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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Apps for Content Marketing' Category

ContentGenie: World’s fastest content creation platform #ad

Kelechi Mmonu is releasing ContentGenie 2.0 today. There is a limited opportunity to be one of the 5 Winners of this new app by attending his launch webinar at 10:00 EST today. This s the second generation of this software, and he has a lot of new features to demonstrate. Sign up to attend the webinar: ContentGenie Launch Webinar This new marketing tool has been created to respond to the startling increase in the content on the web and the growing participation of ordinary people on social media, in particular. About 4.7 Billion people use social media in 2024 (that’s more than half the world... [...]

ClipsReel AI: Turn Any URL or text into a Professional Video #ad

ClipsReel AI is ground-breaking AI software that creates studio-quality videos from any URL, website, or text in just 3 simple steps: ⚡️ Step 1: Enter your URL or content 🔍 Step 2: ClipsReel AI scans and analyzes the text 🎥 Step 3: It automatically generates a professional video with: 👤 Custom animated talking heads 🗣️ Human-sounding voiceovers 🎵 Background music ➡️ Dynamic transitions 🎨 Professional graphics and effects ClipsReel AI can turn any content into all kinds of amazing videos such as: 🛒 Product reviews and demos 📺 Video ads and commercials 📽️ Explainer... [...]

NeuraRephraser: A new kind of AI content writer #ad

NeuraRephraser was announced late last week. With it, you no longer need a degree in “prompt engineering” to get any results that you can actually use. NeuraRephraser removes that barrier to entry, turning AI into a content marketing tool anyone can use and get results that they are proud to post and sell. It is a collection with almost any AI tool you can imagine, 11 in all. The primary tool is called NeuraRephraser Pro, which will rewrite any content in seconds (up to 1000 words). Breathe new life to older content with originality and flair that’s devoid of robotic or artificial undertones. The... [...]

FlipGuardian: Make the best animated flipbooks #ad

FlipGuardian turns an ordinary PDF into an animated e-book, and the reader flips pages by clicking. After you create the flip book, you may give it away, use it as a lead magnet in return for an email address added to your mailing list, or sell it (and there are variations on these themes.) FlipGuardian supports all these options and more. The best way to show you the many ways you can use your flipbooks is to let you see these samples created by Flip Guardian: Ungated Access – Password Protected – Lead... [...]

Ace app puts TikTok to work in your business #ad

The Ace app is a brand new app that lets you tap into TikTok for ongoing Clickbank sales. This new tool was just released by the Billy Darr team. With Ace, you’ll work whenever you want for as long as you like. You’re in complete control. This new app is automated and can work on its own. Darr says you can only work when you want to. If you’re looking for an easy beginner-friendly option to earn online, Ace may be what you are looking for. Darr says that this is the easiest way for anyone to start earning passively at home. The catch? You only have 48 hours to pick this up. >>>... [...]

MarketKit creates professional content in 3 easy clicks #ad

  MarketKit has just been released to automate some of the pesky problems all online marketers face. It consists of four tools: Four tools in MarketKit Email Verification Service This tool detects disposable email addresses, blacklisted email addresses, bounces, spam traps, fake addresses, and abused addresses, thus helping you to achieve great email deliverability. (The basic version allows 100 email verifications per day. There’s an optional upgrade that allows unlimited verifications per day.) Email verification helps you to weed out unwanted contacts in a matter of seconds. Drive... [...]

Zairp: sophisticated unique-content writer; just supply a topic #ad

Zairp is an A.I. web-app that will write, optimize, post, and even rank content for all your sites (and for your client sites) for any keyword and many languages. A while back, we bought a set of 5 or 6 Brazilian domain names. We thought they would let us address a part of the eCommerce world where there might not be as fierce competition as in the USA. However, we have never developed them. Being busy is part of the reason, but a major issue was the cost of translating our content into Portuguese, the national language of Brazil, so the average person in Brazil could read the content. That makes... [...]

Creaite writes all your content (Gone in 24 hours) #ad

We have been telling you about the 2.0 grand-opening special for Creaite 2.0 during the last 5 days. Today is finally the last day of the launch. At midnight tonight PST (about 24 hours from now): ✓ The 2.0 grand-opening discount will expire ✓ The coupon code “finalcall” will expire ✓ Their double-credits bonus will expire ✓ And all the other advanced feature bonuses will expire. You’ll still be able to pick it up after midnight, and you’ll get the basic new 2.0 features, but you won’t get any of the above, And you’ll have to pay a lot more. If you prefer to avoid that,... [...]

Unique, Done-For-You content written by Creaite #ad

Imagine being able to finally have all of your content written for you. Creaite does that. What a time-saver. Imagine never having to write (or pay for someone else to write) a single piece of content ever again. With Creaite, you won’t have to. Creaite is a new artificially intelligent web-app that can write perfectly readable content for you in virtually any niche – in under 90 seconds! It is not a content scraper or content spinner. It’s an app that truly writes unique, perfectly readable content for you. This is real artificial intelligence that you’ll be able to see working... [...]

Create sparkling marketing content in seconds with Creaite #ad

Mathematician Alan Turing invented the now-famous Turing test for artificial intelligence in 1950. The essence of the test is to compare the content created by a human with the content created by software. If you can’t tell the difference, the software is said to possess artificial intelligence. The software development team led by Joshua Zamora has released Creaite, which he says has artifical intelligence, although in a limited “domain”. You see, Turing was looking at the AI problem in a general way, but Zamora doesn’t claim to have created a solution for general AI.... [...]

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