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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Marketing Glossary

WP Visualize: The future of online shopping – Augmented reality, Launch discount #ad

WP Visualize, which was just released, lets your website or social media enable Augmented Reality (AR) for your customers so they can see themselves in or with your product. Your visitors don’t need an app or special downloads to see this image.

Augmented reality software has previously only been available to big businesses, due to the cost. This is the first time AR has been available priced for small to medium-sized businesses. It’s available in two versions: a WordPress plugin and a SaaS application, for use on non-WordPress sites (such as Shopify, Wix, Social Media, SMS, Email, your existing website, and more) and social media.

WP Visualize is the first tool of its type that can be easily and affordably added to any e-commerce website, allowing users to visualize themselves with products in a simple AR experience.

Top marketing experts believe that Augmented Reality is going to be one of the most transformative marketing trends in 2021. That prediction is based on the billion-dollar businesses that are investing heavily to beat their competitors as they roll out their AR solutions.

L’Oreal, Gucci, Toyota, and others are investing huge amounts because they understand the potential of letting a customer see themselves enjoying the product.

WP Visualize is the first affordable solution for tiny to medium businesses who want their customers overlay the product picture on their personal picture.This capability helps buyers of many kinds of products see themselves enjoying their purchase. And of course, engaging their emotions like that is the first step to a sale.

If you are planning holiday promotions, they can be more engaging with this new Virtual Reality tool.

There’s an old saying, “It’s all about timing”. That clearly applies for WP Visualize. You are getting in on the ground floor.

The first step in the sales process is to capture your customer’s attention. WP Visualize does that perfectly and engages them intensely by allowing them to virtually try out your products in real-time.

With just a click, potential customers can try on your products, view your products in their home, or simply overlay your products on their personal photo. They do it straight from your webpage, social media, blog, email, or anywhere you can put a link.

They can do it with ease. There are no apps to run or downloads they have to install.

Using an image of themselves, they can put your eyeglasses on their face to see how they look; they can place themselves behind the wheel of the car you have for sale; they can virtually wear the clothes that look so nice in the catalog.

If that can boost your business, get all the details here during this launch pricing period: WP Visualize

What if you could click one button to market your product? #ad

Commission Blaster lets you click one button and promote any website or affiliate link on 30 social sites.

These sites have over 2.5 billion members who are buyers when they see something they like.

Login to Commission Blaster, insert the link you want to promote, and “blast” your link to the 30 sites by clicking the “TRAFFIC” button.

That’s it. You can promote your websites and other links (for example, affiliate links) in seconds, while also earning commissions.

Do you actually want to get potentially unlimited buyer traffic? How could any marketer say “No”?

Now you can get it in as little as 60 seconds. And while you are getting your traffic, you can make commissions with the top affiliate site, ClickBank.

Commission Blaster is the world’s first cloud-based software suite that does everything you need to finally get traffic from real buyers.

You are also getting 60 ClickBank affiliate products preloaded in Commission Blaster, so you will have something to promote to put this new tool to work right away.

That’s in addition to the built-in 30 social sites to automatically send your promotional messages to.

These 30 sites send you free traffic to your link, which could be for your own product or for an affiliate product or for one of the built-in Clickbank products.

You can do all this in less time than was ever possible before.

Don’t forget that as one of our readers, you receive bonuses to help you maximize your results:

Commission Blaster Bonuses

When you invest in Commission Blaster, you will receive:

Affiliate Funnel Bots Affiliate Funnel Bots – 3,000 units sold“Sell 75x Done-For-You Digital Products, List-Building Funnels & Affiliate Video for ClickBank, JVZoo,Amazon and Warrior+ in 60 seconds”
Don’t buy it here, but check ths sales page to understand what it can do for you: Affiliate Funnel Bots
affiliate traffic bots Affiliate Traffic Bots – 2,900 soldNEW “7-in-1” Traffic App Gets You Unlimited free Buyer Traffic.. in 60 Seconds “
Don’t buy it here, but check ths sales page to understand what it can do for you: Affiliate Traffic Bots


Commission Blaster Upgrade Bonuses

And our readers who invest in one of the upgrades will also receive:

affiliate video bots Affiliate Video Bots – 2,400 sold “Create $1,000/Minute “YouTube Videos” & Send Unlimited Free Buyer Traffic To Any Website Or Affiliate Program… In 60 Seconds.“ Check ths sales page to understand what it can do for you: Affiliate Video Bots

Affiliate Resell Bots – 1,400 sold“Launch Your Instant Software Store, selling 9 Hot $400k Software Tools. Keep 100% of the Profits and the Leads!“
Check this sales page to understand what it can do for you: Affiliate Resell Bots

To build your own business with these buyers clicking on your link, check out this new social media tool here: Commission Blaster.

