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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Marketing Glossary

Keep Customers Engaged Post Holidays and All Year Long, January 24 [Webinar]

Your holiday campaigns were a success but keeping customers engaged throughout the rest of the year can be hard – particularly if you operate in a highly competitive market.

Digital Marketing Depot is hosting a webinar ‘Keep Customers Engaged Post Holidays and All Year Long’ on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at 1.00 pm EDT.

The DMD team says, “Join our live, interactive webinar with Kate Richardson, Director of Customer Retention Marketing at Artifact Uprising and Toby Yuen, Customer Success Manager at Blueshift and discover proven ways to keep customers engaged and purchasing more.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build rich customer profiles that you can use to engage customers with highly personalized campaigns.
  • Keep customers interested with AI-powered personalized product recommendations based on marketer-defined attributes.
  • Effectively trigger messages based on customers’ real-time behaviors, activity levels, interests and more, such as abandoned carts.”

Keep Customers Engaged Post Holidays and All Year Long

Digital Marketing Depot

Knowing When to DIY or Outsource Your Digital Marketing [Video]

Semrush has published a new video ‘Knowing When to DIY or Outsource Your Digital Marketing’ featuring Brian Dean.

The Semrush team says, “What do strategies look like when you outsource your digital marketing and how can it benefit your small business operations? Brian Dean discusses how to get the most out of your outsourcing experience with Mike King, Founder and Managing Director of iPullRank. They weigh in on knowing when it’s time to outsource, common misconceptions, finding reputable services, and more.”


Keyword Research: A 6-Step Guide for 2023 [Guide]

Keyword research is the process of discovering keywords you can target to create relevant content for your customers, ideally for the highest value and lowest effort.

Siege Media has published ‘Keyword Research: A 6-Step Guide for 2023’.

Griffin Parrish says, “In this how-to guide for 2023, we’ll go over exactly how to do keyword research for SEO, how to prioritize topics, and tools you can use to help along the way.

Step 1. Get To Know Your Audience

While you might want to immediately jump into a popular keyword suggestion tool, doing so will skip over one of the most important aspects of creating SEO-friendly content: audience research.

Whether you’re new to a company or you’re an industry veteran, starting the keyword research process with a deep dive into the industry you’re writing about is imperative to understand your target audience.

Here are our go-to places to learn about a new target audience:

  • Sales calls: By listening to your customers describe their problems, you can get a better idea of how they would search for solutions to those problems. You can do this by utilizing sales tools that record and organize your sales calls, giving you valuable insights and patterns you can leverage in your keyword research process.”

Keyword Research: A 6-Step Guide for 2023

Siege Media

Keyword Mapping: A Beginner’s Guide [Guide]

Keyword mapping is a process of assigning keywords to the relevant pages and creating a logical structure of the website based on keyword research.

Search Engine Journal has published ‘Keyword Mapping: A Beginner’s Guide’ explaining the importance of mapping out your keywords as an essential part of a successful search engine optimization strategy.

Viola Eva says, “There are several benefits to keyword mapping.

First is that it organizes your content effectively, which not only aids in Google’s understanding of how relevant this URL is for a search query but also makes it easier for your content creators to write and easier for readers to understand.

More than that, it helps you create and maintain an internal linking strategy.

Ideally, you want your pages to contextually link from one to another. This helps search engine crawlers index your pages while helping visitors find what they’re looking for.”

Kevin Fahey’s All Access Pass: Training, PLR, More #ad

Kevin Fahey has been marketing and training marketers for over a decade. Kevin Fahey’s All Access Pass is his library of training, PLR, and tools he has released to assist other online marketers in becoming a success.

He has just opened an End-of-Year/ New Year sale for the next few days.

