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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Marketing Glossary

What Does GPT Really Mean for Digital Marketing?, February 9 [Webinar]

Digital Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar ‘What Does GPT Really Mean for Digital Marketing?’ on Thursday, February 9, 2023.

The DMI team says, “Curious to learn how ChatGPT and its underlying technology GPT-3 are actually going to impact marketing?

Wondering how your job might change?

Join us for a live expert discussion with two experts where we’ll look at what’s happening today, where things might go and what this explosion in AI assistance means for SEO and Search now that Microsoft and Google are pitched in the game.”

What Does GPT Really Mean for Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Institute

What Is a Core Update? [Video]

MOZ has published the latest episode of Whiteboard Friday ‘What Is a Core Update?’ featuring Tom Capper.

The MOZ team says, “Recorded at SearchLove London in October — in the wake of three Google updates — Tom presents a different take on core updates in this Whiteboard Friday.”


Why B2B Needs Social Media + Tips for Growth [Video]

Semrush has published a new Small Business Big Results video ‘Why B2B NEEDS Social Media + Tips for Growth’.

The Semrush team says, “Are you a small business owner in a B2B industry looking to expand your reach on social media? This episode of Small Business Big Results provides insight into which social platforms to focus on, how to plan out your content, and goal setting techniques.

Brian sits down with Dan Martell, Founder of the SaaS Academy, to discuss a B2B approach to social media, why it’s important, and how to make a splash in a saturated market.

Over the course of 10 episodes, Brian will be chatting with a variety of guests who have experience running small businesses or fast-growing start-ups.

Throughout the show, we’ll cover a range of topics that are top-of-mind for growing companies, including: key roles to hire, mistakes to avoid, what to outsource, and so much more.”


When Is The Right Time To Do A Content Audit For SEO? [Answered]

A content audit is a process of cataloging and analyzing all of the content on a website, including its performance. Online businesses that publish content and pursue an ongoing content marketing strategy can optimize their benefits by analyzing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Search Engine Journal contributor Adam Riemer has published an article explaining when a content audit can help in improving SEO performance.

He says, “There is no right or wrong answer for when to do a content audit, as each site is unique, but there are signals it is time to do a content review.

And an annual performance audit doesn’t hurt either.

One thing to be careful of is changing things just because you got a temporary ding, a C-suite executive panics because of seasonality, or there are fluctuations during a search engine update.

Many times, when search engines like Google update, they do a rollback, and good content and pages will come back.

Don’t rely on updates as a sign it’s time to audit your content exclusively.”

When Is The Right Time To Do A Content Audit For SEO?

Search Engine Journal

What I Learned Auditing 10,354 Websites [Video]

Exposure Ninja founder Time Cameron has published a new video ‘What I Learned Auditing 10,354 Websites’ sharing his findings after auditing several websites.

He says, “What have we learned from auditing the websites and marketing for 10,354 websites? Join us as we discuss the most common mistakes we see and how to fix them.”

Writing Optimized Content Briefs [Guide]

A content brief is a document that gets sent to writers outlining the key information, goals, and objectives for the piece of content they will be writing.

Keyword Insights has published an in-depth guide on writing optimized content briefs.

This guide covers the following:

How to Write An Optimised Content Brief

Will ChatGPT Take Your Job? [Answered]

ChatGPT is in the news. This AI-powered chatbot has excellent potential for the search engine optimization process.

Search Engine Journal contributor Brian Fredrick has published an article answering the question ‘Will ChatGPT Take Your Job?’.

He says, “There is no question ChatGPT and similar programs will change how SEO professionals work. But this is search engine optimization – change is the only constant. 

And it’s already being employed by some professionals in the industry. From keyword research and strategy to content creation and reporting, ChatGPT shows great potential. But that doesn’t mean it’s coming for your job. 

For one thing, no matter how powerful AI-powered programs become, they’ll never be human, which means they’ll never have our creative ability or mental quirks (although ChatGPT is producing some impressive creative work). Current AI systems need both guided training from humans and human input to train on, which limits their knowledge of current and recent events and makes work produced by humans a core part of how they function. It also needs human fact-checkers.”

Will ChatGPT Take Your Job?

Search Engine Journal

What Are Sitelinks and How Do You Get Them? [Answered]

Sitelinks are the additional links visible below the main URL of the search results on Google.

Search Engine Journal contributor Corey Morris has published an article elaborating on the sitelinks and how you can get them.

He says, “There’s no way to tell Google to show site links or to add or delete them directly.

However, you do have specific ways that you can take action and implement best practices to try to get them and manage them indirectly.

Text Link Sitelinks Best Practices

For organic opportunities, the best practices for getting sitelinks under a text result start with using informative, relevant, and concise page titles and headings on your website.

You’ll also want a site structure that users and bots can efficiently navigate.

That means making sure the important and relevant pages are being linked to from the page. Utilizing breadcrumbs can also help Google understand the site’s structure, the relationship between pages, and the overall hierarchy.”

Will Marketers Continue to Use Twitter in 2023? [Answered]

HubSpot contributor Erica Santiago has published an article featuring survey results on the use of Twitter by marketers in 2023.

She says, “When we asked if marketers plan to move their brand off Twitter in 2023, 66% of respondents said “no.”

Though most respondents said they have no plans to move their brand off the platform, 71% said they plan to spend less time on Twitter.

Copy of Twitter - Graphs - 506x253-1

Will marketers use alternatives to Twitter in 2023?

As Twitter goes through its changes, other platforms like Mastodon, Hive Social, and Cohost have risen in popularity as alternatives to Twitter. With that in mind, we asked marketers if they plan on using other platforms as an alternative to Twitter in 2023.”

Will Marketers Continue to Use Twitter in 2023? [New Data]


When to Post on TikTok: A Simple Guide [Guide]

When it comes to social media marketing, you need to analyze the performance of your campaigns in relation to the day and time they were posted.

HubSpot contributor Flori Needle has published ‘When to Post on TikTok: A Simple Guide’ sharing useful insights on the best time to post on TikTok.

She says, “If you’re looking to increase your presence on the app, or you’re leveraging it for the first time, it’s essential to know when your audience is active to get the most reach.

The HubSpot Blog surveyed 300+ marketers to uncover the best time to post on TikTok. Let’s take a closer look at the results.

Best Days to Post on TikTok

The best days to post on TikTok are Saturday, Friday, and Sunday, in that order. The worst days are Monday and Tuesday.

when to post on tiktok

Best Times to Post on TikTok

A quarter of marketers found the best time to post on TikTok is between 6-9 PM, followed by 3-6 PM and 12-3 PM.”

When to Post on TikTok: A Simple Guide