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Friday, April 12, 2024

Archive for the 'Visual Content' Category

CMI shares 12 types of visual content for blog posts

Blogging is one of the most useful tools for marketing for more than fifteen years. Your blog works as a link with your prospects and customers and keeps them abreast of what you are offering. Content Marketing Institute columnist Robert Katai has shared 12 types of great visual contents to use in blog posts. Katai says, “Today I present 12 types of visuals you can use in a blog post. You do not have to use all of them. See what inspires you given your content marketing strategy, audience, and formats. 1. Data-driven visuals To be a well-known leader in your industry, start creating data-driven... [...]

Importance of Visual Content in your Content Marketing Strategy

Robert Katai of Content Marketing Institute has posted an article showing importance of visual content. Visual content enables the marketers to give an emotional touch to the marketing efforts. UX/UI designer, web designer, graphic designer, creative director, visual content creator and art director play vital role in the development fo the visual content that leads to successful marketing. Katai says, “If you think creating a lot of content will bring you the results you want, well my friend, let me tell you that you are wrong. Creating a lot of content, articles, videos, and social media... [...]

‘How to Use Canva: An 8-Step Guide to Creating Visual Content’ – HubSpot

Gretchen de Guzman says, “Back in 2014, Peg Fitzpatrick and Guy Kawasaki penned a post for the HubSpot Marketing Blog that approached the topic of visual marketing as the “next big thing.” But since then, it’s gone to “here to stay.” After all, articles with an image once every 75-100 words tend to get 2X social shares than articles with fewer images. But in the previous article, Kawasaki — chief evangelist for Canva, a remarkably simple online platform for graphic design — stressed the importance of including shareable images in blog posts, and regularly creating... [...]

’10 Reasons Visual Content Will Dominate 2014′ – ‘Business 2 Community’ Article

The latest article on ‘Business 2 Community’ is titled “10 Reasons Visual Content Will Dominate 2014”. B2C team says, “What marketing strategies will we focus on in 2014? What will we leave behind? This article takes a look at the rise of visual content – and why 2014 will be the year of visuals. I’ll give you statistics and expert opinions on how marketing online is changing, and how images and visuals are taking over. Will you be focusing on visual content in 2014?“. 10 Reasons Visual Content Will Dominate 2014  [...]

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