Why Your Website Should Utilize Surveys


Image Source: Unsplash


Long gone are the days when business owners needed to guess whether or not their customers were happy. Thanks to technology and data collection techniques, it’s never been easier to interact with website users and ask them about their experience.


Your website is the perfect place to foster engagement and to better understand the needs of your clients. In particular, utilizing surveys on your website can help you and your team uncover nuggets of data about your website, products, and services that you might have otherwise overlooked.


Because you know your website and business so well, it’s all too common to miss glaring problems that affect the customer experience. You could navigate your site in your sleep, but is the organization as evident to new visitors?


Fortunately, there is a simple way to assess user experience and gauge customer satisfaction. Similar to sending survey emails, utilizing surveys on your website has the potential to unlock a wealth of information that will help you improve customer relations and grow your business.


Regardless of the type of content on your website, you should be using a website experience survey to collect feedback from visitors. Every website can stand to benefit from learning how users feel about their experience. Website owners should not underestimate the quality of the user experience as one of the most critical factors for the success of their site.


While a website experience survey is an excellent place to start, it’s far from the only feedback that site owners can seek. Surveys are also an opportunity to inquire after customers’ thoughts about your goods and services. You can also ask about their needs and how your business can best serve them.


Getting feedback from your users and customers can increase revenue, improve brand reputation, deepen your understanding of the marketing funnel, influence your future product and service decisions, and help you eliminate problems. Don’t let the fear of negative feedback stop you from implementing surveys on your website. People who complain are doing you a favor since those criticisms can help you better serve your users and customers down the road.


How to Encourage User Engagement Through Surveys


There are a variety of ways to collect customer feedback on your website. Options include pop-up customer surveys, embedded feedback buttons, and live chats. Don’t forget to tell users why you’re collecting feedback, and make it clear that the purpose of the survey is to serve them better. One way to encourage users to take your survey is by offering an incentive. In exchange for answering a few questions, they will receive a gift, such as a coupon code.


Incentivizing your surveys will undoubtedly help to encourage user engagement, but even more important is asking the right people the right questions at the right time. For the best results, you will need to tailor your surveys to different devices, pages, and users. Spend time phrasing your questions since wording can dramatically impact response rates and answers.


For a website experience survey, here are a few questions you could ask:


     On a scale from 0-10, how do you rate your experience on our site?


     What problems did you encounter while using the site?


     What did you like best about your experience?


If you’re unsure who your website is attracting, it might be helpful to ask users to identify their interests. For example, if you run a parenting website, ask visitors if they are expecting a baby or already have children.


What to Do With the Data You Collect


Collecting customer and user feedback through surveys is only the first step of the process. Before you even start, it’s helpful to have a plan in place for how you’re going to analyze the data. Website owners who don’t do anything with the data they’ve collected might as well not even bother utilizing surveys at all. Surveys are a vital part of a robust marketing data analytics strategy.


If the idea of analyzing thousands of responses has you feeling overwhelmed, there’s good news: Generally, looking at 30-100 answers is enough to illuminate the most pressing issues. For surveys that include open-ended questions, you might want to use a word cloud to see which words showed up most frequently in the survey results. Analyzing results is a subset of the process of data mining for your website. It can transform raw data into useful information that can serve as a roadmap for your business future.


With the results in hand, it’s time to tweak your site, your products, and your services based on the feedback. Consider A/B testing if the path forward isn’t clear. After you make adjustments, pay attention to Google Analytics and other platforms to gauge the success of the changes.


Then, once some time has passed, put together another survey to ask customers how they feel about the improvements. Utilizing surveys on your website is an on-going practice that is essential for understanding user and customer needs. Stop trying to read your website visitors’ minds and simply ask them for their thoughts by utilizing surveys on your site.  


