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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Marketing Glossary

VideoXQ-AI launches today. Launch Webinar at 10:00 EDT #ad

VideoXQ-AI Video Creation SoftwareVideoXQ-AI is a cloud-based app that utilizes AI to create professional-grade, fully-customizable explainer animation videos. You have the skills to use it since no experience is needed.

These videos are easy to customize with the drag/drop interface, and they come with highly engaging isometric animations, AI high-retention scripts, AI voiceovers, and more.

Through a combination of unique AI technologies and a gigantic colorful animation library, anyone, regardless of experience, can make explainer animation videos. And the product creators say they are just as good as those from expensive video agencies.

Now, the video creation is a business anyone can pursue.

VideoXQ-AI allows you to do video marketing just as well as the big brand, creating videos for every need and social network.

These isometric explainer videos have been shown to get the most conversions, and the AI technology that is integrated is getting exponentially smarter each year.

Plus, with the Commercial License, you can run your own video agency business, one that’s potentially as good as the pros. That’s no surprise since you will be a pro, too.

Here’s what VideoXQ-AI brings to the table:

➤ AI Video Script Writing – let AI create high-retention video scripts for a variety of different videos
➤ 4000k Animation ISO Scene Library – add fully animated professional scenes from a gigantic library in a click in tons of different niches
➤ Drag/Drop Timeline Editor – customize everything w/ timeline technology & layer clips, audio, & images
➤ AI Realistic Voiceovers – add realistic voiceovers that read your AI video scripts
➤ Lots of DFY Video Templates – choose from already DFY animated explainer videos to customize & sell
➤ Tons of Elements for Customization – add text, animated emojis, animated scenes, animated characters, stock video clips, and more in seconds
➤ Fast HD Rendering w/ Cloud Storage – render and save your HD videos in the cloud – no wasted hard drive space anymore
➤ Make Tons of Videos for Every Need – render videos in multiple dimensions & create videos for every need – social media, affiliate marketing, local marketing, direct response, etc.
➤ Record Voiceovers & Upload Files – upload videos & audio, record voiceovers as well to use
➤ Eye-popping Transitions & Animations – add transitions from a big library & animations like background ISO-animations easily
➤ Commercial License – sell unique explainer animation videos for any price you want that are finally as good as top agencies can make

This is a complete solution for creating explainer videos, and it’s available here for a remarkable price: VideoXQ-AI.

The launch begins at 11:00 EDT/NY time.

One hour earlier, there will be a launch webinar. During this training, you will get to see all the things this new tool can do and how easy it is to use: : VideoXQ-AI training Webinar Sign-up.

VideoXQ-AI Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers

To top off this new package, we have arranged 3 bonuses for our readers who invest:

Theme Portal Marketplace with Agency Rights

Theme Portal Marketplace lets you set up your digital store. Sell any product type, including your agency services to anyone fast! If you are looking to sell your WordPress Theme, Plugins, Scripts, or any Other Digital Content, you can use this script and set up your store in minutes.

InboxGun with Agency Rights

InboxGun is a stunning email builder web app designed to create more clickable emails. Create professional emails easily that will inbox higher than average without advanced coding skills.

E-Academy with Agency Rights

Learning is at your fingertips with the E-Academy Mobile. E-Academy is a user-friendly app that creates amazing online classes for small businesses, coachings, agencies, and other educational institutes.

E-Academy brings ease and convenience with the conduction of the online classes and provides you with the options to manage courses, provide online guidance, conduct online tests, and exams and provide results as well.

We will put the download links for these three bonuses on the JV Zoo Thank You page.

Besides our bonuses, there is a collection of bonuses for all buyers of this new software. See them here: General Bonuses for VideoXQ-AI.

Go here at 10 for the training or at 11, when the cart opens: VideoXQ-AI.

Vizeo Bundle Deal ending; commercial deal becomes monthly subscription #ad

Vizeo AI Video Software
Vizeo’s exclusive bundle will be gone in under 24 hours. It will then turn into a service with a monthly fee.

Vizeo creates spokesperson videos in any of 82 languages by converting your written script into realistic voices, spoken by an animated spokesperson whose lips move in sync with the words being spoken.

