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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Website Traffic' Category

How To Check Your Competitor’s Website Traffic

Checking competitor website traffic helps you gauge market trends and benchmark your performance, providing insights into their strategies and audience engagement. This information can inform your own marketing tactics, helping you to identify opportunities and refine your approach for better results. Ahrefs contributor Mateusz Makosiewicz has published an article featuring 15 ways to check your competitor’s website traffic. He says, “You only need three tools to get sixteen highly actionable data points on your competitors’ traffic. Before we dive in, let’s set the right expectations:... [...]

Munch: new traffic strategy taking the online world by storm #ad

Munch is changing the way we think about getting traffic, and we are sharing the news with our readers. We recommend anyone looking to start or grow their business online look into this to see whether it’s applicable to your business. Especially now that it has been perfected so that anyone can ‘plug in’ this traffic and start generating long-term profits in any niche. Discover this simpler way to get traffic here: Munch. This new strategy makes getting traffic as simple as humanly possible so anyone can do it if they just commit to putting in 30-60 minutes per day: – for 90 days…... [...]

Traffic Stream: traffic for your business (sales ends Sunday) #ad

Traffic Stream teaches you how to rank Medium articles for high traffic, low competition keywords and how to get these articles indexed in Google to bring in traffic to your offer, blog, or website. If you don’t want to write the articles yourself, you will also discover how to pay to have quality articles written and submitted to Medium for you, but you also learn how to write them yourself with AI. Over the last 6 months, the authors have tested this exact method with over 120 real-life students, so this isn’t just some wild idea. These trainees have actually used it to build their online... [...]

The Traffic Syndicate: Jesse Doubek shares Facebook traffic success 10AM EST #ad

The Traffic Syndicate is being launched by Jesse Doubek, Mike Filsaime and other marketing experts today, with an introductory webinar at 10 EST. They are giving gifts to all registrants because they want you to attend snd discover the power of Doubek’s unconventional ways of marketing on Facebook. Marketers have been abandoning Facebook for newer platforms, saying the it no longer draws clicks and sales as it did in the past. Well, maybe they just need to adapt their marketing techniques to the current-day Facebook realities, as Doubek did. If you want to take advantage of the huge user... [...]

The Traffic Syndicate Preview: Jesse Doubek reveals traffic secrets #ad

The Traffic Syndicate is being launched by Mike Filsaime and other marketing experts with an introductory webinar tomorrow. In the fast-paced world of online marketing, standing still is moving backward. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the complexities of Facebook advertising, you’re not alone. But here’s the good news: you have another shot at turning it all around. Facing Digital Dilemmas Head-On It’s a common scenario: spending sizeable amounts on ads with little to return (we’ve been there more than once; maybe you, too), struggling to reach a wider audience, and the constant... [...]

[Last Call] DFY Traffic: Let Google and ChatGPT get you buyer traffic #ad

Launch pricing on DFY Traffic ends at midnight. If you haven’t looked into this new and unique method for driving traffic to your site, the clock is ticking. We have presented its benefits for the last few days, but maybe you are skeptical and need to hear “from the horse’s mouth.” Here’s how the creator describes this new tool and how he created it. I’ve spent the last few months working on a new GOOGLE AI. A way to actually get AUTOMATED FREE TRAFFIC FROM GOOGLE – and do it with absolutely zero human interaction. In fact, we simply let Chat-GPT and Google... [...]

DFY Traffic Coming Tomorrow: Google + ChatGPT for free traffic #ad

DFY Traffic solves the fundamental problem very marketer has: The primary thing you need to build an online business is traffic coming to your offer. Every time you paste into the AI in DFY Traffic, it connects to Google and gets you traffic. And not just any traffic, free traffic that can drive commissions for your business. It uses ChatGPT (and the new GOOGLE AI), right from your browser. The main benefit of DFY Traffic is that you don’t need to understand how the Artificial Intelligence in Google or ChatGPT works or any other hardcore tech stuff that is used to make it happen. Simply... [...]

Simpler Traffic closes at midnight #ad

If you want stable long-term profits, Simpler Traffic may be just what you need. The final enrollment to Simper Traffic ends tonight (a few spots are left) and the challenge begins tomorrow… NOTE: Join The Final Introductory Workshop here to learn more: Simpler Traffic Workshop. Chris Munch, the presenter, is passionate about sharing his method with people after 15+ years of keeping it a secret. Why? Here’s what he said: “When the world seems like it is in chaos, you need something reliable to maintain your grip… Google traffic has been there through wars, recessions, and has always kept... [...]

The Simpler Traffic method; more traffic than Mr Beast #ad

According to a well-known website traffic estimation tool: ➤ Alex Hormozi’s Website Gets 10,500 visitors per month and he has 1.9 million Instagram followers driving traffic to it. ➤ Kim Kardashian’s Website Gets 20,600 visitors per month and she has 364 million Instagram followers for traffic. ➤ Mr. Beast’s Website Gets 63,500 visitors per month and he has 42.8 million Instagram followers for traffic. What about Chris Munch? Who’s he? Well, that’s the point: ❌ He doesn’t have a big name that wins him traffic. ❌ He has no Instagram account to drive traffic to his... [...]

Simpler Traffic: claim your share of the traffic fund #ad

Simpler Traffic helps you deal with a problem all small business people face when marketing online. The major controllers of online traffic, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft charge small business people a sizable chunk of case to use the traffic they can provide. … These massive platforms are charging us anywhere from $1 to $30+ Per Click. … but with Simpler Traffic we could have been getting this traffic for free this whole time. It’s not a case of spending our time in order to save our money. It only takes a few minutes per day to do. After 15+ years of using the Simpler Traffic... [...]

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