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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Augmented Reality for Marketing' Category

Impact of Augmented Reality on Customer Value

Augmented Reality enables the brands to get closer to their customer base by offering a highly personalized experience. AdWeek contributor Sarah Stringer has shared three ways Augmented Reality helps marketers create customer value that is practical and personal. Stringer says, “Augmented reality is quickly becoming the darling of the media industry. Unlike the dash for virtual reality over the last five years, AR has crept up through popular games and social platforms to become a transformative tool for media. What makes it so transformative and appealing to consumers? For one, while VR... [...]

Here’s what marketers should know about augmented reality

Augmented Reality can be a game changer in the domain of marketing. With new devices marketer have started adopting the tech into their efforts to reach out more and more customers and influence them. Search Engine Land columnist Brian Smith has shared some updates on how AR is making an impact in marketing. Smith says, “It’s encouraging to hear that the big boys are throwing their full support behind AR, but what does the technology mean for digital marketers within the local space today? Over the past year, companies have made strides in the AR field, developing new use cases for marketing... [...]

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