The voice sounds surprisingly human and can portray emotions based on your direction.

You may use the videos in your own marketing or use them for your clients (by advertising your video services on Upwork, Fiverr, etc.)

This is your last chance to get the best deal at the lowest one-time investment without any monthly fees.

There are two ways to invest:
1. If you see how important video will be in future online marketing and want to be positioned to create the best videos possible (in just moments), then you may want to invest in the Full Bundle Deal here (includes all the optional upgrades): Vizeo Bundle.


2. If you just want to “get your feet wet” in video marketing, you can get just the basic commercial license here: Vizeo. After you get the basic version, you will be offered optional upgrades one by one. You can pick and choose which ones make sense for your business.

If you do get the bundle, use Coupon Code “50OFF” to save $50 on the deal. If you get the basic commercial version, use coupon 2off to get $2 off.

Either way, you can easily create explainer videos with your choice of spokesperson and language. (In fact, you can do more than choose language. You can select from among 300 accents.)

Add to this the ability to have you message spoken with an emotion you choose, and you have a highly customizable system for any marketing message.

With just a few minutes worth of work using Vizeo you create the video of your dreams.

=> Click Here To Get Vizeo + all premium upgrades for a low one time price: Vizeo Bundle.

And the most important fact, whether you get the bundle or the basic version, a commercial license has been included so you can sell to unlimited clients online or offline.

WARNING: Less than 24 hours left before the low one-time discounted cost expires. The investment required will rise sharply as the countdown timer goes to zero.

Remember to use Coupon Code 50OFF for $50 Off The Bundle Deal.

If you want the basic commercial version, get it before it turns into a monthly subscription, here: Vizeo. Use coupon 2off.

Vizeo creates stunning human AI videos in minutes #ad

Vizeo AI Video SoftwareVizeo creates life-like human spokesperson videos in minutes.

Watch This Video To Get The Full Story: Vizeo Demo.

Now, you can create stunning AI human talking videos in 82 languages in just minutes, without cameras or microphones.

This groundbreaking AI technology is loaded with many game-changing features that are not available anywhere else.

Vizeo’s slick AI technology comes with:
➤ 50 ready-to-use templates in the hottest niches
➤ 26 stunning AI avatars to choose from
➤ Drag-n-drop editor included, making it simple to use: no tech skills or experience needed.
➤ Turn any text into professional voiceovers with just 1 click.
➤ Choose from up to 82 different languages and 600 voice accents
➤ Millions of image and video assets at your fingertips
➤ Easily change text, fonts, colors, images, background images, slides and much more.
➤ Full Commercial License lets you sell your AI videos and voiceovers to unlimited clients and keep 100% of the profits.
➤ And much more.

In case you didn’t already know, the AI market is growing rapidly right now and will continue in the future.

$107.5 Billion Dollars in revenue is expected to be generated by 2028. Don’t miss this trend that’s exploding right now.

Get Vizeo at the lowest one-time price ever before it becomes a monthly subscription: Vizeo.

Vizeo: Human-like AI videos in any language [Live Event] #ad

Vizeo SoftwareVizeo creates stunning human talking videos in any language in just minutes.

At 10:00 NY time, there’s a live launch webinar showing it in action.

At the live event there will be:
➤ CASH PRIZES: The host, Mo Miah, be giving away $500 worth of cash prizes to a few lucky attendees.
➤ 10 FREE COPIES GIVEN AWAY: Just for attending you could win a free copy of Vizeo, including all the upgrades!
➤ LIVE DEMO: How to easily create unique stunning AI human-spokesperson-style videos in any language in just minutes
➤ LIVE REVEAL: How you can start using Vizeo to set up an agency business without much effort
➤ LIVE TRAINING: The latest tips and strategies in order to find and land clients without spending a dime

We’re late getting this to you due to illness so you don’t have much time. Lots of people have already registered. Register now and make sure you get there 10 minutes early to secure your seat: Vizeo Launch Training

There are so many possibilities for using it in many marketing situations in your own business, besides offering services to others, that there are hardly any limits to your results.

Its features, versatility, and templates make your options almost endless.

