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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Marketing Glossary

Video Campaignor Creates Interactive Video Sales Bots #ad

Video CampaignorVideo Campaignor software creates Video Sales Bots, a new type of interactive video that combines the power of AI Video Actors and Chat Bots to create life-like “Virtual Employees” that work around the clock for businesses selling their products and services for them so the owners don’t have to.

With this new software, you can have “your own personal army of automated virtual workers you can use on your own sites or rent out to businesses for passive income and keep all of the profits to yourself”.
❌ NO Selling or Meeting w/ Clients
❌ NO Tech Skills Needed
✔ 100% Turn-key and beginner-friendly

There will be a training session that introduces Video Campaignor Training:
DATE: TODAY – Monday – September 19th
TIME: 10am ET (9am CT/7am PT)

Click here to reserve your spot (limited free seats available): Video Campaignor

We all know that businesses have had to adapt non-stop over the last few years:
➤ Online shopping has taken over.
➤ Sky-high inflation is still rising.
➤ We’re experiencing the biggest labor shortage since World War II.

This brand new software has the power to solve all those problems for you and your clients.

Today, you have the chance to position yourself on the right side of a booming $214b megatrend that’s only growing faster with the recent changes in our economy…

This could be what you’ve been missing in your business.

Today, you have the chance to position yourself on the right side of a BOOMING $214B megatrend that’s only growing FASTER with the recent changes in our economy…

Plus, during the training, you’ll get a chance to secure special bonuses, get exclusive discounts, and win even more giveaways when you reserve your spot.

Don’t miss this training if you can attend in any way, even on your phone, here: Video Campaignor.

Visual Search Optimization [Video]

MOZ has published the latest Whiteboard Friday video ‘Visual Search Optimization’ featuring Crystal Carter.

The MOZ team says, In this week’s episode, MozCon 2022 speaker Crystal Carter talks you through the different optimizations that you can make for visual search, and the kinds of results that you might see for visual search content.”


Voice is the New Logo [Video]

Content Marketing Institute has published a new #CMWorld Community video ‘Voice is the New Logo’ sharing information on the importance of brand voice.

Content Marketing Institute

VStores: Helps business become ‘Metaverse’-ready #ad

VStores virtual tour softwareWith VStores360, you can create interactive virtual tours and stores for your own use or for sale.

Would you like to sell a service that every business needs? One that they have trouble finding someone to supply? One that you can deliver quickly while earning a good profit?

Interactive Virtual Tours and eCom Stores are becoming a “must have” marketing tool for businesses who want to make their business “Metaverse”-ready.

If you sell business-to-business, you can offer this new service to clients in any niche you serve.

VStores360 allows you to make any business “Metaverse” by providing virtual tours they can use to attract, educate, and engage their clients.

And this software is so well orchestrated that you can build these tours in under 5 minutes, according to the creators.

Businesses know that they need to adapt and be a part of the Metaverse revolution that is taking place right now.

You can help them, regardless of experience or tech skills.

VStores360 builds tours with built-in live calls, live chat, and gamification (using a reward system), and it does it in minutes and without requiring any tech know-how.

Early adopters are already selling interactive virtual tours and e-commerce stores.

IM NewsWatch readers may receive two impressive bonuses along with this new software:


Make your Facebook posts go viral and automatically capture real people’s email and name when they click a link.


WordPress Auto Poster and Scheduler: WordPress auto poster plugin for many social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumblr, VK, Reddit, Pinterest)

(To get your bonuses, email the support desk with your purchase details: [email protected])

Get started now before the price increases: VStores360.

Video SEO and Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Video is an incredible marketing tool. With a strong video SEO strategy, you can increase traffic, boost engagement, improve conversions, and produce more helpful content.

Search Engine Land has shared some useful tips on how video SEO can boost your overall digital marketing strategy.

The SEL team says, “Videos can make your content better, your product easier to understand and your brand more credible and relatable. Further, videos continue to receive exposure on Page 1 of Google’s search results for an increasing number of queries.

Even beyond that, a well-shaped video strategy can boost your overall SEO efforts. Here’s how.

1. Deeper understanding of your customers’ buying journeys

Video keyword research allows for discovery regarding which queries your target audience is using when searching for videos.

Knowing how your target audience is searching for related videos can give you a better understanding of their buying journeys, problems they are struggling to solve and tasks they are trying to complete.”

How video SEO can boost your overall digital marketing strategy

Search Engine Land

VidZura-Complete Edition: Templates for professional videos for you and clients #ad

VidZura, just released, makes it easy to make eye-catching videos like a pro. It is a collection of marketing video templates that you load into PowerPoint to create Hollywood-style Videos. The difference between ordinary videos and cinematic videos is only a few clicks.

It includes 150+ new video templates and added specialized video templates.

The main video module includes templates such as:
• Fresh 2022 Promotions Video Templates
• Fresh 2022 Product Preview Video Templates
• Fresh 2022 Story Telling Character Video Templates

To make your video even more professional, VidZura-Complete Edition includes additional modules at no additional cost that can complement your package:

  • Add-on module 1 “Call To Actions Animated PowerPoint Templates”

  • Add-on module 2 “Lower Third Animated PowerPoint Templates”

  • Add-on module 3 “Social Element KIT Animated PowerPoint Templates”

  • Add-on module 4 “Logo Reveal Animated PowerPoint Templates”

  • Add-on module 5 “Intro Typography Animated PowerPoint Templates”

  • Add-on module 6 “Diagram Visual Vector Animated PowerPoint Templates”

  • Add-on module 7 “Device Mockup Animated PowerPoint Templates”

  • Add-on module 8 “Liquid background Animated PowerPoint Templates”

This additional set of modules lets you create videos that are more attractive and more distinctive than ever before; just add them to your main video.