Indiana Lee is a writer and journalist from the Pacific Northwest with a passion for covering business best practices, social justice, environmental protection, and more. In her off time, she enjoys hiking with her two dogs. You can follow her on Twitter @indianalee3, or reach her at [email protected]

Ways to Improve Your Content Performance

Your content marketing performance depends on its quality in terms of information and knowledge it offers to your readers. With the right content creation tactics, you can make the most of your effort.

Ann Smarty has shared three pre-publishing tactics to boost your content performance.

She says, “Using these pre-publishing content marketing tactics, you will be able to generate more links, rank your article higher, and improve your on-page engagement. Here’s how:

1. Identify who may link to your asset and start engaging them earlier

So you have a topic idea and you are about to start creating your content, but first comes content research. Usually, to research a topic before covering it, bloggers use Google, check what has already been written and try to do better.

I suggest adding another topic research component: Link building research.

In other words, you want to identify who is linking to top content on your chosen topic and try to replicate that tactic in your future article”.

3 Content Pre-Publishing Tactics To Boost Your Content Performance

WordStream Highlights Top 10 Google Ranking Factors of 2020

A search engine presence enables your businesses to get more customers. To make sure that your website is listed in the search engine results, you need to keep your SEO strategy in sync with the latest search algorithms.

WordStream has published an article highlighting the top 10 Google ranking factors of 2020.

The WordStream team says, “For many marketers, technical SEO can feel daunting. Knowledge of website structure and content management systems is required to execute many of these ranking optimizations. For this reason, fixing technical SEO errors is commonly a joint effort between marketing and development teams. Although this may seem complicated, once your website is in good working order, there’s not a lot of ongoing maintenance required in terms of SEO. Here are the technical strategies for improving your rank:

1. Site and page speed

Nobody likes a website that takes forever to load, and if you could ask search engines what they think, they would agree. That’s why having a website that loads quickly and seamlessly is a core component of technical SEO.

If your pages are taking too long to load, you’re likely going to see your bounce rate skyrocket, which will hurt your ranking”.

The Top 10 Google Ranking Factors of 2020 (+ How to Optimize for Them)

Ways to Avoid Broken Links in Your Websites

Many times it happens that multiple 404 pages appear when you are browsing your own website. This surely does not give a good impression to your visitors.

Lifehacker contributor Brendan Hesse has shared a useful article on linking websites without the eventual broken links.

Hesse says, “Have you ever been browsing an older website, only to find yourself face-to-face with a 404 error when you click on a link to a long-abandoned site? What about searching up an old bookmarked article only to find that it’s now stuck behind a paywall?

These annoying scenarios will only get more common as old web content is removed, migrated, or simply stops working. It’s not just old content either—many webpages can last less than a few months, and social media content often disappears even faster.

Disappearing or broken web content poses several issues, including undermining an article’s credibility due to missing sources. Luckily, there’s a smart workaround that can prevent these annoyances: Link to websites using, otherwise known as The Wayback Machine. This will ensure anyone who opens the link is being sent to the content in question as it exists when you’re linking to it”.

How to Link Websites Without the Eventual Broken Links

White Hat Ways to Build Links! [Podcast]

Rank Ranger has published a new podcast episode ‘White Hat Ways to Build Links!’ featuring Hayk Saakian.

Mordy Oberstein says, “Hayk Saakian joins the podcast to share novel ways to build links, offer value, and stay within Google’s guidelines all at the same time!

  • Creative ways to build links and offer added value
  • How to think outside the box when it comes to link building
  • How to use niche level strategies to legitimately gain links”.

White Hat Ways to Build Links!

Rank Ranger

Win a Free Copy of futuristic DoodleMaker app #ad

DoodleMaker Software

As we mentioned yesterday, Paul Ponna is getting ready to launch a new software product: DoodleMaker.

To build interest in this upcoming launch, he is giving away 20 copies of the product during a webinar on September 1. Besides the copies of this new application, he is giving away other prizes and bonuses.

DoodleMaker is a futuristic new AI-based video creation tool that allows you to get true global reach on a scale that was not possible until now.

Now you can create attractive, realistic, and professional animated Doodle videos in any language within minutes.

Apps to make doodle videos (also known as whiteboard videos) have been limited to black-and-white videos. New DoodleMaker, coming on September 1, can do that, too, but in additon, it can create full-color, full-length animated doodle explainer videos.