If you read this after the launch webinar is over, then the links will be redirected to the sales page, where there will be a recorded demo video.

Either way, click here now to take advantage of this new SaaS solution: Vizeo.Vizeo: Human-like AI videos in any language[Live Event] #ad

Vizeo creates stunning human talking videos in any language in just minutes.

At 10:00 NY time, there’s a live launch webinar showing it in action.

On the live event there will be:
➤ CASH PRIZES: The host, Mo Miah, be giving away $500 worth of cash prizes to a few lucky attendees.
➤ 10 FREE COPIES GIVEN AWAY: Just for attending you could win a free copy of Vizeo, including all the upgrades!
➤ LIVE DEMO: How to easily create unique stunning AI human-spokesperson-style videos in any language in just minutes
➤ LIVE REVEAL: How you can start using Vizeo to set up an agency business without much effort
➤ LIVE TRAINING: The latest tips and strategies in order to find and land clients without spending a dime

We’re late getting this to you due to illness so you don’t have much time. Lots of people have already registered. Register now and make sure you get there 10 minutes early to secure your seat: Vizeo Launch Training

There are so many possibilities for using it in many marketing situations in your own business, besides offering services to others, that there are hardly any limits to your results.

It’s features, versatility, and templates make your options almost endless.

If you read this after the launch webinar is over, then the links will be redirected to the sales page, where there will be a recorded demo video.

Either way, click here now to take advantage of this new SaaS solution: Vizeo.

VidProposals 2.0: Make professional proposals to clients using video #ad

VidProposals 2.0 has just been launched.

If you really want to convert your leads into paying customers, you should stop using Skype and Messenger chat for sending business proposals to your leads because now there is something better.

VidProposals 2.0 helps you create stunning video business proposals in just minutes.

You can now:

✓ CREATE Professional Video Proposals In Minutes

✓ CREATE professional E-Signed video proposals and close clients fast

✓ HOST all your proposal videos on VidProposals’s 2.0 servers for super-fast delivery

✓ CREATE custom thank you pages to celebrate the new deal

✓ SEND Proposals in bulk

✓ PROVIDE any service in any niche with the help of Experts Marketplace

✓ GENERATE tons of leads with the help of the built-in amazing LeadGen tool

✓ USE the built-in Video Creator to record using your camera, screen, or both

✓ INSERT your Call-To-Action inside your videos with point-n-click simplicity

✓ SAVE Previously Sent Proposals As Templates to use over and over

✓ CREATE Protected Proposals That Cannot Be Deleted Once Signed

✓ GET NOTIFIED when the client views the contract

✓ SELL Video Proposals, not just for your own business, but as a service to other businesses to help them get clients

✓ And a lot more…

And all it takes is just 3 easy steps…

STEP 1: PICK A PROPOSAL TEMPLATE: Need to send the proposal fast? Customize a template from the built-in library. Or Create your own template from scratch.

STEP 2: PERSONALIZE. Add, remove, and change the content to fit your exact needs: insert your company info, add an introductory video, and make it your own.

STEP 3: HIT SEND. Your proposal will show up in your prospect’s inbox in a beautifully designed email, complete with your text and video.

And with the integrated E-Signature feature, your prospect can sign your legally binding contract in minutes.

Watch how easy it is to use: VidProposals 2.0 demo.

Nothing like this is available anywhere else:

➤ Impress Your Clients With Your Video Proposals that look amazing on any device

➤ Add your text, images, videos and your personal touch to any proposal

➤ Easily drop in content, fees, and designs to create persuasive proposals in minutes

➤ Perfect for salespeople, sales teams, and anyone closing deals

➤ Get your prospects hooked by sending an engaging presentation and follow up with a testimonial video

➤ Engage your customers and make them take the action you want by adding a persuasive Call-To-Action right inside your videos

➤ Use our built-in Video Creator to record & create a stunning video that can be then included right inside your proposal

➤ Generate your proposal super-fast using the VidProposal 2.0 built-in content generation and reuse tools

➤ Manage and Save Your Proposals In The Cloud

➤ Access from any computer or mobile phone and get notifications on client activity

➤ 24 Beautiful Designed Templates

➤ Enjoy Faster Turnaround With E-Signatures

➤ Automated E-Signature Tracking offers an added layer of eSignature security – providing proof of who signed the document and when

➤ Drill down to see when your document has been opened, viewed, or completed

➤ Get Notifications Right Away. Know the exact moment to engage and reignite the conversation with your prospect by getting notified of their interactions

➤ Send ONE email with the ONE link to give your client ALL the relevant information AND the legally binding contract to sign right on the proposal page

➤ To keep your business safe… VidProposals 2.0 doesn’t allow Signed Proposals to be deleted

➤ And much more…

The best part?

