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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Archive for the 'Amazon advertising news' Category

Three ways to enhance your Amazon ad experience

Amazon, apart from an e-commerce company, is seen as a lucrative platform for publishing advertisements and most advertisers are seeing positive results out of their efforts. Marketing Land contributor Andrew Waber has shared three ways brands can enhance their advertising experience with Amazon. Focusing the importance of good content in the ads, Waber says, “Before undertaking more advanced tactics on Amazon, like premium A+ Content, the above-the-fold content needs to be in great shape. That includes the product title, bullets, descriptions and images, and they are incredibly important... [...]

3 Tips to optimise your Amazon product ad campaigns

Amazon product advertisements (Amazon Marketing Services) help brands improve their sales. It is a great way to promote your products and get them sold. Econsultancy columnist Oren Stern has shared three tips to help marketers optimize their Amazon product ad campaigns. Stern says, “AMS offers three different advertising units – Sponsored Product Ads, Headline Search Ads and Product Display Ads. Here are some insights and recommendations based on our experience of working with some of the world’s leading brands and agencies. 1) Getting granular with Sponsored Product Ads The common... [...]

Amazon’s Alexa may feature ads in 2018

CNBC has reported that Amazon is planning to accept advertisements for the Alexa in 2018. As per the report, the company is in talks with with P&G, Clorox and others. Lauren Hirsch says, “With Alexa’s clout anticipated to rise, brands are worried about being left out of the voice-shopping platform entirely. Advertisers and brands are particularly focused on search placement on Alexa because shoppers are more likely to select a top result on a voice assistant than they are on the web, where it’s easy to scroll down or ignore written suggestions. Amazon has hinted in the past... [...]

Four tips to make most of your Amazone advertising

For marketers and brands, the opportunity to advertise with Amazon is one of its kind that can help them make themselves strong at sales and promotions. Entrepreneur contributor Thomas Smale has shared four tips to help marketers optimize Amazon advertising. Smale says, “Be aware that Q4 has already commenced. But know that you’re too late only if you don’t start right away or don’t make adjustments to your existing advertising strategy. Here are those steps: Optimize your listings. This is basically free advertising, whereby you’re marketing to the Amazon search... [...]

4 Strategies to get most from Amazon advertising

The Amazon Marketing Services and Ad network are becoming a preferred destination of the marketers to promote their products and services. Entrepreneur contributor Thomas Smale has shared four strategies to rightly optimize Amazon advertising during the holiday season. Smale says, “One of the big stories of the moment is the buzz around Amazon’s intense push into broader advertising endeavors. The online retail giant isn’t content to simply host ads on its own site: It has also set its sights on competing with Google for video placements, in an effort to take on Google’s... [...]

‘Amazon’s advertising business could make twice as much as Snapchat by next year’ – Mashable

Patrick Kulp says, “Amazon dominates online shopping, cloud computing, and now, it has its sights set on advertising. The online shopping giant has been quietly beefing up its ads business in recent months, and Wall Street is starting to take notice. An analyst at Morgan Stanley predicted this week that the company could pull in $5 billion in ad revenue by next year. For context, that’s more than twice Snapchat’s forecasted revenue for that year and about half of Twitter’s entire market value at the moment. That number could swell to $7 billion by 2020, according to the... [...]

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