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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Site Flipping' Category

Flipside profits: Profit from flipping simple, quick websites #ad

There’s now a way to take $10-$15, and with just 2 hours of work turn that investment into $200 or $2,000 or even more. With a little cultivation, your $15 investment can even possibly turn into $3,000. You really need to see the proof for yourself: Flipside Profits. This process is simple: buy a domain, put a simple website on it and sell it for a lot more than you paid. It’s called “website flipping”. At 9:00 AM EDT today, Phil Blackwell, Stephen Gilbert and Greg Kononenko are releasing new training on how to create and flip site. The call it Flipside Profits. This new training... [...]

Build, Rank and Flip: Business plan with steady income, no hassles #ad

Tony Newton says that his main love in business is building and then flipping niche sites. Usually, they are Amazon affiliate sites. His new Build, Rank and Flip course shows you how to build, rank and then flip Amazon product review sites. In this business, you don’t have to worry about blogging, affiliate marketing, angry customers, handling refunds or even list-building, unless you want to. If you are looking for an in-depth, thorough, high quality course, Newton may have just what you need. In Build, Rank and Flip, he details every single step you can take to take so you can copy his... [...]

British boy makes $hundreds from a $5 domain name #ad

About a boy: • He dropped out of high school at age 16 because he didn’t want to go to college and thought he had had enough education. • He decided to try his hand at domain building, with his father’s help, and then selling websites (a process known as “flipping” sites). • He got good at it, good enough to flip 2 or 3 sites per week and earn over $1700 on average, per month, doing it. • His father has recorded “over the shoulder” videos showing the whole process, so you can try your hand at flipping sites, too. The 8 videos in Easy Flip... [...]

Flippa Revelation: Profit from Flippa even if your site doesn’t sell #ad

You don’t have to sell your website to earn money from Flippa; there are services you can sell in conjunction with it, whether you sell the site or not. Matt Jay shows you how in Flippa Revelation. In Jay’s new training, you will discover: • The secret method Jay use to make money on flippa whether he sells a site or not. • What Jay does to market his services • What pricing model you should use to sell your site, and why. • How to sell the secret trick the right way, and provide value to the buyers of this service • How you can scale this method with new sites... [...]

New Twist on Site Flipping: Create Sites + get Facebook Likes + Build Traffic + Monetize= Flip for $300+ Profit #ad

Make your site go viral before you flip it. You’ll get a lot more money that way. FB Viral Profits (aka fblikestatus) is a powerful PHP script to easily create a website containing status and quotes, one that Facebook users can “like”. When people “Like” your site, it shows up in their Facebook profile and then in their news feed to their friends. This makes your website go viral as their friends do the same. Also, websites created with fblikestatus grow not just in visitors, but in content, all on autopilot because users add their own content. This Facebook viral... [...]

How to build a website in less than an hour and sell it at a profit #ad

Build websites for businesses shows you a business process that allows you to build a site using the provided software and instructions, that help local business attract clients. These local businesses need someone like you who “knows” this techie stuff (or at least can follow the instructions) to get them on the web. In this package, you get: – A guide book and video instructions so you can see it done and just follow the process you see – Four ready-to-use website themes; once you understand the process, you can add others as you need to – Customizable graphics so... [...]

New research uncovers the principles of successful selling on Flippa #ad

Start with a database containing information on all the sites ever flipped on Flippa (over 50,000). Include 25 fields of information for every site, including who sold it, the date it sold, how much was paid, how long it took to sell it, and lots more. If a Site is sold for a high price, in most cases the Seller is doing something right. If they want to sell their business on Flippa they have to reveal a lot of information about the business formula that they are using on the site. We can profit from the abundant data they share, because it’s now captured in the database. For the first time,... [...]

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