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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Business Management' Category

MarketingHub: Ultimate online marketing toolkit launch ending #ad

Brett Ingram‘s new MarketingHub, a suite of tools for all your online marketing needs, is still available at launch pricing, as of this writing, but not much longer. Have you ever wanted to simplify your marketing activities? It would be a big help to be able to perform all marketing tasks- Creating Websites, Videos, graphics, images, from one dashboard and get unlimited benefits without paying huge monthly fees to third party platforms, and without paying expensive fees, hiring freelancers or depending on self proclaimed marketing gurus. MarketingHub does exactly that. This is the world’s... [...]

MarketingHub: Ultimate toolkit for website, video, graphics, etc #ad

Brett Ingram has just released MarketingHub, a suite of tools for all your online marketing needs. This new-generation all-in-one AI-based platform does everything: ➤ Creates Stunning Websites, ➤ Builds Mind Blowing Videos, ➤ Creates Eye Catchy Graphics, ➤ Crafts Stunning Marketing Content & Copies, ➤ Gives Instant Replies to Customers, ➤ And Much More From One Central Dashboard. First-to-Market MarketingHub replaces 18 complicated, expensive marketing apps. Now you can create mind-blowing websites & landing pages from just a keyword or URL in under 60 seconds. With the help... [...]

Why Your Business Can’t Ignore the Know, Like, Trust Factor

  As a business owner, carving out a distinctive niche for your business might seem like an epic task. Yet, the essence of a thriving business boils down to a principle as old as commerce itself – building relationships based on knowledge, affection, and trust. This fundamental concept, known as the Know, Like, Trust Factor, isn’t just a trendy buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of fostering enduring customer relationships and solidifying a resilient brand. In the landscape, customers seek more than just transactions; they are in pursuit of brands that resonate with... [...]

[Last Chance] How to Get Your Audience to Know, Like, and Trust You #ad

Actually, not the last chance to get How to Get Your Audience to Know, Like, and Trust You, but midnight tonight is the last chance to get a 67% discount. It’s the end of Launch Week for this new course from Content Sparks. As you may know, Content Sparks is a company dedicated to producing high-quality training on marketing topics of all kinds, but with a twist. Not only is the training intended to improve your own marketing, but all their courses a license to allow you to create your own training programs by using the content. The courses come with slides, handouts, and more, a complete... [...]

Power VPN: Keep your browsing 100% secured starting today #ad

Power VPN is a next generation VPN platform for a low 1-time price. Virtual Private Networks (“VPNs”) provide a good solution. Sadly, most VPNs available to the public come with a high recurring price tag. That’s the way it has always been, but this week, that has changed. Power VPN is the fastest (and most powerful) VPN that encrypts your online traffic and hides your real IP address to: ✓ Keep your browsing safe, ✓ Ensure 100% online privacy ✓ Provide unbeatable security from hackers, trojans, etc. ✓ For a low one-time price. Here are some of its major benefits for marketers... [...]

RPS Express: Help USA small businesses get funding #ad

Simon Warner and Brian Anderson are announcing RPS Express in a 10:00 EDT webinar. RPS Express is an unusual product, unlike any advertised on IM NewsWatch before, that has already helped countless entrepreneurs across the United States to receive a tax credit and rebate from the government. As a result, these businesses have saved thousands of dollars, and now it’s your opportunity to do the same for other businesses in need. This new product culminates everything Anderson has learned in the last 18 months of operating this business and helping a few others to start their own business in... [...]

Multiple Streams of Income; How to Get Started #ad

Today, ContentSparks launches a new coaches’ training package Multiple Streams of Income, and as they usually do, they are including PLR rights with your purchase. This means that if you want, you can place your name on this package and sell to others who want to know how to create Multiple Streams of Income for themselves. Of course, that’s not necessary to benefit from this training. Creating multiple streams for yourself can benefit your own income and pay for this purchase. Many people have heard of the importance of having multiple streams of income; if one stream falls short,... [...]

How to Hire a Bookkeeper for your Online Business

Bookkeeper entering data You may want to know how to hire a bookkeeper but are intimidated by the process. The mere act of hiring a bookkeeper for your business may seem like an insurmountable task, given all the responsibilities that come with it. If you’re just getting started, though; or if you plan on scaling up quickly; or if you simply require more specialized support – then this is something you must consider immediately. But, let’s be real. What’s probably even more daunting than the hiring process is the fact that you probably don’t have the time or resources... [...]

Keeping up with AI Advances

I came across an interesting blog, called Ben’s Bites, by Ben Tossell. Every day he posts short comments on news in the AI world. It’s free. It’s fun. It’s a quick read. I subscribed. Check it out. You might like it, too: Ben’s Bites, blog by Ben Tossell This post contains, among other topics, an interesting list of AI-based tools available to the public. Some are free to use; some have a cost for use; some have a free trial. This post isn’t unique. Several other times he has mentioned public AI-based apps. Many are of interest to marketers: Ben’s Bites’... [...]

How to Build a Scalable Business #ad

New Content Sparks course is available at a discount for 24 hours. Click the graphic to get the whole story.  [...]

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