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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Marketing Glossary

Optimizing Ecommerce for Google Images and Visual Search [Guide]

E-commerce SEO helps you to optimize your e-commerce store pages to improve search engine rankings and drive traffic. By improving your search engine presence you can boot your sales.

I Love SEO contributor Gianluca Fiorelli has published a seven-part guide on ‘Optimizing Ecommerce for Google Images and Visual Search’.

Fiorelli says, “In this guide, I will present you why and how to optimize your images for obtaining the most from both the Google Images Search vertical and Images Box in Universal Search, Rich Results with images, other Google SERPs’ features and from the more and more pervasive presence of Google Lens in every Google Search environment for your Ecommerce websites.

Images and Visual Search is a topic I talk about and write about since when Google started experimenting with the Images Search tags almost 4 years ago, a time when the majority of the SEOs were dismissing them saying it was just Images SEO, hence something that did not need to be prioritized.

Dismissing Images and Visual Search as a secondary SEO task would be deeply myopic now as it was before.

The worldwide status of crisis and suspended activity for practically any kind of physical shop makes it even more urgent that Ecommerce owners and businesses focus all the attention and efforts on visual shopping.

This guide is a humble attempt to guide you and offer you ideas and ways to optimize your category and product pages for it”.

How to optimize your Ecommerce for Google Images and Visual Search

I Love SEO

Off-Page SEO: The Definitive Guide [Guide]

Backlinko has published a new guide called ‘Off-Page SEO: The Definitive Guide’ to help you easily handle the off-page SEO functions.

In this new guide you’ll learn exactly how to build the type of off-site signals that Google wants to see, including:

  • Backlinks
  • Social signals
  • E-A-T
  • Branded searches
  • Online reputation signals.

Off-Page SEO: The Definitive Guide


Orbit Media Analyzes The Coronavirus Impact on Marketing Agencies

The coronavirus pandemic is getting worse. It has created a global havoc and businesses are undergoing a big recession.

Let’s try to find out how this pandemic is affecting the marketing agencies Orbit Media Studios’ Andy Crestodina analyzes this impact.

Crestodina says, “Let’s take the temperature. We start with a broad question about demand for marketing services. Most agencies report a negative impact. No surprise.

But marketing is a broad category, encompassing a huge range of services. The impact to demand for those services ranges widely.

The industry focus is a bigger correlation with impact (more below), which shows up clearly in the B2B or B2C question. Agencies who service clients in B2C industries are more impacted, for now at least”.

The Coronavirus Impact on Marketing Agencies: 122 Agency Executives Report

Orbit Media Studios

Optimizing Your Content and SEO for Local Impact [Podcast]

A blend of quality content and an effective SEO strategy can help you to reach more people online and grow your business. The same strategy can help you to enhance your local presence.

Searchmetrics contributor Tyson Stockton has published a new podcast episode ‘Optimizing Your Content and SEO for Local Impact’ featuring Ana Raynes and Benjamin Shapiro.

Stockton says, “Different methods exist to optimize content for local SEO that can both maximize local impact and significantly expand your brand’s reach. Join host Ben as he speaks with Ana Raynes, a digital marketing expert from Simplified Impact, to talk about the best methods to optimize your content for local SEO and how social media and influencers can significantly expand a brand’s local reach”.

Podcast Summary

  • Competitive businesses like legal firms excel best when they optimize content for the cities they operate in, not statewide.
  • Carefully monitoring Google My Business pages is vital to the success of local businesses as to avoid being flagged by Google for potential errors.
  • Linking properly using anchor text that utilizes the city or expanded area are crucial components in the content you create for landing pages to best optimize for local search.

Optimizing Your Content and SEO for Local Impact


Optimize Your Social Media Conversions with Right Tools

With an effective social media marketing strategy you can enhance your business reach. You can achieve your conversion goals by utilizing right tools and strategies to persuade your target audience.

Search Engine Watch contributor Shaista Mujeeb has shared an article highlighting four tools that can help you to improve your social media conversions

Mujeeb says, “Conversions from social media could be anything – from gaining new subscribers to your mailing list, more app downloads, website visits, to closing sales through your social channels. These conversions are an important part of digital marketing services and strategy.

The question now is, how do you, as a marketer gain meaningful conversions from your social media channels?

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our most trusted social media tools for marketing that helped us gain an edge over our competitors:

1. Ace your social game with Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a social community and moderation tool that helps businesses manage all their social network profiles. Furthermore, it helps you gather critical data like statistics and reporting to help you gain high-quality insights, devise and execute effective social media campaigns.

