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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Marketing Glossary

Key TikTok Trends for 2024: Stay Ahead of the Curve!

TikTok marketing is a dynamic avenue for brands to engage with younger audiences through short, creative videos, fostering authenticity and virality. Leveraging trends and user-generated content, it provides a unique platform to showcase products, drive brand awareness, and spark meaningful conversations.

Search Engine Journal contributor Shelly Walsh has published an article featuring 2024 TikTok trends you should know about.

She says, “TikTok trends move so quickly that it’s not easy to keep pace, as memes can appear and disappear within days.

TikTok is great at constantly creating new meme formats. Here are just a few pieces of relatable social content that have been trending recently.

1. Sad Hamster

This tragically cute hamster with oversized eyes is accompanied by sad violin music, popularised by Spongebob Squarepants and Mr. Krabs’ “Sad Song on World’s Smallest Violin.”

These two elements combine to create the ‘Sad Hamster,’ typically posted by TikTokers as a reaction to something overwhelming or difficult.”

TikTok Trends 2024: The Most Important Trends To Watch

Search Engine Journal

Konnect builds “commission ready” online stores with free traffic #ad

Konnect eCommerce website builderWith Konnect become a leader in a 586.9 BILLION Dollar Market In less than 24 hours, according to , Konnect‘s creator.

In order to become a leader in eCommerce you must have your own authority online store with quality content and recommended products, sources, and tools. You need a store where each time someone clicks your recommendation or buys through it, you earn a commission of up to 75% percent.

And while normally it takes ages to create a fully loaded authority site like this, Konnect creates these stores in any niche you choose in 1 click.

And then it generates traffic to your store from a powerful traffic engine.

(Some of these sources are little known. That makes them fresh and ready for your marketing to them.)

This new SaaS software is flexible. It lets you build Crypto Stores, Amazon Affiliate Stores, and Clickbank Affiliate Stores In 1 Click in under 60 seconds.

You choose which kind of store you want (Crypto, Amazon, or Clickbank). Each store it creates is ready for traffic and ready to earn you commissions in moments.

Completely automated.

And on top of that, in 1 click the software gets you free traffic in less than 60 seconds of work with a powerful traffic engine which is specially designed for this.

And all this beauty in just a few clicks.

Konnect goes live at 11:00 AM ET, and when it launches, it will have early bird pricing so it will be affordable for anyone.

Now, of course, you could manually build a store in a niche of your choice, find products, create content, get hosting, domain, traffic, keep generating traffic and slowly establish yourself as an authority and increase earnings by rinsing and repeating. Yes, you could but this takes a long time and is hard to scale.

On the other hand, you can let Konnect automatically create these stores for you in any niche.

Not only that, it also lets you place your store in front of as many buyer eyes as you want in just a few clicks with a powerful traffic engine Ramana’s team has specially designed for this.

Which makes better sense to you?

If you want to go for the automated route, early bird pricing is just $17.

However, the price increases in a few hours, so make sure you grab it right away: Konnect.

Kids Story Videos (50 videos with PLR) for you to sell #ad

Kids Story Videos

This is a collection of 50 Kids Story Videos with PLR Rights (PLR means you can claim authorship, change them, bundle them, etc.) being launched today.

Here’s what you need to know:
=> These videos have been created from scratch by the Trevor Carr team and they’re all brand new for 2024.
=> The videos are created in a way that educates and teaches lessons to the kids, so beyond having fun they’re learning the importance of having friends, helping other people, etc.
=> All the videos come with PLR Rights
=> All the videos come in HD quality.
=> All the videos are vertical, so they fit perfectly on social media and YouTube
=> This is the biggest collection of unique kids’ story videos ever released n one package to our market (a total of 50 videos).
=> Special Bonus for First 100 Buyers: You can transfer PLR rights of these videos to your customers, meaning you can sell the PLR license to them.

This video shows you these videos in more detail.

When you invest in these videos, you will also get these bonuses:
Kids Story Videos Bonuses

Bonus #1: 10k a month case study

How to Get $10,000 Per Month Sending Simple Emails

Bonus #2: $2000 in 20 mins with Facebook

How to get massive profits from Facebook groups

BONUS #3: ListSmasher

BONUS #4: TweetX

BONUS #5: Profit Force

BONUS #6: Golden Stash

BONUS #7: Goldmine Seeker

Bonus #8 – SEO Strategies with PLR Rights

Bonus #9- WordPress SEO

Bonus #10 – SEO PPC Domination

Bonus #11 – How to Make Money on Fiverr

Bonus #12 – Facebook Riches

Bonus #13 – The Essential Guide to List Building

Get your copy, with all these bonuses, beginning at 11:00, here: Kids Story Videos.

Kerry’s top tips for AI for copywriters [Podcast]

Digital Marketing Institute has published its new podcast episode ‘Kerry’s top tips for AI for copywriters’ featuring Kerry Harriso.

The DMI team says, “Kerry Harrison, veteran copywriter and AI educator, gives us her top 3 tips for dealing with the proliferation of AI into our copywriting and marketing lives”.

Digital Marketing Institute

Kid-Vid Story: Entertaining White Label reading stories #ad

Kid-Vid Story

Kid-Vid Story was just released by DeSafa Media. You have a choice of either an agency license or a white label license (see below for the distinction.)

This collection of stories empowers parents, teachers, and guardians to become storytellers themselves.

Your agency license allows you to place these stories on your website and offer them for sale. You may also alter it to suit your needs.

