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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Blockchain' Category

NFT Collection Maker: Create NFT Collections in a Flash #ad

NFT Collection Maker Software Andrew Darius has just released NFT Collection Maker 2.0. It lets you take basic artwork and turn it into massive crypto NFT art collections automatically. And you can make these NFT art collections automatically with Darius’s TTC AI tech that is built into this new SaaS software. NFT Collection Maker automatically creates Unique NFT artwork (that is Software-Verified to be unique) that you can offer for sale on the Etherium Blockchain. One of the points of NFT collections is to make a large number of variations of the base art by changing various attributes... [...]

How Web 3.0 (“web3”) Will Change the Internet

Introduction Web 3.0 (also called “Web3”) is a term used to describe the next step in the evolution of the internet. It is a concept that is still in its early stages, but it is expected to have a huge impact on how we use the internet. With the release of web3, a new platform for building and using decentralized applications, the internet is set to undergo a radical transformation. Here’s what you need to know. What is web3? Web3 enables users to interact with each other, access data stores, and perform other tasks. It also provides the underlying mechanics for creating smart... [...]

Blockchain Tech and Crypto Currencies, a Marketer’s Guide #ad

More and more people are looking to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in hope of riding the wave to prosperity. The better you understand these technologies, the more you will be able to benefit largely from them. Blockchain Tech and Crypto Currencies, a Marketer’s Guide entitled “Blockchain Secrets” will give you the in-depth understanding you need. This is a comprehensive guide about blockchain technology and the hype surrounding the emerging technology, and how you can benefit from it, in your personal life and in your marketing. Blockchain Tech and Crypto Currencies,... [...]

PLR Wealth: PLR training course + WordPress theme for selling PLR #ad

PLR Wealth is a training course that teaches you how to earn money reselling products that have Private Label Rights. With Private labels Rights, you can change the “label” (the name, the graphics, the author’s name, etc.) to be your own choice, rather than the original author’s choice, thereby creating a distinct product. The author might call it Affiliate Monster, but you may call it Affiliate Genie, instead, if you prefer. The first part of PLR Wealth is a training course to show you how to convert the raw PLR into your own unique version that will bring you recognition... [...]

Blockchain for marketers: three things to know

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, blockchain marketing has received a boost and marketers are turning to it seriously. Econsultancy columnist Sean Donnelly has shared a comprehensive article highlighting the use and impacts of blockchain for marketers. Donnelly says, “It is only by trying to properly understand blockchain that modern marketers will be able to evaluate its use cases as they arise, or legitimately dismiss them. Until recently, blockchain innovation has been focused mostly on fintech but there is a lot of investment into blockchain-based marketing technology. Blockchain can... [...]

ReadWrite shares four ways to enter Blockchain industry

ReadWrite contributor Ryan Ayers has shared four ways for the ones who are willing to enter the Blockchain industry. Ayers says, “Blockchain is, in essence, an encrypted peer-to-peer distributed databases. It’s powered by countless computers located disparately around the world. The system is a growing, ordered collection of records called blocks, each with a timestamp that’s linked to a previous block. The technology uses cryptography to make sure that users can only edit their own blocks. Each user has a unique, private key that’s required to alter their own Blockchain file. Additionally,... [...]

Ethereum – here are a few things to know about it

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is growing rapidly as another cryptocurrency. HubSpot defines Ethereum as “a blockchain-based software platform that hosts a decentralized app store and payment system on its network”. This platform allows its users to conduct safe and reliable transactions – free from censorship. HubSpot’s Clifford Chi has shared a comprehensive article on Ethereum. Chi says, “Launched in 2015, Ethereum uses blockchain technology to replace centralized computing systems that store people’s data. Common examples of these centralized computing systems... [...]

Using blockchain for targeted marketing

The Forbes contributor Yoav Vilner has shared an article on how blockchain can be used for targeted marketing while monetizing the end users. Vilner says, “For companies of all sizes, there are fine lines and many overlaps between marketing and advertising campaigns. One of the biggest conversations that regularly take place revolve around whether it would be more strategic to conduct campaigns at mass, or in a more targeted fashion. Both methods are highly effective when done right, and can drive leads and sales for businesses – all in their own unique ways: Mass Marketing – The... [...]

Three ways Blockchain may affect digital marketing

Blockchain is a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly. This technology was invented in 2008 to expand the use of Bitcoin. It is also influencing the marketing process. HubSpot columnist Raj Chander has shared three ways blockchain may impact digital marketing. Chander says, “Many facets of business and communication could be affected by blockchain, but much of the discussion to date has been about its impact on banking and financial transactions. While those two areas alone are significant, blockchain’s impact... [...]

Blockchain: Four questions answered

Google search shows 2,38,00,000 results for the term ‘Blockchain’. The Blockchain website presents itself as the world’s leading software platform for digital assets. In the recent times, Blockchain has turned out to be the buzzword. To help marketers understand more about it, HubSpot has answered four FAQs. HubSpot’s Mimi An says, “With every tech event I cover, there seems to be a central emerging trend that people just can’t stop talking about. Something like 5G. Or AI. Or VR. Or blockchain. If you’ve come across talks and headlines on blockchain... [...]

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