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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Archive for the 'On-page Optimization' Category

On-Page Optimization: A Top Agency’s Guide to Publishing Content for SEO [Guide]

On-page optimization, also known as on-page SEO, is the practice of optimizing a website’s content to improve its search engine rankings and earn organic traffic. Copyblogger has published ‘On-Page Optimization: A Top Agency’s Guide to Publishing Content for SEO’. Aleks Stoyanov says, “Think about the words you choose when you use a search engine. You want them to be as specific as possible, right? This helps ensure that you’ll find what you need. Well, a search engine’s job is to review content and recognize certain keywords and other on-page SEO elements. They’re... [...]

The complete guide to on-page optimization [Guide]

On-page optimization refers to the measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. Search Engine Land has published ‘The complete guide to on-page optimization’ explaining how to take your on-site optimization to the next level, create top-performing pages and achieve desired results. The SEL team says, “On-page SEO includes a variety of tasks for every page element, but some are easy to miss. To stay on track, use an automated tool with a step-by-step checklist and actionable tips. You can still complete most tasks... [...]

New kid made $874 online from scratch in 72 hours #ad

He used Project Supremacy. This may be your path to a better online income, too. This new software brings SEO (which had started to be less effective) back to life for websites. On-page (site-wide) SEO is key to your success as an online marketer. And, because you do not need any special skills, or any additional resources, to get started with Project Supremacy, success can be within anybody’s reach, because: • You don’t have to build a mailing list, and that save a lot of time and money. • You don’t have to use paid traffic, and that saves you a lot of time and money. •... [...]

Project Supremacy: even online beginners can do SEO right #ad

A lot of marketers have started using paid traffic instead of SEO. That’s because the usual SEO techniques are no longer paying off for them. But advanced SEO tools, like Schema and Image Exif and others can give SEO the power it used to have. Today, Todd Spears and Herc Magnus are releasing new software, Project Supremacy, that can reinvigorate your SEO and push your site up in the rankings. Project Supremacy uses the most advanced on-page SEO techniques to automatically cause your website to rise in Google’s search results. Without proper on-page optimization, backlinks are of limited... [...]

SEO Dragon breathes fire into your marketing #ad

Borrowing from the old saying, If Google ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. That is, if Google doesn’t like your site, you aren’t going to like your results. That’s a sad fact of online marketing life these days. No matter how much work you put into your site, without Google sending you traffic, your results may leave a lot to be desired. Luther Landro experienced this rejection by Google first hand, after a long period of Google. He analyzed his site to determine what could be the problem. He found it. It didn’t look major on the surface, but when he fixed it,... [...]

Ant Cinderella: Rank better without risk #ad

The IM community is buzzing about new software called Ant Cinderella. It’s the latest in the line of ANT software that has been released over the last 2-3 years. This new software is intended to address a problem marketers face: Over the last few years Google has unleashed many ferocious penalties in updates to its search ranking algorithm. Shady sites have dropped in ranking(and that’s good), but some useful sites have also dropped (and that’s bad.) It’s important to note that Authority websites like Wikipedia and Amazon have not been hurt. They rank as high as ever. And,... [...]

SEO plugin for WordPress; 80% discount expiring #ad

Joshua Zamora and Radu Hahaianu did announce Seamless SEO as planned, yesterday. In the process, they shared more details of what this software will do for you. This plugin gives you a process that simply works almost automatically to improve your SEO. It is all white hat, and you don’t have to worry about changes Google might maker to its ranking procedure. Seamless SEO does on-page SEO, not some questionable automatic backlinking. That’s important because, if on-page SEO is done right: • It only takes a few minutes to setup. • It may give you an instant boost in traffic,... [...]

‘Do-it-yourself SEO Starts with On-page Optimization’ – Web Marketing Today

The latest ‘Web Marketing Today’ blog post is titled “Do-it-yourself SEO Starts with On-page Optimization”. Andy Curry says, “In “How to Get Traffic to your Website (via Google),” my article last month, I addressed basic search engine optimization and what you need to know to either hire a consultant or do it yourself. In this post, I’m going to expand on doing it yourself. SEO seems mystical, but it’s really not. You’ll hear people touting different strategies that may be unfounded. The problem is most people are only repeating what they learned from someone else, who they... [...]

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