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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Archive for the 'Website Optimization' Category

Converzee: Growth Hacking Conversion Optimization Suite #ad

Converzee has been called “The Best Growth Hacking Tool” available in the market to help you in generating increased revenue. You can improve your profit from your current marketing campaigns by just adding a few more lines of code. (Keep reading. We have some special cost-reduction strategies listed below.) This new software is a collection of 18 conversion-boosting tools bundled into one integrated package. It is designed to get and keep the attention of visitors so that they establish a profitable relationship with you and your website. As you know, sales are critical for the success... [...]

WP Profiler: The Biggest WordPress Speed Issues Fixed #ad

Google loves speed. So does Bing. Slow sites=low rankings in search engines. WP Profiler speeds up your WordPress sites. This new WordPress plugin is the latest tool in the WP Toolkit. Not only do search engines hate slow pages. So do customers. Slow-loading pages send conversions dropping like a rock; they increase your bounce rates; and they cost you more in Pay-Per-Click costs. In fact, Kissmetrics research reports that if your site takes 3+ seconds to load you lose at least 50% of your traffic. If you are unfortunate enough to have 20 second page load times you lose 95%+ of your traffic. They... [...]

Can you really make automated online profits? #ad

As we mentioned yesterday, Profit Sniper X was just launched. It is tailored to beginners online, although anyone could use it productively. They specifically designed it so that you don’t need: • A list • Any experience • Any tech skills Profit Sniper X automates setting up marketing funnels, but with a difference. It can trask the results and it lets you do “A/B testing” Usually the technology of marketing funnels is complicated, especially if you want to track your results and even more, if you want to optimize your results through testing. But that is what Profit... [...]

Profit Sniper X: smart funnels you can test #ad

Funnels (a funnel is a collection of web pages you lead visitors through, promoting something on each page) are the building blocks of any successful online business. You can create a funnel manually, but there are a number of software packages that make it a lot simpler to build the funnel you want. When you send traffic to your funnel, there are people who drop out along the way, although some will travel the whole distance with you. These dropouts are referred to as “leaks” in your funnel. That’s normal. Not every visitor will want or need everything you have to offer. But... [...]

Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate indicates the percentage of visitors that leave your website in a specific time period. They view a few pages and leave your website. If you are experiencing high bounce rate on your website, Search Engine Journal contributor Amelia Wilson has shared some useful tips to reduce it. Wilson says, “There are a number of reasons your website can have a high bounce rate. Let’s review 10 common ones and how to fix them. 1. Slow-to-Load Page Site speed is part of Google’s ranking algorithm, so it’s just good SEO to focus on it. Google wants to promote content... [...]

Site Speed Profits: Faster Sites, More Profitable Sites #ad

Google loves fast loading sites. Visitors love fast loading sites. Other things being equal, fast sites get more traffic and earn more profit. Now you can improve your own site’s speed and, if you’re a consultant, you can speed up the sites of all your clients, with the insights and software in Site Speed Profits. People get bored with slow sites and often leave without buying anything. You don’t want that problem, but now, even if you are not tech-savvy, you can speed up sites by using the software and following the instructions in Site Speed Profits. Three experienced marketers... [...]

Website Speed: A Key Success Factor For Every Online Business

One of the things IM NewsWatch has been working on is the speed of our site. We have used a number of techniques to improve our page load speed (and we are continuing to work on it) because we know that today’s site visitors are usually busy. They don’t want to wait around for a page to load. We want our visitors to spend more time on our website, engage with us more, and leave us positive feedback on social media sites. Informative content, an attractive site design, and engaging perspectives are, indeed, important factors that influence our customer satisfaction. However, none of... [...]

Website Cache improves your all-important Bounce Rate #ad

It’s sad that we all are so rushed in our ives, but it’s a fact, and we can’t turn back the clock. Visitors to your website are under a lot of time-pressure every day, and if your site doesn’t meet their need for quick satisfaction, they will go elsewhere. How long does it take for your home page to load? That matters to your visitors and to your bottom line. Programmers have developed software that speeds up loading your site into a browser; it’s called cache software. It’s essential for building fast-loading sites. A Cache creates a browser-ready version of... [...]

Using featured snippets for site optimization

Various types of content plays a pivotal role in optimizing your websites. One such great piece of such content is featured snippets. MOZ’s Nick Van Huis has published a case study on optimizing sites for featured snippets with Q&A content. Huis says, “Ranking near the top of the SERPs for short-tail keywords in competitive business verticals can be extremely difficult. Wikipedia,, and similar sites have the market cornered on ranking at the top of search results. Even if you manage to rank in the first position, there are featured snippets, ads, map packs,... [...]