This is his list of the products included in Kevin Fahey’s All Access Pass, and the valuation he places on each product if bought individually. (You will invest less than 10% of this amount for your All Access Pass.):

Kevin Fahey's All Access Pass
All Access Pass Part #1: IM Coaching Series ($4,997)

All Access Pass Part #2: 10-Day Bootcamp (Value: $1,997)

All Access Pass Part #3: IM Checklist (Value: $2,220)

All Access Pass Part #4: Premium PLR Reports (Value: $886)

All Access Pass Part #5: IM VIP Training (Value: $297)

All Access Pass Part #6: Download PLR Products Lifetime Access With Ongoing Monthly Updates (Value: $297)

All Access Pass Part #7: 100K/Year Made Simple (Value: $47)

All Access Pass Part #8: Emergency Report For Marketers (Value: $27)

All Access Pass Part #9: Free Traffic Shotgun (Value: $47)

All Access Pass Part #10: Email Marketing On Fire (Value: $47)

All Access Pass Part #11: Easy Repetitive System (Value: $47)

All Access Pass Part #12: Traffic Five (Value: $47)

All Access Pass Part #13: Project Restart Training & Interviews (Value: $97)

All Access Pass Part #14: Commission Five (Value: $47)

All Access Pass Part #15: 500K Training (Value: $47)

All Access Pass Part #16: 20K Extra Training (Value: $47)

All Access Pass Part #17: List Building Masterclass (Value: $47)

All Access Pass Part #18: Free Affiliate Funnels (Value: $47)

All Access Pass Part #19: 15 Monetization Methods (Value: $97)

All Access Pass Part #20: IM Productivity Hacks (Value: $97)

All Access Pass Part #21: IM Newbie (Value: $97)

All Access Pass Part #22: IM Affiliate Funnels (Value: $97)

All Access Pass Part #23: Free Affiliate Funnels (Value: $97)

All Access Pass Part #24: IM Product Launching (Value: $97)

All Access Pass Part #25: IM Traffic (Value: $97)

All Access Pass Part #26: IM Video Masters (Value: $97)

All Access Pass Part #27: Genesis (Value: $97)

All Access Part #28: IM Coaching Guide (Value: $97)

All Access Pass Part #29: IM Emails (Value: $97)

All Access Pass Part #30: Consistent Sales System (Value: $97)

All Access Pass Part #31: 10X Traffic (Value: $97)

All of this (plus everything he releases in 2023) is included in his All Access Pass that is on sale this week, available here: Kevin Fahey’s All Access Pass.

KlickXCopy writes quality content in minutes #ad

KlickXCopy copywriting AI softwareKlickXCopy can automate your copywriting, whether it’s for a blog, video, social post, sales page, squeeze page, email, ad, text message, or even a complete e-book.

It’s your personal copywriting assistant powered by proven Copywriting Frameworks and Artificial Intelligence.

All you need to do is select the type of content you want to create and type in a couple of keywords for your product and its description. The software does the rest.

To make sure, your copy will attract sales, KlickXCopy uses the following proven copywriting frameworks:

  • AIDA (Attention/Interest/Desire/Action) Framework for high converting sales copy
  • PAS (Problem/Agitate/Solution) Framework for effective copy in a proven chronology.

The built-in AI creates quality engaging content for your viral videos and posts on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms that you want to share content on and grow your followers and leads.

You’ll be able to write content in minutes and improve both the quality and the quantity of your output while taking less time than ever.

And wherever you are in the world, it can be your best marketing friend because it translates your copy into 106 different languages.

Not only that, but you get a commercial license that allows you to offer a copywriting service to clients.

There is a kickoff webinar at 10:00 NY Time, with a discount on the whole funnel for attendees.

If you want to attend the webinar, go here quickly. After the webinar, this link will take you to the sales page: KlickXCopy.

KYSTORE WP Theme: Create your E-commerce site in 3 minutes #ad

KYSTORE WP Theme for WordPress is a one-of-a-kind WordPress eCommerce Theme, with up to 30+ Pages, 52 helpful shortcodes, and a lot more premium marketing tools that are integrated into an extremely easy to manage Drag and Drop Page Builder, with Seamless Instant Actions Technology.

This means, you can now create almost any kind of E-Commerce Site and any Amazon or eBay affiliate site for your own business or for any client’s business, with limitless design possibilities, no coding skills required whatsoever, and do it all using this single WordPress Theme.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of eCommerce website you have or want to build.

KYSTORE WordPress Theme will be able to take care of it. Look at some of the things it can do for you:
➤ Among the fastest loading themes available
➤ 100% Mobile Responsive
➤ SEO Optimized
➤ Ready to use templates
➤ Inbuilt Google Analytics
➤ And a lot more.

