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Monday, July 15, 2024

Archive for the 'Audio AI' Category

VocalClone AI: Clone yourself, improve sales (Frank Kern-inspired) #ad

VocalClone AI was just released. It clones and creates human-like voices for all your marketing content. let your voice reach millions, connect, engage, and build your sales!. With this new software you get these benefits: 🌐 Clone Yourself to Multiply Your Presence for Additional Traffic and Sales. 🔥 Emotion-Driven Voices That Move Your Audience to Take Action. 🚀 Realistic Indistinguishable from the original, according to the creator) AI Voices That Captivate Your Audience. 🔉 Transform Text Into Real Human-Like Audio with Advanced AI Technology & Customization Options. 🎥 Effortlessly... [...]

VoiceClonerAI: Clone any voice in 16+ languages #ad

VoiceClonerAI introduces a new era in voice technology. Unleash its power to discover a remarkable innovation that takes voice replication to a new level of accuracy and realism. This is not just a tool, but a game-changer, allowing you to generate speech so lifelike it mirrors human nuances and characteristics. Imagine the ability to create audio content featuring multiple speakers and tones. With VoiceClonerAI, the power to generate professional voiceovers, audiobooks, and other audio content is in our hands, and it’s transforming way we reach and engage with audiences. Consider the possibilities... [...]

Impact of Audio AI on Podcasts and Audiobooks

Audio AI is the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to generate, alter, or enhance audio experiences in ways that sound natural. HubSpot contributor Ross Simmonds has published an article analyzing the impact of audio AI on podcasts and audiobooks. He says, “In this article, we’re going to be diving into the current best practices of audio AI, what it is, how it’s changing business, and what the future will hold. From synthesizing human-like voices for podcasts and audiobooks to composing original music pieces without the need for human intervention, audio AI is breaking... [...]

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