finally here. If you missed the workshop yesterday, there’s another today explaining how you can use Asigo to build your online eServices dropshipping business. The official launch of The Asigo System is your opportunity to partner with Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz, the original inventors and innovators of “eService Dropshipping” to grow your very own “eservice dropshipping” store. If you ever considered starting a ‘regular’ dropshipping business, where you make the sales and someone else supplies the product for you, you’ll want to investigate this new twist,... [...]

Asigo Workshop Today: How to dropship eServices #ad

Today is when the Asigo Workshop is happening. It introduces the concept of dropshipping eServices. This extends to the longstanding business model of dropshipping physical goods (having an arrangement with a manufacturer or wholesaler to ship their products to customers you find for them so that the customer sees the products as being yours and knows nothing about the actual source). With Asigo you can do the same thing with online marketing services. You sell the services, and as far as your clients are concerned, you deliver them, but behind the scenes, you send their order for services to a... [...]

MarketPresso 3.0 Done for You: Freelance & local business marketplace builder #ad

In February of last year we told you about the launch of MarketPresso. Since then there have been 70 new and improved features. Karthik Ramani, the creator, says this new tool is the easiest way to sell services in 2021, even better than the previous versions. Marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork simply provide a place for people to buy and sell services, such as: ■ Graphic Design ■ Page building ■ Funnel building ■ Transcription ■ Customer support ■ and many more. Now, with MarketPresso 3.0 Done for You, you can build your own marketplace to do the same thing. It includes the latest... [...]

Asigo: eService Dropshipping (How can you dropship a service?) #ad

Asigo lets you be ‘The First To Market’ in the growing eServices industry, even if you aren’t an expert. Experienced online marketers Chris Munch and& Jay Cruiz have written a new report called The Rise of eServices, available at no charge, which introduces you to eServices dropshipping. They explain how they created a “$100k eStore” that you can clone using their new system, Asigo. This is a new industry and a new business model for online marketing. It has been doing well and has been projected to grow in the next several years. But the current economic climate and... [...]

Easy Arbitrage still available to build your business #ad

We told you yesterday about the new Easy Arbitrage solution for building an online business from scratch. To dig into it and its potential value for our readers, we purchased access to it ourselves. Here’s a picture of the member dashboard. Notice the menu at the top of the site, laying out the tools you can use to find products or services you can “leverage” to build your business, as well as traffic sources to find people interested in your niche. You use the software to locate products or services that you can resell at a profit. Some of these tools are available in the basic... [...]

Easy Arbitrage: Don’t build, Buy; Buy Low, Sell High #ad

“Arbitrage” is just a fancy word for the normal activity of thousands of businesses. They buy products at a wholesale or “insider” price and then resell them at a higher retail price. The major sellers of books, music and movies on eBay do just that, for example. They find low-cost sources for products their customers like, then buy them, advertise them and sell them for a profit. The point is that this is both normal and something any marketer can do, and it works for both products and services. You may need a little training on what products are easy to sell, where to... [...]

Web CopyCat, for people struggling for online income #ad

Sometimes beginners have trouble getting a start in earning an income online. It’s often hard to know what to do and, even if you know “what”, “how to do it” is even harder. Devon Brown has created Web CopyCat for the people who would like a little help (actually, it give a lot of help) getting over the hurdles of getting started online. Brown says that his new system makes getting started online simple because: • His team does away with all the obstacles. • His team does all the website set-up for you. • His team sends all the traffic to your websites for you. •... [...]

MailZingo Autoresponder fits your budget, Increases ROI #ad

Dr. Amit Pareek (a familiar name to our readers) was able to increase the ROI on his promotional emails by changing the autoresponder he uses. Dr. Pareek is making approximately $300,000 per year from email marketing and has been using email marketing for many years. After having account trouble at two well-known commercial autoresponder companies, he decided to create a brand new autoresponder so he would no longer have to depend on a third party where things could go wrong. He and his team of software developers defined their best set of requirements for a good autoresponder for small businesses... [...]

Having trouble building your mailing list? #ad

If you need a larger mailing list but are having trouble building it, Michael Somerville is offering to help with his Opt-in Leads, Done for You. He will build your list using what he calls, “a unique system that will qualify leads and determine if they want to buy something or if they just want to take up space in your email manager.” All the opt-in leads you purchase will added to your autoresponder within 30days. And, he includes his hosted autoresponder in this offer, so you can mail to your opt-ins over and over without having to use an external autoresponder service. His clients... [...]

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