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Friday, June 21, 2024

Archive for the 'CreateSpace' Category

Power Publishing Bundle makes low-content books to sell on Amazon #ad

You may have heard of low-content books. They are books that you write very few words for. At first, that may seem strange, but every year, people buy hundreds of thousands of them. Examples include calendars, diaries, and journals. Other examples include coloring books and puzzle books. Considering how many kinds of low-content books there are and how they become woven into people’s lives, it’s no wonder that they are popular. is a platform where authors sell their low-content books, just as they do content-rich books. In particular, Kindle Direct Publishing (formerly known... [...]

Are you Ready to Learn the Secret to Successful Publishing? #ad

Amy Harrop says that becoming a successful publisher is within the reach of anyone. Best of all, you can be a successful publisher with little or no original content. Harrop has been experimenting with something called Companion Publishing, that allows you to quickly and easily create content that needs little-to-no-writing and that leverages hot trends, your own content, and even other people’s books and content. With companion publishing, the reader is doing the majority of the writing for you! Her new training, called Companion Publishing Profits explains in detail how to build a business... [...]

Coloring Books for Adults: Is this wild idea a money-maker? #ad

Bill Platt has taken notice of the new trend at Adult comic books are taking off and becoming big sellers. In fact, in 2015 sales have risen exponentially. Many big publishers have noticed this trend and are getting ready to enter this niche soon. But if you hurry, you can create create robust comics (with 50 drawings to color) in a single day. This speed to market gets you into the game quickly before the big players gain a foothold. Platt shows you how in his new training, Coloring Books for Adults. With his guidance, you can create coloring books with just a few clicks of your mouse,... [...]

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