Your site’s look and feel matters, but its performance matters even more. KYSTORE WordPress Theme gives you both good looks and good power.

This theme works well in virtually all niches. For example:
■ Shoe Store
■ Gadget Store
■ Watch Store
■ Shirt Store
■ Toy Store
■ Flower
■ and more.

Click here to find out more: KYSTORE WordPress Theme.

The license the creators are offering is very generous. you may create an unlimited number of stores, for yourself or for clients. Si, for example, you could create an income on Fiverr building stores for clients. That can be a good second income stream or, for that matter, your primary income stream.

To make this new theme even easier to use this theme includes dummy content and dummy theme settings. So the there creator’s “3 minutes to get a site built” claim mentioned above means that your site will be filled with dummy content. You will still need to add your own products in place of the dummy content. But you will have a live site within minutes.

By the way, the authors warned us that they plan to raise the price. Check it out today before that happens, here: KYSTORE WordPress Theme.

One more thing, the authors tell us that this theme is fully responsive and it is based on modern CSS3 technology. And for those Apple users who visit your site, the theme is “retina ready”.

You can get the whole story here: KYSTORE WordPress Theme.

Kevin Indig Shares Five Examples of Product-led SEO

Kevin Indig has published an article highlighting five examples of product-led SEO and how they are different from each other.

He says, “Originally coined by Eli Schwartz and his book of the same name, Product-led SEO is an aggregator strategy, and there different types. Some companies achieve this with user-generated content, others with integrations or apps. In this post, I highlight five different examples and types of product-led SEO.

Examples of product-led SEO

Figma – UGC

Design tool Figma is an archetypal example for aggregators that drive product-led SEO through user-generated content (UGC). The scaling mechanism for Figma is the community, where users can upload and sell templates for all sorts of use cases like mobile app design or GUI templates.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the /community directory has taken over landing pages and even the templates section on UGC growth loops tend to scale better than a programmatic landing page strategy but come with indexing and spam challenges.”

5 examples of product-led SEO

Koincart: Small businesses can now accept Crypto in payment #ad

With Koincart, you can help small businesses accept cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). Accepting cryptocurrency in payment provides a lot of advantages to a business, primarily reducing transaction costs and widening the range of people you can sell to.

International commerce is an expensive business. There are high fees for collecting money from other countries and exchanging it into you home country’s currency. Those fees are avoided or drastically reduced when you accept cryptocurrency.

In today’s tight financial conditions, businesses everywhere are looking to expand their market for their products. Selling in other countries is the natural next step. They just need to accept payment efficiently. They can pay the high fees from banks, Paypal, Venmo, Stripe, etc. (and some potential customers will want to pay that way, but they cam also add the crypto capabilities of crypto that you offer them with With Koincart. This will increase their reach and grow their business.

From their perspective, it’s vital. From your perspective, it’s simple:
➤ Just install cryptocurrency checkout for their site with a simple click.
➤ Then, integrate Koincart in a click.
➤ Charge your clients a yearly fee or one-time fee so they can immediately accept crypto.

If they have online assets, they can auto-deliver memberships for their courses and classes.

Koincart offers many DFY themes to choose from (so they get a design consistent with their online store) and accepts many kinds of cryptocurrency.

Now, these small businesses start accepting cryptocurrency for their products & services hands-free in addition to normal credit card payments, Paypal payments, etc..

And you don’t need clients to profit from this new tool. If you have your own e-commerce sites, including cryptocurrency checkout on your own sites will provide you with these same benefits.

Get your cryptocurrency checkout toolkit here: Koincart.

Keys to Driving Webinar Registrations in 2022, July 28 [Webinar]

MarketingProfs is hosting a webinar ‘Keys to Driving Webinar Registrations in 2022’ on Thursday, July 28, 2022, at 2.00 pm ET.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • The evolution of audience targeting in the programmatic space.
  • The basics of programmatic targeting and how to reach your audience effectively.
  • How different channels play a role in creating a cohesive brand story.
  • Recommendations for audience building through advanced methods including contextual advertising, Browsing Audiences, Custom Segments, and more.

Keys to Driving Webinar Registrations in 2022