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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Customer Service Trends' Category

Customer Service Mistakes You Should Avoid

Effective customer service is very important for your business because it works as a key to retaining the customers extract more value from them. Poor customer service can harm your company. Convince & Convert’s Anthony Helmstetter has shared an article highlighting common service mistakes you should avoid in your business. Helmstetter says, “The most disappointing, disheartening customer experience is when a company declines to acknowledge you initiated contact. Whether it was a phone call to customer service that rings indefinitely and is never answered, an email that... [...]

Four ways chatbots are making space in customer service

The chatbots have proved to be immensely useful to the brands as they have been able to stay in constant touch with their customers online. With advanced programming initiatives these bots are able to deliver the quality customer service to the customers in an effective manner. ReadWrite contributor Akansha De has shared four ways the chatbots are putting their mark in the customer service domain. De says, “The wonder of the chatbots allow us to remove expensive, cranky humans from customer interaction platforms and substitute them with perpetually enthusiastic robot friends. These friends... [...]

Note these 2018 customer service trends

Providing an effective and satisfactory consumer experience (CS) has become the agenda of all the brands and marketers since it is the way that leads us to success. Forrester columnist Kate Leggett has shared three customer service trends that marketers should know. Leggett says, “Great customer service is not just about cutting costs or making operations more efficient. Instead, it’s a systematic reinvention of established technology, data, and operations — leveraging automation, data, and agents together to exploit each of their unique strengths. This year, I see 3 broad trends that... [...]

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