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Friday, April 12, 2024

Archive for the 'Android' Category

If you are using Android devices, watch out

An article by Dan Goodin in Ars Technica reports that researchers have found a vulnerability in the code running the phone that can let a malicious program on a wi-fi network take over the phone can use it for all kinds of malicious purposes. The vulnerability is in a chip manufactured by Broadcom that is used for wi-fi connection. This Broadcom chip is also used in Apple iPhones, but Apple has already issued an upgrade that patches the code to avoid the problem. Google says it will have a correction later this month. You can read the whole Ars Technica article here: Android devices can be fatally... [...]

Apple Wants to Launch More Apps for Android?

PC Magazine reports unofficial leaks that IApple is interested in the app market for people using the rival Android operating system. Apple has been testing the waters with an Android app called Apple Music on Android. Prior to this, Apple released an Android app that helps people migrate their files (music, etc.) from Android to their new Apple product. In the PC Mag article, Angela Moscaritolo reports that Apple’s Tim Cook is hinting at bigger Android plans will be announced in the months to come. There’s a motivation for this move by Apple. Android has overtaken Apple’s... [...]

Google announces updated Google Play Music app; new UI

On The Official Android Blog, Google has announced that the Google Play Music app is now integrated with Songza, acquired by Google a few months ago. This post announces that “If you’re a Google Play Music subscriber, next time you open the app you’ll be prompted to play music for a time of day, mood or activity. Choose an activity to get options for several music stations to make whatever you’re doing even better.” This new version of the app has a new User Interface, as well. In the late Spring, Google announced it was starting to build all of its products with a consistent... [...]

Google racing to compete with Apple, plans 64-bit Android operating system

Google announced its intention to jump from 32-bit to 64-bit in its conference for developers in June. It is expected to released its first physical product based on 64-bits (a new Nexus phone) in a few weeks. There are several advantages to using a 64-bit processor in a product: • It’s faster • It includes more “registers” (an internal fast storage location where information can be kept while it is being worked on) so the information can be processed even faster • It can manage more RAM memory, allowing for bigger, more complex software Competition is alive and... [...]

Suspense building for Google’s new “Android One” phone; is Monday the day?

Apple just announced their new iPhone 6 earlier this week. Samsung announced the Galaxy S5 not long ago. And Amazon also just announced the Amazon Fire Phone‎. Now Google is poised to enter this “battle of the titans”, too. While Google has the technical prowess and the marketing clout to match any of these companies, the question is whether this is the time when they get everything right. Microsoft also had plenty of technical prowess and marketing clout, but their first generation of the Microsoft Surface was widely viewed as not up to the standard set by their competitors.... [...]

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