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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Archive for the 'Membership Sites' Category

WP 1-Click Login: The Future of WordPress Logins #ad

At IM NewsWatch we can really use WP 1-Click Login. Here’s the background: About 30 times every day a hacker tries to login to our admin panel using the user name “admin” or one of the names they see as an author of a post. So we have locked the login process tightly. If you enter the wrong password twice in a row, your PC is locked out for 60 days. That keeps hackers out (so far, at least). The problem is that we aren’t great typists. Even though we are legitimate users, we have gotten locked out ourselves multiple times. What a pain! And how much time is wasted trying... [...]

ProductDyno Lifetime subscription, sale ending #ad

The world is shifting to a new kind of business model. ProductDyno was designed to adapt your business to this new model. The direct-to-consumer eCommerce market, as well as many other service industries, have all moved to subscription billing, for better or worse. On the minus side, the consumer has to continue paying, rather than paying just once. On the plus side, that ongoing income to the seller allows the seller to continue supporting the product or service, including making improvements and matching changes in the underlying technology (as a trivial example, consider that some upgrades to... [...]

MemberOwls: Drag-and-drop membership website builder #ad

Abhi Dwivedi has just launched (11:00 Eastern) MemberOwls. Here’s a fun fact that got Dwivedi’s attention: Every single day, over 547,200 membership websites are created. That’s a huge number. Membership sites, with content available only to registered members, are a growing trend online. Dwivedi discovered that about 30% of these new membership sites are created by freelance website and membership website design agencies for other businesses for a fee. With MemberOwls, you could be doing the same. No longer do you have to be a membership website developer and designer because... [...]

PromoteLabs PLR Blowout (95% Cyber Monday discount) #ad

You can instantly have your own product to sell with the PromoteLabs PLR Blowout. And today (Cyber Monday) you can get a 95% discount. The PromoteLabs Black Friday Premium PLR Deal has been extended. If you missed out on Friday, this is your second chance to get your licenses to brand 5 of their products with your own brand and remove their name completely so you can sell these 5 products as your own. These 5 products are ebooks on popular topics: Brand – Ultimate Guide Discover How to Protect Your Business With A Competition-Killing Brand Ecommerce Evolution Proven, Effective Six and... [...]

Massfluence: Autopilot Communities, Courses, & Funnels in One #ad

With Massfluence, you can build new ‘gamified community’ websites for yourself and to sell to clients. You’ve heard it before: Potential customers only want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. That’s a high bar to reach, especially online, where people have trouble even knowing you. You would benefit from having a community of followers, even though it’s hard to build. The question is: How can I build my “know-ability”, “like-ability”, and “trust-ability” so I can create this community? Before Massfluence, building an... [...]

Quick mention: Membervio membership software launches today #ad

We will have more news tomorrow, but we got word that Neil Napier is launching his new membership site software, Membervio, today. Napier is holding a webinar at 10 AM Eastern Time to introduce his new marketing software. On the webinar, he will show you: ✔ How to Publish And Sell Your Knowledge – or someone else’s ✔ How to Customize and set pricing ✔ How to Connect & automate your content, marketing, transactional emails, and products in one place. This is an all-in-one membership management platform with an advanced security setup that builds astounding sites, sells online... [...]

EZ SalaryZ: Launch a complete membership site in 60 seconds #ad

Today, at 9:00 EST, Mosh Bari is releasing EZ SalaryZ, a tool that lets you build a monetized membership site in a minute. (For the first 6 hours, there’s an early-bird price.) Why should you care? Membership sites can be “sticky”, holding on to members for months or years, as long as you continue providing useful content to your members. Why is that good for you? Because: 1. Whenever someone visits your site, you can offer them niche-specific products for sale in your sidebars. 2. As members of your site, they have agreed to receive email from you, and you can offer them niche-specific... [...]

Join us at Membership Site Success Summit, Last Chance #ad

IM NewsWatch is in the planning stage for a membership version of our site. We were excited when we heard of this free training online showing exactly how to build and operate a successful membership site. Liam Austin has assembled over 20 membership site experts to show you how to do it successfully. This Membership Site Success Summit is underway now, and it is still possible to get in on some expert training on this important marketing tool. The Membership Site Success Summit has kicked off, but don’t worry – there’s still time to watch most of the sessions. The feedback has... [...]

Last-minute invite: Membership Site Success Summit #ad

Today is the kick-off for the Membership Site Success Summit Claim your spot now so you don’t miss a thing. If you, like many other entrepreneurs, want to build a recurring revenue stream in your business, you’ll want to clear your calendar for this conference. Grab your free ticket here: Membership Site Success Summit. The summit host, Liam Austin, has a track record of producing some excellent summits, and this may be his best yet. The presenters are people who have created a business for themselves, a business that brings in a recurring 6-figure (some make 7-figures) revenue every year. During... [...]

[Free Ticket] 20 top tactics to ramp up your recurring revenue #ad

The Membership Site Success Summit kicks off in just a week. It runs August 9-11, online. It will be hosted by experienced marketer Liam Austin and will feature nearly two dozen expert marketers who use membership sites where they provide ongoing content in return for a monthly fee in their business. Grab your free pass here: Membership Site Success Summit. I’ve checked out the lineup and it’s pretty impressive. It includes world class membership site experts sharing their best tactics. Among the speakers are: ■ Timothy Sykes, ■ Justin Ferryman, ■ Marc Grabanski, ■ Coling Gray, ■... [...]