You can get VidProposals 2.0 for a jaw-dropping low one-time “early bird” price that is the lowest price you can ever get it at.

And we have arranged bonuses for our readers that are included when you purchase this today. We will put the links on the JVZoo download page.

VidProposal Bonuses

Login Manager Pro

Time to Stop looking around for your details to log in and Start Automatically Logging in instantly when you need to – AUTOMATICALLY Login to Affiliate Sites, Membership Sites, List Building Sites – Login Manager Pro Lets You Manage and Organize All your Logins All from One Location! Whether you have only a few or many, Hundreds of Login locations. Login Manager Pro will save you hours of time, and will even lighten the stress load.

Local Upsell

Ever wondered how much effort you need to put in to get your foot through the door with a local business? Or how you can upsell them to another service (and what that service should be?) In this straight-to-the-point training, we answer all these questions and help you chart a successful path for your agency business.


VideoSauce is a groundbreaking app that taps into the red-hot video market and offers a truly innovative product that your customers will not have seen before, and will love.
VideoSauce creates stunning special offer campaigns with full video integration, including animated backgrounds, timers, redirects, retargeting, WYSIWYG editing, and more.

Email List Building Strategy

Description: Email List Building is the key to your success. This training will provide you with the best strategies to build your list and create a long-term income source. Never have to worry about sales conversions and earnings ever again

$110k in 5 Months Automation Formula

Neil Napier did $110k+ in automated sales of his own and partner products from April 2021, through August 2021.

Every time he got a new lead, he would move them to an automation campaign (that runs for anywhere between 30 and 120 days – depending on what they have previously bought from him).

This runs in parallel to the email promotions, and product launches that he normally does.

So far, he has pushed through close to 20k leads through the system, with 1,000 new leads going through this every month.

In this training, he uncovers the exact automation sequence responsible for bringing in $110k over these 5 months.

Pinterest Business Boards

Pinterest Business Boards looks at the following topics for the commercial use of Pinterest:

– What are Pinning and Repinning?
– Following
– Adding comments
– Using Pinterest For Business
– Share Your Business Philosophy through Images
– Make Your Pins Stand Out
– Connect with Your Customers and Potential Customers
– Driving Traffic to Your Site with Pinterest.

Get your VidProposals kit and all our bonuses here: VidProposals 2.0.

VidProposals 2.0: Neil Napier’s free training tomorrow #ad

One of the keys to growing any business, local or online, is getting deals made. Neil Napierhas created VidProposals 2.0, which he calls “the perfect system for getting signed contracts online in a way that’s never been done before.”

People want digital services more than ever because it’s so effective to go online and outsource online marketing tasks. So Neil has put together VidProposals 2.0 to help you step up your deal closing success rate so you can start your marketing consulting or outsourcing right away while avoiding all the confusing and frustrating work that keeps so many marketers out of the lucrative local and online services world.

It lets you create, send, sign, and profit with video proposals like never before. And you can get this dome from one dashboard.

It opens tomorrow at 11 AM ET/NY, and to celebrate the grand opening, Napier has an early-bird opportunity for you.

At 10 AM tomorrow, he will be hosting a free webinar so you can learn all about this expert suite of tools that makes it easy for beginners and agency pros alike to start building a successful consulting or outsourcing business.

Sign up now: VidProposals 2.0 Training

If your internet business hasn’t prospered as you hoped, maybe your problem is that you haven’t been listening to the right mentors. You need an experienced coach to guide you. Someone who has done exactly what you want to do. Napier has gone from basically nothing to a thriving seven-figure online business in just a few years.