Your white label license allows you to do all the above, plus you may sell it to other marketers (including the raw PPT and PSD files so they can also make modifications and sell it as their own.
Kid-Vid White Label License
Making changes to Kid-Vid Story is simple with Canva, a user-friendly online editor. Customizing the content is as easy as drag-and-drop. The nice thing is that, because Canva is so easy to use, no technical expertise required – just unleash your creativity.

Your buyers can tailor the narrative to suit a particular child’s interests or even co-create stories together. They can adjust plotlines, dialogue, and character arcs with a few clicks, making each video a unique and personalized adventure.

With a vast library of images and animations at your (or your customer’s) fingertips, Canva makes it effortless to swap out visuals.

Tailor the characters and settings to resonate with your child’s preferences or include familiar faces for a truly personalized touch.

See How Easy To Customizing The Content Is As Easy As Drag-And-Drop: Kid-Vid Story.

If you want to use on your social media accounts, that’s OK and easy to do. You can effortlessly upload your customized stories to YouTube or Instagram, allowing friends, family, and other parents to join in the enchantment.

All stories come with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) that is suitable for all social media platform.

✓ Every Share Is An Opportunity To Connect And Inspire.
✓ Friends And Family Can Comment, Like, And Share Their Thoughts, Creating A Positive And Encouraging Space For Your Child’s Imaginative Creations.
✓ Utilize Popular Hashtags And Trends To Enhance The Visibility Of Your Child’s Stories.
✓ This Not Only Engages A Broader Audience But Also Keeps Your Content In Tune With The Latest Trends In Children’s Storytelling

Kid-Vid Story offers a unique advantage with Private Label Rights (PLR) Licensing, granting you full creative control. This means you have the freedom to modify, edit, and customize the content according to your preferences.

With tjhis PLR Licensing, You Can Seamlessly Integrate Kid-Vid Story Into Your business’s Identity. Just add your logo, brand colors, and unique touches to create a cohesive and personalized experience that aligns with your overall branding strategy.

In essence, the editable content with plr license feature empowers you to not only use kid vid story as a standalone product but also as a versatile tool to enhance your brand, serve diverse audiences, and create innovative offerings in the dynamic market of children’s educational content.

In summary, this is what you are getting:
➤ 20 Kids Video Stories
➤ 20 Ready To Print Storybooks
➤ 50 Kid’s Image Generator
➤ 50 Coloring Books For Kids
➤ Educational And Fantasy Themes
➤ Customizable With Canva (the Free Version works)
➤ Unlimited Use With Commercial or WHITE LABEL License
➤ Keep 100% Profit
➤ Can Be Used For Animated and Static Promotions Purposes.

The price is rising so go here now: Kid-Vid Story.

Keep your email consistently beautiful and readable [Video]

AWeber has published a new video ‘Keep your email consistently beautiful and readable’ featuring useful tips to make your emails attractive.

The AWeber team says, “Message Themes brings all your design options into one convenient spot, making it easier than ever to manage how your email looks. It’s never been simpler to make sure your all your text, buttons, links and other visual elements look consistently great through your entire email.”


Key YouTube Strategies for 2024: Insights From a New Study of Agency Leaders, November 9 [Webinar]

It’s been an exciting year in the streaming video advertising space, and YouTube has been the focus of many conversations.

Adweek is hosting a webinar ‘Key YouTube Strategies for 2024: Insights From a New Study of Agency Leaders’ on Thursday, November 9, 2023, at 1.00 pm EST.

The Adweek team says, “From brand suitability questions to YouTube’s status as a CTV platform and supporting diverse creators, there’s a lot to unpack. How are recent innovations at YouTube changing how ad agencies and brands use the platform to drive results?

Get answers to this question and others from Tamara Alessi, CEO of Mediaplus Group, Jessica Goon, CMO of Tate’s Bake Shop and Matt Duffy, CMO of Pixability, who will share results from a soon-to-be-released study of media agencies. You’ll find out: 

  • How advertisers are addressing brand suitability challenges on YouTube and balancing that with campaign performance goals
  • How brand and agency leaders predict their spending on YouTube and CTV will change in 2024
  • Platform changes that could have a big impact on how brands represent themselves on YouTube in 2024, including shifts in how they can advertise to diverse communities”.

Key YouTube Strategies for 2024: Insights From a New Study of Agency Leaders


Keeping Your Customers Engaged – Creating A Mailing List [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘Keeping Your Customers Engaged – Creating A Mailing List’.

He says, “It’s not enough to just acquire customers; you need to keep them engaged and coming back for more. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal for achieving this is the creation and management of a robust mailing list.”

Keeping Your Customers Engaged – Creating A Mailing List [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘Keeping Your Customers Engaged – Creating A Mailing List’.

He says, “It’s not enough to just acquire customers; you need to keep them engaged and coming back for more. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal for achieving this is the creation and management of a robust mailing list.”

Keys to Driving Webinar & Digital Event Registration, August 24 [Webinar]

There is both an art and a science to driving webinar and digital event registration and attendance. Mastering both can make the difference between a successful event and an empty digital room. 

MarketingProfs is hosting a webinar ‘Keys to Driving Webinar & Digital Event Registration’ on Thursday, August 24, 2023, at 2.00 pm ET.

The MarketingProfs team says, “Join us for “Keys to Driving Webinar & Digital Event Registration” and learn best practices to increase your audience from tens to thousands. 

You will learn:  

  • How to optimize promotional content to drive registrations and conversions 
  • Picking topics and creating catchy subject lines and titles that convert 
  • ABM strategies to personalize invitations at scale 
  • Strategies on how to use language that connects 

It’s time to find your audience and drive the maximum pipeline from every event.

Keys to Driving Webinar & Digital Event Registration