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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Better Email Open Rates' Category

The Secret to Getting a 30% Email Open Rate [Video]

Email open rate is the percentage of subscribers who open a specific email out of your total number of subscribers. A good email open rate is directly linked to the success of your email marketing campaigns. In this latest video ‘The Secret to Getting a 30% Email Open Rate’, Neil Patel has shared some useful strategies to achieve a 30% email open rate. He says, “The secret to getting a 30% email open rate. On average, for every dollar you spend on email marketing you can earn $36 according to Constant Contact. And if you are a top performer, for every dollar you spend, you can... [...]

How to Get People Open and Read Your Emails

Email marketing is one of the most successful ways to grow your online reach to promote your products and services. To achieve the best results from your email marketing campaigns, you need to write persuasive email content and subject lines. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Svetoslav Dimitrov has shared eight strategies to get people to open and read your emails. He says, “The challenge of crafting effective marketing emails that your audience reads and buys from may seem impossible. However, with the help of these eight simple strategies, you’ll see writing engaging emails is not that... [...]

Strategies to Improve Your Email Open Rate

In today’s busy schedules and competitive environment, it is difficult to get people to open and read your emails. Content Marketing Institute contributor Ann Gynn has shared some useful tips to help you write emails that get opened and read. She says, “Tips one to eight come from Nancy Harhut, chief creative officer HBT Marketing, who gives her best advice for getting your emails noticed and believed. The last three tips (nine to 11) contain advice specific to emails newsletters and come courtesy of Dennis Shiao and Ashley Guttuso. Dennis, founder of Attention Retention, created and... [...]

Improve Your Email Open Rates With These Tools

Your email marketing success depends on how many people actually open your emails. A catchy subject line is necessary to make your subscribers open your emails. HubSpot contributor Meg Prater has shared 12 email subject line testing tools to help marketers improve their email open rates. She has covered the tools such as Test Subject, Email Subject Line Grader, Spam Check, Touchstone and more. Prater says, “Do you struggle to get prospects to open your emails? For some people, writing clever, witty, clickable subject lines can be a challenge — and that’s where subject line tester... [...]

Strategies to improve your email open rates

Email marketing performance is analyzed on the open rate, click rate and then comes the conversion. With right methods you can make your subscribers open your emails and initiate an action. AWeber columnist Lauren Willard has shared an useful article on quickly improving the email open rates. Willard says, “Less than three seconds. That’s the average amount of time you have to capture a subscriber’s attention in his or her crowded inbox, according to a study from marketing company Movable Ink. Talk about a short window. So what’s an easy way to make an impact and stand out? Include... [...]

Improve your email open rate with these tools

In email marketing, it all begins with the email open rates and than the process is lead by the responses and actions from the subscribers. HubSpot columnist Meg Prater has shared details of ten email subject line tester tools to help marketers boost their email open rates. Prater says, “Do you struggle to get prospects to open your emails? Is writing witty subject lines a little outside your comfort zone? Wish you had a magic tool to help you write better, more eye-catching subject lines, faster? Well, the good news is that such a tool exists. The better news is there are about 10 of them,... [...]

“Safe Links” keep your emails flowing

Don’t get banned by your email autoresponder company, and don’t get placed into your clients’ spam folder. Both are bad for business (that’s an understatement.) We first learned about how aggressive email processors are in keeping emails from inboxes when we received a note today from Phil Benham, the Managing Partner of NetDyno LLC. Benham was banned by his own autoresponder company for using a JVZoo affiliate link in his emails. They allow affiliate links, generally; it’s just that JVZoo was blacklisted in their system. When you are told you can’t promote offers... [...]

Improve your email open rates with these subject line tips

Making your subscribers open and respond to your emails or take actions is one of the biggest challenges that we marketers face today. But at the same time email marketing is one of the most successful forms of marketing that surely gives good ROI. HubSpot columnist Aja Frost has shared seventeen email subject lines that can help you improve your open rates. Frost says, “Use these subject lines knowing that they’ve been tried, tested, and verified to work by reps around the world. 1) “Have you tried [restaurant in prospect’s town]?” The salesperson who suggested this... [...]

Here’re some tips to improve your sales email open rates

Crafting an effective email and a great subject line is a critical element in your email marketing. With the right ways you can build better email campaigns. Entrepreneur columnist Marc Wayshak has shared three tips to help you improve your sales email open rates. Wayshak says, “Fortunately, no matter what industry you’re in, there are a few simple tricks you can implement to reach more prospects than you ever have before. Read on to discover how you can explode your sales email open rates and dominate your competition in sales. 1. Think like your prospect. In order to reach your prospect,... [...]

Empower Your Email Marketing with These Sales Email Templates

For successful email marketing, it is very crucial to get your email opened first. Good email templates always help attract subscribers. HubSpot’s Aja Frost has published 10 sales email templates that enjoy 60% email open rates. They are ready to modify and send email templates. Frost says, “As a writer for the HubSpot Sales Blog, I’m always crafting new email templates. And my favorite source of inspiration is in HubSpot Sales — I’ll open up “Templates” and browse the real emails HubSpot salespeople are sending their prospects. Not only can I see average... [...]

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