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Friday, June 21, 2024

Archive for the 'Email Marketing Promotions' Category

’13 Words You Should Never Use In Sales Email Subject Lines’ – HubSpot

Leslie Ye says, “If eyes are the gateway to the soul, a subject line is the gateway to an email. Everything a prospect needs to know about an email is in the six to eight words they see in their inbox: Do you seem human? Do you have interesting insights to share? Does it seem like you could potentially help?Prospects will make assumptions about the answers to those questions the moment they read a subject line. if you choose your words wrong, your emails will never get opened. It doesn’t matter how good your insights are or how cute the GIF you included is — if your subject line... [...]

‘Email Marketing Promotions Gone Wrong’ – VerticalResponse Blog

The latest VerticalResponse blog post is titled “Email Marketing Promotions Gone Wrong”. Janine Popick says, “When Groupon celebrated their fifth birthday, they sent out an email marketing promotion to their subscribers. Here’s what they did right, wrong and what you can learn from it:What They Did Right Groupon did a lot of things right. They used email to reach out to their opted in subscriber base and they used a compelling subject line with a limited time offer “We’re Giving Out $5,000,000 in Groupon Bucks Today.” Plus, there was a sense of mystery–you had to log... [...]

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