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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing Predictions' Category

Fuel Your Motivation and Stay on Top of Marketing Trends [Video]

Watch Neil Patel’s latest video ‘Fuel Your Motivation and Stay on Top of Marketing Trends’ sharing top marketing trends. He says, ““Whatever you’re spending time on, just give it 110% because you’re making those moments count.” Rhett Power, an accomplished entrepreneur and author, recently sat down with Neil Patel for an exclusive interview.” Neil Patel’s Blog  [...]

5 Marketing Predictions for 2023 [Video]

Watch Neil Patel’s latest video ‘5 Marketing Predictions for 2023’ where he reveals his latest predictions for the year 2023. He says, “Whatever your approach may be, you have to have it solidified, otherwise you’re just playing catch up. Now, I have some predictions for 2023, so take note and let’s see how things shake out.” Neil Patel’s Blog  [...]

10 Marketing Predictions for a New Decade [E-book]

Marketo has published a new e-book titled ’10 Marketing Predictions for a New Decade’ sharing predictions on marketing in the upcoming years. Marketo team says, “With a new year comes a new world of marketing possibilities. And because we want to make sure you’re best equipped for success, we’ve sourced marketing experts from both within Adobe and across the industry to share their predictions on what’s in store for marketing for 2020…and beyond! In this eBook you’ll hear from our expert contributors about:  The significance of AI impact on marketing... [...]

Forrester Releases ‘Predictions 2020’ Guide

Forrester Research team has releases ‘Predictions 2020’ guide featuring its predictions on Artificial intelligence (AI), Automation, B2B marketing and more. Forrester team says, “A new decade begins with great uncertainty in business, government, and society. The atmosphere is charged with energy. Sweeping changes are poised to take place. But which ones? The market teeters on the brink between possibility and reality. Change will come in staggered steps, with trends only becoming clear when several seemingly disjointed developments are viewed as a whole. Adapt.... [...]

5 Marketing Predictions for 2018 [Gartner]

Gartner has shared contributor Chris Pemberton has shared five marketing predictions for the year 2018. The predictions point the shifts around authenticity, organization and tools that will be important factors for succeeding in 2018. Pemberton says, “Newbold-Knipp shares Gartner’s top five marketing predictions for 2018 and beyond. Seventy-five of the top 100 global consumer brands will lose 20% of their brand equity value to declining brand perception and loyalty by 2020. The two sources of brand equity — customer experience-based loyalty and advocacy and advertising-based awareness... [...]

‘How CMOs Feel About the Year Ahead’ – ‘MarketingProfs’ Blog

Ayaz Nanji says, “Chief marketing officers are optimistic about the United States economy and expect budgets to increase significantly this year, according to a recent report from The CMO Survey. The report was based on data from a survey conducted between January and February 2015 of 288 marketers at Fortune 1000 and Forbes Top 200 companies (84% of respondents hold VP-level or above positions). Marketers expressed the most optimism about market conditions since the recession began in 2008, giving the US economy an average score of 70 (0=least optimistic; 100=most). This optimism about... [...]

‘What’s the State of Marketing in 2015? New Industry Survey Reveals Key Trends’ – StrongView Blog

Jason Klein says, “The results of StrongView’s annual Marketing Trends Survey are in and email retains the top spot for increased investment in 2015, followed by social media and mobile marketing. Overall, the majority of marketers (54%) are increasing their budgets in 2015 – and that’s a healthy 17% increase of 2014. The results are also encouraging for email marketing’s long march to one-to-one marketing. The top targets for increased email marketing investment are triggered and lifecycle marketing messages. This emphasis on automated messaging over batch mailings is a welcome development,... [...]

‘Then & Now: Mobile & Email Marketing Predictions’ – StrongView Blog

Jen Capstraw says, “I love reading those articles that compare 20th century science fiction to our modern world. This week, I stumbled across a list of author Isaac Asimov’s 1964 predictions for 2014. While we’re still not colonizing the moon, Asimov was pretty spot-on in the majority of predictions, including his descriptions of some of today’s mobile technology. Since it’s that time of year when we marketers like to start opining our predictions for the coming year, I thought it would be a fun exercise to take a look back at the mobile predictions of the past — with a focus on their... [...]

‘7 Marketing Predictions for Agencies for 2015’ – HubSpot

Lisa Calhoun says, “In the two seconds it takes you to read this sentence, 1,000 photos have been uploaded to Instagram. Its 300 million users, as I write this, share 70 million moments every day. As we move into 2015, agencies are in a new position. We no longer own “the most creative content.” Actually, creative content is a commodity now. So how can agencies stand out and grow in 2015? Traditionally, we’ve let our clients do the talking and refer us — that will stay the same. Traditionally, we’ve also let our amazing creative work do the talking — that will no longer... [...]

‘What Does The Future Hold For Marketers? 16 CMOs Share Their Predictions For 2015’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

Amy Gesenhues says, “What’s in store for marketers next year? To help prepare for 2015, we asked sixteen of today’s leading CMOs their predictions for the new year. From Taco Bell CMO Chris Brandt who forecasts mobile’s ever expanding role in the consumer experience, to Salesforce Marketing Insight VP Jeff Rohrs’ prediction that 2015 will be the year of collaboration, marketers have much to look forward to during the next 12 months. While everyone would like a crystal ball to forecast the future, the following CMO insights very well may be the next best thing.”. What Does The... [...]

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