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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Archive for the 'Content Promotion Tips' Category

Promoting Your Content With Zero Budget [Video]

Quality content creation and the right way to promote it – can help you to achieve your business goals. There are several tools that can help you to promote your content online, but choosing the best is a challenge. Neil Patel has published a new video ‘Promoting Your Content With Zero Budget’ to help you easily promote your content. He says, “Today’s another day of Content Marketing Unlocked, and I’m going to be breaking down how you can market your content Now when you’re promoting your content, one of the best ways is going to be through Google and SEO,... [...]

Nine Ways to Promote Your Content Using Facebook Ads

Social media platforms play an important role in spreading your content among your target audience. You can achieve your content promotion goals by adopting right strategies. Facebook ads platform offers a convenient way to reach your target audience with the budget that suits you. Content Marketing Institute contributor Dmitry Dragilev has shared nine ways to help you promote your content using Facebook ads. Dragilev says, “In this guide, I’ll show you how to use Facebook advertising to promote your content the smart way. 1. Install the Facebook pixel This pixel is code that tracks your... [...]

Strategies to Get Visitors with Your Old Content

Fresh and quality content plays an important role in getting people visit your sites. Your popular posts can be utilized for a long term for continuously getting visitors to your website or blog. Search Engine Journal contributor Kristi Kellogg has shared five ways to help you get more visitors by promoting your old content. Kellogg says, “Here, we’re going to focus on five ways to make sure that content is still getting the attention it deserves. Read on for expert tips on how to promote your blog content long after publication. 1. Keep an Inventory of Your Evergreen Content Fact: not... [...]

Keep your content visible with these promotion tips

It is very important for you to attract people’s attention toward the quality piece of content your have published. Social sharing is one of the best ways to do that. Marketing Land columnist Blaise Lucey has shared 25 ways to get people to take notice of your content. Lucey says, “With content, it’s possible to get traffic without spending a cent on paid marketing. But that audience is going to be limited by search engine terms and the organic social media presence of your brand. If you’re trying to target new markets, content should almost always be promoted, heavily, through... [...]

Are You Making These Content Promotion Mistakes

Content needs to read and liked by people. Then only it serves the right purpose. Content promotion is a task that can make your marketing efforts more successful. Marketing Land’s Andrea Lehr has shared three common promotion mistakes that marketers make while trying to expand their content marketing. Lehr says, “Great content doesn’t get in front of the right audience by chance; it’s the direct result of a well-planned promotions cycle. And although developing a successful content promotion strategy may sound easy, it actually requires more work than you think — whether you’re... [...]

Improve Your Content Marketing with These Tips

Right content helps marketers make customers happy and so loyal. Crafting quality content is a challenge and one need to put in the best efforts for producing great content. CMI contributor Michele Linn has shared seven tips to help marketers create great content and win at content marketing. Linn says, “Be better. This simple mantra always plays in the back of my head when it comes to what we publish, but it’s becoming louder and louder these days – as the noise around content marketing becomes louder as well. I love content marketing, and I truly believe that – when it’s done well... [...]

‘6 How-To Strategies for Content Promotion’ – CMI

Aman Thakur says, “Newton’s third law of motion says: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” But that thing #neverhappened. Most of the time, I could not even get a single share. Why? Turns out, the internet doesn’t follow Newton’s law. You need to spend much more time in promoting your work than on creating it. In this post, I’m going to show you step-by-step how to execute six content promotion strategies that work in 2017 and beyond”. 6 How-To Strategies for Content Promotion Content Marketing Institute  [...]

‘6 Ways to Energize Your Content Marketing Team (and Your Content)’ – CMI

Deborah Holstein says, “Nearly half of B2C businesses have small content marketing teams supporting the organization. Yet, 73% of businesses will produce more original content in the coming year, which means content teams will spend more time keeping the engine running with little time or headspace for innovation. While boosting the size of your team might seem like an obvious solution, it’s expensive. If you really want to improve your team’s ability to produce quality content, you better protect their opportunity for creativity. Here are six ways to help your team create more amazing... [...]

‘Editorial Calendar Tools and Templates’ – CMI

Jodi Harris says, “For anyone looking to score a quick win with content marketing, I’d like to get one thing straight: Content marketing is not really a turnkey, one-strategy-fits-all technique. For better or worse, successful content marketing works best when it’s a bespoke affair: custom-built to delight your audience and thoughtfully planned to produce tangible business results over the long term. But just because the content process is more artisanal than assembly line doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tried-and-true systems you can use to keep your pipeline flowing at peak performance. One... [...]

‘Why You Need Content Strategy Before Editorial Planning’ – CMI

Meghan Casey says, ““I got this content strategy thing,” you may think. You know your voice and tone, you know what formats and channels you’re going to create content for, and you know how often you’re going to publish or share content. Great! Except that’s not a content strategy. It’s an editorial plan. Don’t get me wrong. Content marketers need an editorial plan, especially if they’re regularly creating new content. At the same time, you need to figure out lots of other things before you plot your content ideas on a calendar. Enter — you guessed it — content strategy. What... [...]