He has done so well because he was always looking to catch future trends while they are still in their infancy. It looks like the next trend in the B-to-B space is video proposals.

It may not sound exciting, but you would be excited if you start getting notifications of legally binding e-signed contracts in your email. Each signed contract means money in the bank for you and another step towards true freedom online (and, if you haven’t already) saying goodbye to the 9-5 grind.

On tomorrow’s webinar, he will show you this whole new paradigm of video proposals and how VidProposals 2.0 will help you take advantage of them. Do join him as he gives you a sneak peek into this remarkable new software tomorrow at 10 AM ET/NY.

It is a full-blown video proposal system (with a LeadGen feature too) that can make you the first agency to connect with your prospects like no one else has before.

Register here now, if you want to entered to:[Insert Your Link]

✓ WIN a FREE copy of the software

✓ LOCK-IN exclusive BONUSES worth thousands

✓ GRAB the EARLY BIRD Discount

On the call, Napier will show you:

How to leverage VidProposals’s Next-Gen Technology to create, send, sign & profit from professional and convenient video proposals that you can create in just minutes.

And a lot more…

Don’t miss this call if you want to break free and live the life you were meant to live.

Register here before all the seats are booked: VidProposals 2.0 Training.

There’s not going to be a replay so sign up and be there.

It could be the first step you take to true independence in your life.

Mark April 20th (Tuesday), 10 AM ET/NY on your calendar.

Remember, when you sign up, you also get a chance to win a free copy of VidProposals 2.0. Neil’s giving away a bunch of them.

VoiceGPT AI: AI gives emotion to text-to-speech synthesis #ad


VoiceGPT AI was just released. It is a robust AI-powered voice engine that can create audiobooks, sales voice-overs, and much more.

As with so many other AI-based marketing tools, it uses ChatGPT4 (OpenAI) to power it. It’s a cloud-based (SaaS) platform that generates unique high-quality content and converts it to voices with real humanity. It can even create audiobooks with a few clicks.

Compared with its human-sounding, emotion-packed voicing, other voice engines sound almost robotic. But VoiceGPT AI goes beyond just reading a script you feed it. It combines the power of content creation, voice creation, and audiobooks to get the best results from one easy-to-use dashboard.

VoiceGPT AI is loaded with attractive features like:
★ Professional & Fully Cloud-Based Platform
★ Latest ChaGPT4 Version Powered Platform
★ GPT4 Powered Content Generator Feature
★ GPT4 Powered Real Human and Emotion Based Voice Over Feature
★ GPT4 Powered AudioBooks Creator Feature
★ 100+ Real Voices To Choose From
★ 50+ Languages To Choose From
★ Built-in DFY 1 Million Articles With Full PLR License
★ Create Unlimited VSLs, Sales Copies, Emails, Ads Copy Etc.
★ Invest Once and Profit Forever Without Any Restrictions
★ Built-in “Social Sharing” Feature For Getting Limitless Traffic
★ No Special Skills or Experience Required
★ Sell Unlimited Content, Voice Overs, AudioBooks & Earn Like The Big Boys
★ Step-by-Step Training
★ And much more…

Get Your Lifetime Account + Commercial License at a One-Time Price: VoiceGPT AI.

Use Coupon Code: VOICEADMIN (30% OFF all products in the Funnel)

Today, this requires only a one-time small investment, but after the launch, it will be changed to a monthly-fee based service.

Once you have VoiceGPT AI, you can stop paying announcers to create your voice-overs. If you choose, you’ll be able to start your own content, voice-over, and book marketing agency in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Login To the Members Area
Step 2: Just Enter A Keyword Or Upload Your Old Voice, Text File, etc.
Step 3: GPT4 Technology will generate unique high-quality content and emotion-based realistic human voice-overs. and, if you want, convert them to pro audiobooks

Over 150 Top Agency Owners and Freelancers (and more than 8000 customers) have shifted their work to VoiceGPT AI for Its Unique (Never Seen Before) Features.

