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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Marketing Glossary

Winning the Race for Digital Skills [Report]

Econsultancy has published a new report ‘Winning the Race for Digital Skills’.

The Econsultancy team says, “In a world of perpetual change, how do businesses stay ahead? 

The answer lies in learning.

As the shift towards online purchasing accelerated during the pandemic, companies underwent a decade’s worth of digital transformation in just six months.

Now, with an increased demand for digital skills, organisations must aggressively pursue learning to stay current and lead their markets.

However, our research has revealed only 27% of businesses believe they currently possess the digital skills required to achieve their goals.

To bridge this digital skills gap, we have released our new free report: Winning the Race for Digital Skills: The New Best Practices of Effective Learning.

Discover the best practices that can empower you and your organisation in the digital era.”

Winning the Race for Digital Skills


What Is a Marketing Strategy and Why Do I Need One? [Answered]

Semrush has published a new video ‘What Is a Marketing Strategy and Why Do I Need One?’ explaining the importance of a strong marketing strategy.

The Semrush team says, “Are you brand new to developing a marketing strategy or looking to brush up on key focus areas? Then you’re in the right place. Watch this video to better understand why marketing strategies are so crucial for your business and uncover the key components that should be included in your strategy.”


Where is the buyer’s journey headed? [Podcast]

MarTech has published a new episode in the MarTech Podcast Series ‘Where is the buyer’s journey headed?’ explaining how to achieve success in sales and marketing.

Cynthia Ramsaran says, “Kim Davis, editorial director at MarTech and Chris Garza, regional vice president, field and inside sales at Dun & Bradstreet, discuss how the buyer’s journey has transformed significantly in recent years, forcing marketers/sellers to reach customers in new ways.

Data will be the key to achieving success in this new reality.

Tune into the podcast and learn:

  • Where sales and marketing teams are finding success in this evolving landscape
  • The role data plays in pivoting strategies to reach prospects
  • Where the buyer’s journey is headed and how that will impact you.”

Where is the buyer’s journey headed?


WP 1-Click Login: The Future of WordPress Logins #ad

WP 1-Click Login Plugin

At IM NewsWatch we can really use WP 1-Click Login. Here’s the background:

About 30 times every day a hacker tries to login to our admin panel using the user name “admin” or one of the names they see as an author of a post. So we have locked the login process tightly. If you enter the wrong password twice in a row, your PC is locked out for 60 days. That keeps hackers out (so far, at least).

The problem is that we aren’t great typists. Even though we are legitimate users, we have gotten locked out ourselves multiple times. What a pain! And how much time is wasted trying to overcome the lock-out.

But this lock-out process is essential for our security. We don’t want to do away with it. That’s why we have decided to try WP 1-Click Login.

We have seen this strategy used in several big name websites recently, and it seems to work well. This new WP plugin, being launched today, makes it economical enough that small businesses can use it. It’s fast, secure, and customizable.

If you have a site where login is required, you may want to try it, too. There are two situations where it is especially useful:

1. You have multiple sites where you must login. For security, you don’t want to use the same password on multiple sites. If Even though it’s a pain to remember multiple passwords, you probably use a different password at each of your sites so that a crook breaking into one site doesn’t get the password for all your sites.

2. If you have a membership site with members who all need to remember a password for your site.

With WP 1-Click Login, there’s no more remembering tricky passwords or doing lots of steps to get in.

All you need is one click, and you’re in.

Also, it keeps your website super safe.

It protects it from bad guys who steal passwords while making it super simple for you to get in.

Instead of typing a password, now you just:
1. Go to the site
2. Enter your userid, causing the plugin to send a link to the email address associated with that userid
3. Go to your email associated with your userid
4. Click on the link your site just sent you.

As you have probably figured out, the key to this process is that when a WordPress userid is created, you must specify an email address for that user. WP 1-Click Login just uses the WordPress internal database to look up the email address for the userid you enter and sends the link to that email address.

Unless crooks break into your email account (WordPress hides your email address from the public so crooks don’t know what it is), they can’t see (and can’t click on) the link.

Watch this sort demo to see it in action:

It’s easy to install, and it’s even easier for you and your members to use.

To make this opportunity even better for you, we have arranged the following bonuses for our readers.

