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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Archive for the 'Business Management' Category

How you can improve internal processes in your business

Processes inside organizations change and develop in tandem with the development and expansion of the business. When the business is just one person placing ads and dealing with responses, there are processes used, but they are much simpler than when the business grows. Even in the early stages when there are only two or three people hired, there is a need for clarity in the processes used for each aspect of the business. Otherwise, miscommunication and misunderstanding will arise. And as a result, customer orders will be mishandled and customers will eventually decide working with the company... [...]

IdeaPlan: how to crowdsource, prioritize, launch your products #ad

IdeaPlan, the complete 4-in-1 Product Management Suite, is now live. Designed for Entrepreneurs, startups and product managers, IdeaPlan helps to: ✓ Understand what customers need, ✓ Prioritize feedback, and ✓ Align everyone around your product change roadmap. Effortlessly create an end-to-end product-led growth strategy. [#1] Idea Boards: Create boards to capture new ideas directly from your users and customers. [#2] Product Roadmaps: Align everyone, through interactive drag-and-drop customer and internal-facing roadmaps. [#3] Change logs: Celebrate new product releases and... [...]

IdeaPlan: crowdsource, prioritize & launch products #ad

To introduce the new IdeaPlan, Mark Thompson, a 15-year Entrepreneur, who has built several 7-figure online businesses and been featured on Forbes, TheNextWeb and Foundr is holding live training at 10:00 EDT. The training is titled: “4-Step System to Nail Your Product-Led Growth Strategy and Build Better Customer-Centric Products.” Registration is now open: IdeaPlan Training. What you’ll learn in this masterclass: • Why 80% of startups fail (and the critical mistake that 97% of founders overlook) • A bulletproof system for collecting, prioritizing, and implementing ideas/feedback... [...]

Amazon Prime Day is here; business tools available #ad

Today is Amazon Prime Day. It lasts through tomorrow. If you are a prime member this is your chance to update your office equipment and supplies at Amazon’s lowest prices. If you aren’t already a Prime member, you can sign up here: Amazon Prime Free Trial If you qualify as a student, you can get an even better deal here: Amazon Prime Student 6-Month Trial One thing to be aware of is that Prime Days deals aren’t always two days long. Some last the whole two-day period, but sometimes deals are only available for a few hours. They may start after Prime Day begins and may end a few... [...]

Don’t get overwhelmed; get AgencyScale CRM #ad

The launch of AgencyScale is in full swing. If you have clients or customers you need to keep track of, this may be for you. AgencyScale is the first of its kind Agency Customer Relationship Management platform. It helps you build a growing service-based marketing agency that can become a long-term business based on solid business relationships. It helps you build a substantial service-based agency in any niche in just 3 simple steps: 1. It includes a powerful lead generator that lets you find clients 2. It includes a database system to manage all your clients, including collecting payments from... [...]

AgencyScale CRM manages your projects, customers, sales #ad

Today is the launch of AgencyScale. There is a training session at 10:00 NY Time. The cart opens at 11:00. If it isn’t too late, attend the training webinar. You will learn a lot. And they will be giving away 3 copies of this new tool. . AgencyScale is the first of its kind Agency Customer Relationship Management platform. It helps you build a growing service-based marketing agency that can become a long-term business based on solid business relationships. It helps you build a substantial service-based agency in any niche in just 3 simple steps: 1. FIND YOUR LEADS: It includes a powerful... [...]

Seven Ways to Build A Loyal Customer Base

Building a loyal customer base requires more detailed work than complex work. It takes time to learn what your customers want and bring it to life in your business. Equally important for improving customer loyalty is ensuring your approach is rooted in genuineness, appreciation, and honesty. Earning consumer trust and confidence can impact all things in your business, but it’s not a simple feat. People aren’t prone to giving companies a second chance when they have a bad experience at any point in their customer journey. Focusing on building loyalty from introduction to purchase and... [...]

Unlimited Cloud Storage with PrimeDrive #ad

Too bad we didn’t have PrimeDrive when we lost a hard drive full of data during what we thought was a safe backup. We ran out of hard drive space, bought a 2TB flash drive to save our data on, to free up space on the hard drive. But the flash drive was a fake [too bad; we didn’t see this video until later:]; it only held a few MB, not 2 TB. When it filled the space, it wrapped around to the beginning and wrote our data on top of the previous data. In the end, we lost over 90% of important data. With PrimeDrive, it’s different. It is... [...]

How Customer Experience (CX) Impacts Remote Business Mgt. Strategy

Consider this scenario. You are building a remote workforce, perhaps scattered around the world. And you are committed to doing everything in your power to help your remote staff thrive. As part of your efforts, you need to reassess your customer experience (“CX”) initiatives. Internal communication between your remote workers and you (and with each other) can impact how well you meet your customers’ needs. That review of your customer interactions can show you misalignments between these initiatives and your remote business management strategy.  Understanding the Relationship... [...]

The Crypto Underworld: Insider’s guide to crypto business #ad

The Crypto Underworld Webinar is at 10:00 EST. You can attend the webinar at no cost. If you haven’t reserved your spot, don’t wait; do it now; the webinar is this morning, and spots are filling up fast. Register here now to ensure you have a spot for this no cost webinar: The Crypto Underworld Webinar. You’re going to learn a lot about crypto and get your hands on a special bonus just for attending. Unfortunately, when most people think of crypto, they think about Bitcoin and believe they need a massive investment to get into the ‘crypto game,’ but that’s just... [...]