By the way, you can also easily use this additional module set with all other PowerPoint templates you may have. For example, the PixiVid Pro templates.

The value doesn’t stop in there; today you also get our large collection of bonus templates to complement your package.

=> See the VidZura Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers here: VidZura Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers

VidZura-Complete Edition is the newest collection of templates to move your business forward.

Plus, with a commercial license included, you may use these templates in videos for your clients if you choose, providing a second income stream.

Get in early, here: VidZura-Complete Edition.

VideoAce: AI Video Builder for you and your clients #ad

VideoAce provides a new kind of web traffic.

Historically, there have been 3 primary types of traffic that webmasters use to get traffic to their sites:

1. Purchased Traffic: This includes PPC, solo ads, ezines, other ads, and other “Pay per event” traffic.

While this can get your sites as much traffic as you can afford to buy, it is expensive traffic.

2. Borrowed Traffic: This can come from Joint Venture partners and affiliates, ad swaps, etc.

This can scale up your traffic quickly if you can find these partnerships and pay these partners a share of your proceeds.

3. Organic Traffic: Generated from your own content, using your own subscriber list, article marketing, blogging, etc.

VideoAce aims to provide you more traffic than any of these historic methods (and it’s free traffic) by taping into the 1.8 Billion marketplace with and requiring just a few seconds per day of your time.

And, it’s available for a discount for a limited time.

One thing that makes this new software special is that you are getting a commercial license during launch week, at no extra cost. You can create these powerful videos for your own sites and, in addition, you may sell them to clients if you choose. Check out some of the gog sites to see what you can sell high-quality videos for.

That’s an important bonus. VideoAce not only creates videos in any niche with a few clicks and also transforms your boring video into a commission magnet but also allows you to create a second stream of income selling these videos to clients.

In a nutshell, here’s what it has for you:

✔️ Turns any boring video into a valuable business asset
✔️ Create unlimited videos using AI
✔️ 100s of High-Quality ready to use templates in-built
✔️ Cloud-based platform; nothing to install
✔️ Automatic sound wave generator included
​​✔️ Automatic voice to subtitle generator included
✔️ Automatic “Image-to-Sketch Converter” included
✔️ Automatic photo background removal included
✔️ Automatic social sharing included
✔️ Search for royalty-free stock assets
✔️ AI-based voice-over generator included
✔️ No tech skills or experience required
✔️ 1-click downloads
✔️ Sell unlimited videos to unlimited clients
✔️ Commercial License included

All you need to do is follow 3 simple steps:

Step #1: Select any DFY template from the large selection included

Step #2: AI will automatically add sound, subtitles, etc.

Step #3: With 1 click download either use it for yourself or sell it to clients (you keep all your receipts; pay no commission to the software team)

If you want to create videos in seconds, get your copy here: VideoAce.

Vocalic creates voiceovers and videos, any language #ad

In just 5 minutes, Vocalic can create a voiceover or a video with voiceover for any product in any niche.

This new SaaS software was just released by Dr. Amit Pareek‘s team.

Now you can provide in-demand video creation services as an Agency and earn passive income. The video creation industry is growing daily. Why? Audiences prefer this form of promotion.

Marketing tools and techniques are always evolving as marketers keep trying different combinations to reach their audience and make sales. Video marketing is one such tool. It has become the most effective online sales tool ever.

Whether you are creating a demo video, whiteboard video, explainer video, how-to video, or straight-out ad, you need an effective voiceover to keep people’s attention.

Secondly, people prefer interacting with original, human voices. Synthetic-sounding voices don’t hold attention as well.

But, hiring professional human voice-over artists can be expensive.

We have a solution that may satisfy your voiceover needs for years: Vocalic.

This new AI-powered software runs on cloud technology with no program installations, no coding, no techie stuff is involved.

It’s simple to operate, and it has an built-in video tutorial training that guides you step-by-step.

It works like this:
Step1- Upload your content text file
Step 2- Enter a few details. Select from the voiceover options.
Step 3- You have the engaging voiceover ready for your video.

Now, you can add any number of voiceovers to unlimited videos. And:
❌No paying high fees for professional voiceover artists
❌No losing your target audiences because they don’t understand your offer.

When you use these voiceovers, you should get better conversion rates, more sales, and more revenues.

Watch this Demo to get more ideas and get this new tool for your own online business: Vocalic.

By the way, you are getting an Agency License so you may sell your videos on Fiverr and other gig sites.

Value Proposition Strategy: Everything you need to know in 6 minutes [Video]

A value proposition refers to the value a company promises to deliver to customers should they choose to buy their product.

Flint McGlaughlin has published a new video ‘Value Proposition Strategy: Everything you need to know in 6 minutes’ explaining the value proposition strategy.

Here are some of the most important insights from this class:

  • Separate the means from the end. Focus on the customer’s experience of the value.
  • The task of the marketer is to maximize PERCEIVED value and minimize PERCEIVED cost.
  • The world does not need “expert” marketers; the world needs marketers who are expert at thinking like consumers.
  • Do not make claims; foster conclusions.
  • A value proposition focuses on a specific customer segment.

Video Marketing: The Definitive Guide [Free Guide]

Backlinko has published a new guide ‘Video Marketing: The Definitive Guide’ to help marketers improve video marketing performance.

The Backlinko team says, “This is a complete guide to video marketing in 2022.

In this in-depth guide you’ll learn:

  • How to create awesome video content
  • How to promote your videos
  • How to use videos to increase conversions
  • Lots more

So if you’re ready to go “all in” with video, this guide is for you.”

Video Marketing: The Definitive Guide