WP 1-Click Login Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers

BONUS #1 – WP Email Countdown Plugin

BONUS #2 – WP TubeMaximiser Plugin

BONUS #3 – Countdown Genius Software

BONUS #4 – WP PicRetarget Plugin

BONUS #5 – WP BotBlocker Plugin

BONUS #6 – WP LinkTweet Plugin

BONUS #7 – WP TeeContest Plugin

BONUS #8 – WP Easy Pinterest Plugin

By the way, if you see the value of this approach to WordPress security, there are add-ons you may want to consider. You can get the best pricing by buying them as a bundle. Check out the bundle before deciding to buy the basic version. If you are going to buy more, the bundle can save you significant money: WP 1-Click Login Bundle

If you don’t need the whole bundle, download the basic WordPress plugin here: WP 1-Click Login.

Webinars for Sales Funnel: A Guide to Understanding the Ins and Outs [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘Webinars for Sales Funnel: A Guide to Understanding the Ins and Outs’ explaining useful strategies to use webinars for getting more sales.

He says, “Webinars have become an essential part of the modern business landscape, and they are now recognized as a powerful tool for driving sales funnel success. However, understanding how webinars work and how they can be leveraged for sales funnel optimization can be a daunting task for many business owners and marketers. That’s where this guide comes in.”

What SEOs Need to Know about ChatGPT [Podcast]

Rank Ranger has published a new episode of the In Search SEO podcast ‘What SEOs Need to Know about ChatGPT’ featuring Julia McCoy and Ellen Conning.

The Rank Ranger team says, “Welcome to the first episode in a special three-part series within the In Search SEO podcast, looking into what SEOs needed to know about Chat GPT. I’m joined by Julia McCoy from Content at ScaleEllen Conning from Salience, and Alizée Baudez, SEO consultant.

In this episode, our panel discusses how to use ChatGPT for SEO, including:

  • What SEOs need to know about ChatGPT
  • Using prompts to train the AI.”

Rank Ranger

Web Accessibility: ADA Compliance Tips to Design for All Users [Video]

HubSpot has published a new video ‘Web Accessibility: ADA Compliance Tips to Design for All Users’ sharing useful tips on ADA compliance.

The HubSpot team says, “Website Accessibility is essential for reaching the widest possible audience—and giving every visitor a great experience on your site. Here’s a quick tour of six steps you can take right away to improve yours.”


Why US Brands Lose $2.4B A Year From Local Invisibility, May 31 [Webinar]

A localized marketing approach can unlock major growth potential for your business – but it can also be highly competitive.

Search Engine Journal is hosting a webinar ‘Why US Brands Lose $2.4B A Year From Local Invisibility’ on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at 2.00 pm ET.

The SEJ team says, “Key insights you’ll gain from the LVI:

  • Factors that drive success in search, reputation, and social media marketing for multi-location brands, with a focus on metrics that correlate to revenue growth.
  • Industry benchmarks for approximately 40 industries covering the full breadth of local B2C commerce.
  • The high cost of low visibility, which equates to $2.4 billion in lost revenue per year across the U.S. retail sector, and similar opportunity cost across all B2C industries.”

Why US Brands Lose $2.4B A Year From Local Invisibility

Search Engine Journal

Will ChatGPT and Bard Take Over SEO? AI Explained [Video]

Ahrefs has published a new video ‘Will ChatGPT and Bard Take Over SEO? AI Explained’ explaining the impact of AI on SEO.

Learn how the rise of AI tools like ChatGPT, Sydney, and Google’s Bard might impact the future of SEO.


Why B2B Marketers Need to ‘Prove It’ With a Trust-Building Content Strategy [Podcast]

MarketingProfs has published a new episode of the Marketing Smarts podcast ‘Why B2B Marketers Need to ‘Prove It’ With a Trust-Building Content Strategy’ featuring Melanie Deziel.

George B. Thomas says, “You can’t make a scientific claim without testing and proving your hypothesis. You can’t write a research paper without using and listing sources. So why should marketers expect blind acceptance that the claims they make in marketing content are true?

Melanie points out three major ways.

Corroboration: “That means relying on other people’s opinions—that’s the quotes, the testimonials, the case studies, the expert opinions. Bring in other voices to agree with what you’re saying.”

Demonstration: “Look for ways to show it. Like in [an] infomercial, show them instead of just telling them. How can you let them see it with their own eyes? Give them the full product walk through, the tutorial, the behind the scenes, the in-depth case study.”

Education: “A lot of times, our audience can’t believe our claims because they don’t understand them.”

Why B2B Marketers Need to ‘Prove It’ With a Trust-Building Content Strategy