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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Marketing Glossary

What’s The Best Time to Publish Your Blog Posts?

Blogging is a rewarding marketing tactic. By adjusting your content and your schedule with your audience priorities and interests in mind, you can get better results from your blogging efforts.

Blogging Wizard’s Kim Lochery has an article highlighting the best time to publish your blog posts.

Lochery says, “Timing is everything when it comes to marketing.

When is the right time to publish on Facebook? How long will a reader spend on your page? At what time will your Instagram posts get the best engagement? When is the best time to publish a blog post for best results?

Publish a blog post and share social updates at the right time and life is great: the blog post will attract lots of readers and generate masses of overall blog traffic, affiliate links are clicked on and purchased through, email signups are collected, and there are social media shares a’plenty.

Share it all at the wrong time, on the other hand, and you’ve got yourself a big ol’ heap of … well, nothing. No social shares. Zero comments. Seriously disappointing reader numbers. It’ll feel like all of your hard work was for literally nothing”.

When Is The Best Time To Publish A Blog Post?

Blogging Wizard

Website Personalization and How to Master It

Website personalization enables you to cater the needs of you visitors by using data collected from them about their interests, location, and demographics. It helps with customer retention and lead conversion.

HubSpot contributor Kayla Carmicheal has published a comprehensive article on mastering the website personalization process.

Carmicheal says, “You can use website personalization to give customers recommendations based on what they like, and offer premium content to repeat visitors. Ultimately, it tailors content based on your buyer personas to delight your audience.

Website personalization happens with data. Data that’s collected by the website is then used to add unique features to homepages, enhancing the browsing experience for the visitor. For example, you may be recommended products on an ecommerce website based on your past browsing history the next time you visit.

Customers want their website visit to be individualized because it makes them feel valued. Having the security of knowing that I can easily repeat an order on Amazon makes me feel as if they know what I want — it’s the joy of being a “regular,” just online”.

How to Master Website Personalization

What is Testimonial Link Building and How to Do It

Customer testimonials turn out to be a great asset for your business. They can help you to inform your visitors about your existing customers and their feedback.

The concept of testimonial link building is using a positive comment from customers that have used your service or product and featuring them on your website.

Search Engine Watch contributor Rameez Ghayas Usmani has shared some useful tips to do testimonial link building.

Usmani says, “Without beating around the bush, the whole process boils down to 5 crucial steps that anyone can follow. These are as follows: 

1. Create a target list of products/services

This is where you’ll need to do the most homework. I’d advise you to keep your range of targets as wide as possible but avoid venturing into irrelevant fields. 

Some other things to keep in mind include targeting solution-based products and services. The potential customers looking at this are already at a high engagement point and they’re more likely to convert. I’d also advise making sure you target products and services that you’ve actually used. It would be futile to skip this part as it is a legal requirement. You can still choose to move ahead with this but it’s unlikely any product or service will entertain your testimonial requests if you’re not an existing customer”.

Testimonial link building: Using real experiences for success

Search Engine Watch

What’s Next for Your Social Strategy as Businesses Redefine Their New Normal [Checklist]

Sprout Social has published a free checklist ‘What’s Next for Your Social Strategy as Businesses Redefine Their New Normal’ to help marketers create new social media marketing strategy.

The Sprout Social team says, “Every marketer knows the value of being flexible and willing to adapt when it comes to social media marketing. To keep up with the speed of social, brands need to be ready to adjust their approach in order to stay connected with their audience.

But few marketers could have foreseen how much they would need to pivot their original 2020 strategies. In the wake of COVID-19 and the resurgence of Black Lives Matter protests, social marketers need to reevaluate their strategies to stay relevant and maintain their connection with their audience.

As you work through this checklist, you’ll be able to:

  • Evaluate how your social strategy has evolved in the last six months
  • Identify what’s working and what needs improvement or adjustments
  • Determine what content is most valuable to your audience
  • Make strategic decisions based on audience feedback and qualitative social data
  • And much more”.

What’s Next for Your Social Strategy as Businesses Redefine Their New Normal [Free Checklist]

What It Takes to Run a Podcast with Marketing O’Clock [Podcast]

Successful podcast creation and publishing requires mastering many things. The content you share in your podcast to the way your podcast reaches the target audience, you need to chart out a strong plan.

Search Engine Journal’s Brent Csutoras has published a new podcast episode ‘What It Takes to Run a Podcast with Marketing O’Clock’.

Csutoras says, “For episode 202 of The Search Engine Journal Show, I had the opportunity to chat with the hosts of Marketing O’Clock, a podcast produced by New York-based, full-service digital agency Cypress North under the SEJNetwork.

Every Friday, Greg FinnChristine “Shep” Zirnheld, and Jess Budde provide listeners with insights, tips, and the latest news in digital marketing.

We’ll talk about the moving parts involved in producing a successful podcast, plus tips on how to keep your shows engaging and appealing to listeners”.

What It Takes to Run a Podcast with Marketing O’Clock

Search Engine Journal

Why SEO Must Be an Essential Element of Your Site Migration [Video]

Perficient Inc. has published a new video ‘Why SEO Must Be an Essential Element of Your Site Migration’ featuring Eric Enge and Matt Ruud.

