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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Archive for the 'Artificial Intelligence' Category

TrendzBot: ChatGPT-powered websites with trending content #ad

TrendzBot is a brand-new ChatGPT-powered application that lets you create a 100% automated affiliate site filled with hundreds of trending articles. On your site, you can place ads that promote your affiliate links from any program. Using the power of ChatGPT, your site will automatically find trending topics on major social media sites and auto-generate related trending content for these hot topics. Auto-maintained These popular trends are automatically updated and new content is added to your site every hour. Your site is monetized since every time somebody comes to your site, then clicks on... [...]

2023 Trends for Explainer Videos

What are explainer videos? Explainer videos are short, concise, and engaging videos that aim to explain a concept or product in an easy-to-understand way. This type of video has been in use for many years, but they have become increasingly popular in recent years as companies look for new and innovative ways to communicate with their audience online. Consequently, there are now many marketing agencies that specialize in creating explainer videos for businesses across different industries. It’s a good business for them. The beauty of explainer videos lies in their ability to use both visuals... [...]

AI Hub: 20-in-1 ChatGPT-Powered Marketing Tool Suite #ad

There are many tasks online marketers do. AI Hub assists in virtually all of them. Here is a representative sample: ➤ Creating Content, ➤ Eye Catchy Graphics, ➤ Converting Text To Video, ➤ Text To Image, ➤ AI Chatbot, ➤ Keyword To Video, ➤ Keyword To Image, ➤ Corrects Grammar, ➤ Makes Image Variations, ➤ Writes Product Names, ➤ Interviews, ➤ Summarizes & explains Text, ➤ Topic Outlines, ➤ Sentiment Analysis, ➤ Proofreading, ➤ Analogy Maker, ➤ Keyword Extractor, ➤ Ad Copy ➤ Spreadsheet Generator AI Hub can do any of these things for you in moments. Watch... [...]