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Friday, April 12, 2024

Archive for the 'Internet Marketing' Category

SEO for Brand Awareness: A Complete Guide [Guide]

SEO for brand awareness involves optimizing content and website structure to improve visibility in search engine results, thereby increasing brand exposure to potential customers actively seeking related products or services. By targeting relevant keywords, enhancing site usability, and cultivating high-quality backlinks, brands can establish authority and credibility within their industry, fostering greater awareness among their target audience. Semrush contributor Yannick Weiler has published ‘SEO for Brand Awareness: A Complete Guide’. He says, “As users become more familiar... [...]

Evoke: Sell on Facebook without buyng ads #ad

Evoke Software for Facebook MarketingEvoke has just been launched. It’s a brand-new AI app that turns any Facebook account into a “set & forget” marketing machine in 60 seconds flat. You can do this without: ❌ Tech skills, ❌ Existing followers ❌ Any previous experience… In fact, all it takes is just a few clicks and a few seconds to set up… And you are done. Even if you never if you have never earned anything online before, the authors say Evoke will still work for you, because: ➤ It is 100% Newbie Friendly. ➤ 100% automated ➤ It is an All-In-One Solution. The... [...]

SEJ Lists 34 Affiliate Marketing & Partner Programs For 2024

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services for a commission, where affiliates earn money through referrals or sales generated from their marketing efforts, creating a symbiotic relationship between advertisers and publishers. Search Engine Journal contributor Kristi Hines has published an article featuring 34 high-ticket affiliate marketing and partner programs for 2024. Shes says, “What makes these affiliate marketing programs the “best” is subjective. You can always check the ratings for companies and products on sites like G2, GetApp, and TrustRadius. You can also... [...]

Do More with Less: Navigating Customer Acquisition Challenges for Today’s Enterprises, April 24 [Webinar]

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses face unique challenges in acquiring customers and expanding their digital footprint. From limited resources, intense competition to lack of insights, navigating this terrain requires innovative acquisition strategies. Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘Do More with Less: Navigating Customer Acquisition Challenges for Today’s Enterprises’ on Wednesday, April 24, 2023, at 2.00 pm ET. The SEJ team says, “Join us live on this exclusive webinar, where we will delve into a two-pronged strategy of driving... [...]

10 Steps To Optimize Your Website For Local Search

Local search algorithms iteratively explore neighboring solutions from a current solution in search of an optimal or satisfactory solution. These algorithms are efficient for large solution spaces but may get stuck in local optima. Copyblogger contributor Megan Mahoney has published an article featuring 10 steps to optimize your website for local search in 2024. She says, “Google’s algorithm is a highly complex machine that uses different signals, such as information on the product and/or service pages, quality and quantity of reviews, and each business’s location, to determine... [...]

The Agency Pivot: How to Downsize Clients or Services [Podcast]

Social Media Examiner has published the latest episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast ‘The Agency Pivot: How to Downsize Clients or Services’ featuring Laura Click. This episode covers the following: The Challenges That Lead Agency Owners to Consider a Pivot in the Marketing Services They Provide or the Type of Clients They Serve How to Know When to Execute Your Pivot Strategy How to Communicate Services Changes to Your Existing Clients How to Prepare You and Your Team for Changes in Service Offerings How to Adapt Your Resources... [...]

NewsMailer: Done-for-you DMARC, DKIM, SPF integrated autoresponder #ad

NewsMailer is a solution to your email deliverability problem. As IM News watch reported, there’s a risk that all your emails (ours, too) will go to the receiver’s spam folder due to the new compliance policy created by Gmail and Yahoo. ⇒Check our report here: Everything You Need To Know About 2024 Google & Yahoo Email Changes. To comply with these new rules, you need to set DMARC, DKIM, and SPF in your autoresponder. Unfortunately, that’s a complex process requiring technical skills and a fair amount of time. NewsMailer was just launched, and it has “Done for You”... [...]

How Google Search serves pages [Video]

Google Search Central has published a new video ‘How Google Search indexes pages’. The GSC team says, “Previously, Gary discussed how Google Search processes and analyzes a web page in order to be returned to users as a search result. In this episode, Gary covers how Google Search actually returns that result; technically. How does Search process users’ queries and serve relevant results? Find out on this episode of How Search Works.”  [...]

An In-Depth Guide And Best Practices For Mobile SEO [Guide]

Mobile SEO will become even more critical as mobile internet usage continues to rise, emphasizing responsive design and fast-loading pages for optimal user experience and search engine rankings. Additionally, prioritizing mobile-friendly content and leveraging structured data will be key strategies to maximize visibility and engagement on mobile devices. Search Engine Journal founder Loren Baker has published ‘An In-Depth Guide And Best Practices For Mobile SEO’. He says, “The goal of mobile SEO is to optimize your website to attain better visibility in search engine... [...]

HubSpot’s Guide to The Future of Social Media

In the future, social media will evolve into immersive virtual environments, blurring the lines between digital and physical interactions. Additionally, AI-driven personalization will enhance user experiences, fostering deeper connections and communities online. HubSpot contributor Cassie Wilson has published a research-backed guide on the future of social media. She says, “Social media has changed considerably since the MySpace days, and it‘s part of a marketer’s job to stay on top of its advancements. What is the future of social media? Through our multiple surveys, research, and additional... [...]

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