The Perficient team says, “Site migration can be a daunting task for many SEOs, but it can also be done strategically. The site migration process can also offer an excellent opportunity to fix your website foundation.

In this episode of the award-winning Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Eric Enge and Matt Ruud share primary considerations from an SEO perspective that you need to have in site migration and opportunities you can take away during the process”.

Watch the video here.

Perficient Inc.

Why Selling on Amazon Is Not a Sales Strategy [Video]

When it comes to selling online, Amazon has been leading as a key driving force. Millions of sellers are using this e-commerce platform for their business.

Entrepreneur contributor James McKinney has published a new video ‘Why Selling on Amazon Is Not a Sales Strategy’ featuring Ju Rhyu.

McKinney says, “Ju Rhyu, co-founder of Hero Cosmetics, was a guest at the most recent Startup Story Live, an extension of the hit podcast The Startup Story that gives everyone in attendance direct access to founders. The two-day live stream event, which streamed to 77 different countries, allowed founders to share the tactics and strategies they have employed to stabilize their current businesses.

During her time at Startup Story Live, Rhyu explains how she discovered her pimple-care patch while working for  in . From that discovery, Rhyu rebranded that product as the Mighty Patch and brought it to the United States in 2018 by way of Amazon“.

Why Selling on Amazon Is Not a Sales Strategy


Why Your Marketing Campaign Needs Market Research [Podcast]

Exposure Ninja has published a new podcast episode ‘Why Your Marketing Campaign Needs Market Research’ to help you understand why your marketing needs market research for better performance.

Tim Cameron says, “Founder of Bixa, Sarah Weise, is a firm believer that market research is an investment –– not an expense.

On today’s podcast, Sarah showcases how market research can help to protect your company, please loyal customers and validate your latest steps towards product development.

Why are we speaking about this now?

Market research is especially important during coronavirus –– termed by Weise as a hostile intruder –– as it helps firms to know which way to pivot and how best to speak to their audience.

Indeed, research can help you to shift your brand voice”.

Why Your Marketing Campaign Needs Market Research

Exposure Ninja

Ways to Get More Customers Using Keywords

Keywords play major role in helping you to achieve higher search engine rankings and increase your website traffic. By choosing right keywords and integrating them into your content, you can improve your SEO performance.

Business 2 Community contributor Daniel Hopper has shared some useful tips to get more traffic using keywords.

Hopper says, “Choosing the right keywords to use in your marketing copy and search engine optimisation is key to more people finding your website amongst the millions of alternatives. Achieving a higher-ranking result means you will be higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), and therefore have more people visit your website and a higher potential for income.

The first thing to keep in mind with keywords is that a local search via Google has become commonplace in the age of the digital phone. Search keywords should be optimised for voice search, for people who want to find a café on the go for example.

How search engines use keywords

In technical speak, search engines are “programs that offer users interaction with the internet through a front end, where users can specify search terms or make successive selections from relevant directories. The SE will then compare the search term against an index file, which contains web page content. Any matches found are returned to the user via the front end” (Weideman, 2004)”.

How Keywords Bring You Customers

World’s first viral funnel builder just launched (also builds lists) #ad

Bossfunnels, which was just launched, is a smart drag-and-drop funnel builder with all the features that Clickfunnels, Leadpages and others have. But, it also offers something extra: it creates viral funnels, so you can build bigger lists and get more traffic.

To be clear, a marketing funnel is a series of product offers made to visitors to a sales page. Usually, a funnel starts with a free or low-cost product and ends with a high-value product. Once a visitor accepts the first product, they are offered the second in the seriees. Once they accept that, they are offered a third, an so on. There are variations in funnel design( for example, including what are called “downsells” in the funnel), but that is the general overall flow.

Many people who have tried to start earning money online have invested in many training packages and in varous software packages in hope of finally finding the one that will propel them to success.

There is no one, no single product or service that will solve your business problem without your putting thoughtful work into your business. Unfortunately, that’s a lesson too late learned by most of us.

That doesn’t indict all trainers or all software developers. It’s just to say that however good the product may be, it won’t help you unless you make the effort to put it to work.

That is true for this new tool offered by Billy Darr, David Kirby and Al Cheeseman. Its goal is to bring you free traffic, to build your mailing list and to build your profitable business. But that’s a pipe dream unless you put it to work.

They designed Bossfunnels so that even complete beginners can start to use it immediately.

It creates custom viral funnels which pull in traffic using viral elements. All elements of this software, including its user dashboard, are designed for the best useability.

Included with the system is training on how to use it to build your successful business.

Bossfunnels is available for a one-time investment during launch week.

And there is no ongoing hosting expense, either, because they host it for you with no monthly fees.

Taken all together, their system seems designed with the beginner in mind: no tech skills since most beginners have none and no ongoing costs since beginners need to get their business running before they could handle ongoing costs.

This can possibly be the way for you to build professionalism into your business, by using this professional business-building software. Check it out here: Bossfunnels.