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Monday, May 29, 2023

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing' Category

Eight Tips to Writing Follow-Up Emails

It is important to send follow-up emails as it significantly increases your chances of getting a response. HubSpot contributor Jeff Hoffman has published an article featuring 10 tips to send follow-up emails after no response. He says, “There are too many reasons for following up. So, what’s your next step? Here are several principles to adhere to when sending a follow-up email after no response. Follow them, and you’re more likely to welcome a few of those prodigal prospects back into your open arms. 1. Don’t follow up too quickly. Salespeople like to categorize themselves as persistent.... [...]

AI Auto Affiliate: ClickBank Commissions using ChatGPT #ad

AI Auto Affiliate helps you earn affiliate commissions from ClickBank, WaaiorPlus, and JVZoo. You are probably aware of the power of ChatGPT to generate text based on the input “prompt” it receives. With AI Auto Affiliate, you feed it a sales page affiliate link and it creates an instant affiliate campaign. 1. Just copy the website URL for the product you want to promote… 2. Then paste it into the software and click go… 3. You now have an instant affiliate promotion. See the results average people are getting here: AI Auto Affiliate And using this process, you can: ✓ Profit in... [...]

3 Steps To Building A Winning Holistic Search Strategy [Webinar Replay]

Search Engine Journal has made available the replay of its webinar ‘3 Steps To Building A Winning Holistic Search Strategy’. Heather Campbell says, “Discover how to combine insights & data from paid & organic channels to create a cohesive search strategy that enhances online visibility. On May 10, I moderated a webinar with Wayne Cichanski, Vice President of Search and Site Experience at iQuanti, and Erin Wilson, VP of Marketing at HomeEquity Bank. Cichanski and Wilson demonstrated how to combine insights and data from paid and organic channels to create a cohesive... [...]

The Ultimate Low-Hanging Fruit SEO Strategy [Video]

MOZ has published the latest episode of the Whiteboard Friday video ‘The Ultimate Low-Hanging Fruit SEO Strategy’ featuring Aleyda Solis. The MOZ team says, “We all know that we want to maximize our chances for success in SEO, and for that, what we want to do is prioritize tasks that will have a higher impact, and lower effort, but sometimes those get lost in the SEO audit process. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Aleyda helps develop this low-hanging fruit analysis in parallel of the usual SEO process.” MOZ  [...]

Maximize Your Local Visibility: Mastering Google, Social & Reputation, May 31 [Webinar]

A localized marketing approach can unlock major growth potential for your business – but it can also be highly competitive. Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘Maximize Your Local Visibility: Mastering Google, Social & Reputation’ on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at 2.00 pm ET. The SEJ team says, “Presenting their first-party research on localized visibility are Monica Ho, CMO at SOCi, and Damian Rollinson, Director of Market Insights, to share the results of the Local Visibility Index (LVI) report. They’ll uncover benchmarks by industry and show just how costly... [...]

Email Subject Line Tips and Best Practices [White Paper]

Digital Marketing Depot has published a new white paper ‘Email Subject Line Tips and Best Practices’ The DMD team says, “Email subject lines can determine whether or not your email gets opened– or even noticed– in a crowded inbox. Your subject line communicates your email’s value to the recipient and encourages them to read further and, potentially, to engage with your brand on a deeper level by responding to your call to action (CTA). Email is the most profitable marketing channel (when considering ROI), so we’ve curated the best practices for email subject lines to... [...]

Short Videos Domination: transform your content marketing strategy #ad

Short Videos Domination is a comprehensive program that equips you with the tools, knowledge, and solid support to create attention-grabbing short videos, transform your content strategy and effectively sell on the social media landscape. Maybe, you’ve done it. We certainly have: watched a short video (under a minute long) on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram and then couldn’t stop with just one. You get enchanted with these bite-size entertaining videos and keep clicking to see one after another. Before you know it, an hour has passed. You and I aren’t the only ones who have fallen... [...]

SEJ Features 16 Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Keyword research is an important part of your SEO strategy. You need right keyword research tools to achieve the best results. Search Engine Journal founder Loren Baker has published an article featuring 16 best keyword research tools for SEO. He says, “If you’re new to SEO or just looking for new tools to try, we have the list for you. We’re going to take a look at 16 of the best keyword research tools used by SEO professionals and help you choose the right one for your needs. The Best Tools For Keyword Research 1. Semrush One of the most popular keyword research tools on the market, Semrush offers... [...]

Enhancing SEO Content Writing With AI: Opportunities & Challenges, June 14 [Webinar]

Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘Enhancing SEO Content Writing With AI: Opportunities & Challenges’ on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, at 2.00 pm ET. The SEJ team says, “AI content generators are here and ready to help you increase your content marketing output – and here’s what you need to know. You’ll discover: The benefits of using AI in content creation. Best practices for creating high-quality, search-optimized content with AI. Top challenges of AI content creation, along with guidance on overcoming them.” Enhancing SEO Content Writing With AI: Opportunities... [...]

Three Strategies to Improve Email Marketing

Any form of marketing requires constant innovation and email marketing is not an exception. MarTech contributor Matt Moorut has published an article featuring three ways to improve your email marketing performance. He says, “To maintain clicks, many marketers have fallen into the trap of sending more campaigns, but this only papers over the cracks. To avoid continued worsened performance from the channel, sending more (or fewer) emails is not the answer. Instead, marketers need to send better emails. Let’s unpack three ways to do so: 1: Build your email strategy on the ongoing value First,... [...]