Ponna has put together a demo video that shows all the advanced capabilities you will receive. Registering here (DoodleMaker Launch Festivities) gives you 3 opportunities:
1. Watch the “tell-all” pre-launch video Ponna has made
2. Participate in the drawing on Tuesday.
3. Attend the introductory webinar to see the power of this new video maker and share in

This is all to generate hoopla; you don’t have to buy anything, but you can’t win unless you register.

The webinar to unveil this new tool to the world will be on September 1 at 2 PM Eastern (New York Time)

I mentioned that there will be prizes given away. Here they are:
• Software Giveaway: 20 free Copies of Doodle Maker app
• Six $100 Cash Prizes
• $3000 Giveaway On Ponna’s Secret FB Group
• Lots of other prizes and bonuses you won’t want to miss.

Winners will be picked at random on the webinar.

Signup Now: DoodleMaker Launch Festivities.

Remember, you don’t have to buy anything to participate. You have nothing to lose.

On the webinar, you will learn some intriguing case studies of how you can create doodle videos for clients as well as yourself.

Signup, get your bonuses, and (let’s hope) win prizes: DoodleMaker Launch Festivities.

Whey Should You Create Product Descriptions?

When it comes to purchasing online, most people try to learn more about the product with its description. Koozai contributor Hannah Pennington has published an article highlighting the importance of product description.

Pennington says, “Product descriptions are the only way of ‘selling’ to your customer without the aid of a sales associate. These descriptions, therefore, take the place of a human and are there to guide the shopper to choose the best product for them and answer any questions they may have. A compelling copy will entice visitors which will in turn hopefully turn into conversions.

So, it’s worth looking at when this is done well, and when there is some room for improvement.

Considering a few key elements when writing any ad will help:

Who is your customer?

Does your tone resonate with your audience? Do you have personas as to the types of customers that interact or are likely to interact with your online store? Knowing as much as you can about who visits is your best tool in both encouraging more of these personas, and findings the gaps when you can attract more. Make it ‘personal’ and your shopper will feel encouraged into the right choice for them”.

The Importance Of Product Descriptions


WebinarLoop: webinars for any business, large or small #ad

Fortune 500 companies know the importance of keeping their own brand at the forefront of their marketing. You can do that, too, with WebinarLoop, by hosting your webinars on your own domain. This includes:
► Sign up page on your own domain
► Thank you page on your own domain
► Landing page on your own domain
► Webinar, itself, on your domain, not some big webinar company’s domain.

But, that’s not all WebinarLoop will do for you. The biggest fear most people have before hosting a webinar is that they will mess up. That’s consistent with the longstanding fact that the majority of people’s greatest fear is public speaking.

That used to be our problem. Maybe, it is still your problem, and maybe you let that fear keep you from ever holding a webinar.

The good news is that WebinarLoop eliminates this problem. Here’s why:

It lets you pre-record any webinar. Then, you can run your pre-recorded webinars as an auto webinar (aka On-demand Webinar), or as a live webinar and get amazing results without having to do deliver anything live.

People are saying (rightly, in our opinion) that WebinarLoop is the most flexible and powerful webinar marketing software around.

What it offers you:
✅ A powerful and scalable webinar system
✅ Records your webinars
✅ Runs live and pre-recorded webinars
✅ Includes a powerful call to action system
✅ Page builder included
✅ Supports Email and (and in the Pro upgrade, SMS) for attendance reminders
✅ Integration for YouTube and Facebook ads is built in.

With WebinarLoop, you can make a presentation on your PC, on your own schedule. For example, use Powerpoint, put in a background narration, record your screen, turn it into a video. When your video is ready, livecast it as a webinar.

During the launch, you will receive the WebinarLoop commercial license at no additional cost, authorizing you to make Webinars for other businesses and charge them a one-time or recurring fee.

And during the launch, we have a TeknikForce’s permission to give you some of the older products as a bonus:
1 WP Copysites
2 Pinger Jeet
3 Tube Inspector Jeet
4 Social Media Genie
5 List Mail Jeet
6 Keywords Goldmine Jeet
7 Auto Articles Wizard

We just invested in this new tool (and in the first upsale). Get yours here: WebinarLoop.