It is the ultimate social media tool as you can connect it to every social account that you run. Plus it also provides a CRM platform making it efficient for sales-oriented tasks”.

Four powerful tools to optimize your social media conversions

Search Engine Watch

Optimizing your landing pages for Google ads success [podcast]

Your website’s landing page plays an important role in attracting customers for your brand. A well-designed landing page generates leads and converts them into prospects and customers. Dedicated landing pages have higher conversion rate than home page of a website.

Rank Ranger team has published a new episode of In-Search SEO podcast titled ‘Optimizing your landing pages for Google ads success’ featuring Johnathan Dane, founder of Klientboost.

Listen to the podcast to learn the following:

  • How to set up your landing pages for optimal Google Ads performance
  • How to get users to click that CTA once they move from an ad to your site
  • Ad copy or landing page copy? Which is more important & how closely does ad and page content have to align?

Optimizing your landing pages for Google ads success

Rank Ranger

Overcoming objections in sales [podcast]

While building a new brand you have to face several hurdles. The utmost issue that you face is of building up your sales funnel. Being a new player in the market there are more chances of rejection in sales.

The Duct Tape Marketing’s John Jantsch has published new podcast episode featuring Jeb Blount that intends to help you deal with the sales rejections.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • Why the feeling of rejection is more biological than psychological, and what you can do to overcome it.
  • How to create a moment to think so that you can get past the objection with rationality.
  • Why breaking through the initial resistance can change the whole sales conversation.

Overcoming Objections in Sales

Duct Tape Marketing

Only a keyword? No, it’s a lot more, using ViralReel #ad

When you create a marketing video, your goal is to attract people who are interested in a particular keyword (a product name, for example). You want your video to rank for that keyword in the search engines so people will click to see your video.

For this approach to be effective, you need to choose a keyword that people are searching for; there’s no point in ranking for “underwater basket weaving” if no one is interested enough to search for it. A good way to check the search volume for a keyword is to use the keyword search volume toolviralReel in Google Webmaster Tools.

Once you have found the keywords that people are searching for, your challenge is to create a video that will rank for that keyword. There’s new software that will help get that done.

ViralReel turns a keyword into a viral video automatically. It curates snippets of popular online videos and melds them together into a new video that you can use in a dozen ways online.

It gives you 3 options for the type of video you would like it to create:
  • Quote Videos: videos with background video clips and a motivational quote running in the foreground. You cn use 1 quote or multiple quotes.
  • GIFY Videos: finds trending GIFs for your keywords and merges them into a single curated video.
  • Trending Videos: finds short trending video clips from YouTube for your niche or your keyword and curates them together into a single new video.

The process is simple: Choose your keyword; choose your video type; tell it the link you want to promote and other credentials; then turn it loose. You will have your video in a few moments, ready to upload to YouTube or elsewhere.

ViralReel has powerful video curation abilities that will build you the type of video you choose, and, according to the creators, your video will be attractive, slick and professional, which will help it to go viral.

Read all about it here: ViralReel. By the way, we have been given a (non-unique) complete set of bonuses for our readers. Get them when you login.

Optimizing E-commerce Experiences [Video]

The MarketingExperiments team has published a new video on ‘Optimizing Ecommerce Experiences: 25 valid ecommerce experiments to ideate your next A/B test’ featuring Flint McGlaughlin.

Watch this video to improve your e-commerce performance.

The MarketingExperiments team says, “The only way to answer that question is to test. Luckily, we’ve put together a swipe file of our own ecommerce experimentation to give you a head start. In this live broadcast, Flint McGlaughlin draws on the 25 experiments in our ecommerce swipe file to teach you how you can improve ecommerce conversion rates throughout your product mix. You’ll see working examples of effective ecommerce funnels. This session is a precursor to Flint’s keynote at A/B Testing Summit

Online Video Advertising to Grow 25% in 2019 [Report]

An Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report has some significant findings about the digital video in 2019. According to the report, the spending on the digital video advertising will go up by 25% in 2019.

Here are the findings from the IAB report:

  • Advertisers will spend $18 million on digital video in 2019
  • 59% of ad buyers plan to increase their advanced TV spend this year
  • Approximately $9.3 million of the ad spend will be allocated to original content
  • In 2018 advertisers spent $14.2 million on digital video advertising.

Visit the following page to discover more statistics.

Advertisers Expect to Spend $18 Million on Digital Video in 2019

Interactive Advertising Bureau