But there’s more: If you get it during the special launch period, you’ll get the following bonuses for no extra cost:
➤ CourseMaker: It’s A 3-Click Software That Creates a “Udemy-Like Website” With 1000+ Done-For-You Ready To Sell Courses In 50+ Niches!
➤ TravelMaker + Whitelabel License: First-to-market 1-click app that creates a completely automated travel affiliate website in less than 60 seconds. You can monetize your site by selling your visitors your own products or affiliate offers.
➤ NewsMaker + Whitelabel License: Our best drag-and-drop News Website Builder and Online News website maker software to help you create a NEWS website for free in minutes.
➤ BacklinkMaker OTO1 + Reseller: World’s First Fully Cloud-Based Platform Gets You UNLIMITED REAL HQ BACKLINKS & FREE TRAFFIC That Ranks Instantly On Google Page #1
➤ FlipMaker OTO1 + Reseller: World’s First Amazing 3D/Animated FlipBook & Article Creator Cloud-Based Platform Along With Millions Of Pre-Made eBooks With PLR Licence
➤ ToonMaker OTO1 + Reseller- The World’s First AI-Based Platform To Create Unlimited Animated Videos
➤ GraphicMaker With OTO1 + Reseller- New Technology Creates & Sells Unlimited Jaw Dropping Designs, Video, Logos & Banners
➤ AppMaker With OTO1 + Reseller- The World’s First Mobile App Builder Allows You To Turn Your Existing Website into a Lightning Fast Future Ready Mobile App

But remember after this week, VoiceGPT AI will turn into a recurring subscription.

So act fast and get your account at the lowest price ever. Don’t forget to use coupon code: VOICEADMIN. You can get the engine and all your bonuses here: VoiceGPT AI.

VR Studio: AI-Based Interactive Video Maker, no monthly fees #ad

VR Studio softwareVR Studio 2.0 creates interactive virtual reality videos and images that audience loves in just 3 clicks.

Interactive Videos are the future of video marketing, and they are already becoming popular now.

But, until now, creating eye-catching interactive videos that the audience loves hasn’t been easy.

With VR Studio 2.0, making the best use of interactive videos and images to connect with widely scattered customers with no physical presence becomes a practical, affordable reality.

Here are some of the benefits of VR Studio 2.0:

➤ Create Interactive Virtual Reality Videos To Get Lots Of Customers
➤ Quickly and Easily Present Virtual Reality Interactive Videos, Storytelling In A Simple Way
➤ Open Floodgates Of RED HOT Leads With Premium Giveaways, Rewards, Incentives Etc
➤ Easily Connect With Your Audience Using A Dedicated Image Gallery
➤ Fully Showcase Your Business or Product with your Audience
➤ Easily export your Virtual Reality Videos & Use Anywhere
➤ Create A 3D View And Show Your Tour In An Immersive And Interactive Mode
➤ Show Before and After Version Of A PANORAMA IN The same view by Split The screen
➤ Be Creative With Extensive Customization Of Point Of Interest
➤ Invite People To Join Your Shared Video With Video/Audio Call And Chat
➤ Live Panorama Enhancing
➤ Powerful Hotspot Editor
➤ Hotspot Transitions & Effects
➤ Font icons, custom images, 3D text
➤ Tons of other benefits

There’s no point waiting until the price rises. Get VR Studio at the low early bird price here: VR Studio 2.0.

VidRactor: Personalized videos to improve engagement #ad

VidRactor Interactive Video CreatorVidRactor is, according to its creators, “the First to Market Action-Based & Personalized Video Technology to Improve Engagement And Turn Viewers into Leads, Sales & Profits in Minutes”.

This new software helps you to encourage your customers or audience to interact with you using 35+ action triggers.

Not just that, based on inputs to those triggers, you can serve your audience what they are specifically interested in to keep them engaged and lead them to take the action you want.

Its unique personalization feature helps you to personalize video content with customer names and their location which captures attention and leads to higher conversions.

VidRactor allows you to convert Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, or self-hosted videos into interactive videos to get user responses at a point in the video you choose.

With VidRactor you can do the following things:
✓ Add Text OR image
✓ Add “Call to Action”
✓ Add Optin form to collect leads
✓ Ask questions to collect user answers
✓ Add a countdown timer to generate scarcity
✓ Add a Hotspot in the video so if the user clicks on the hotspot section of video an action you define will happen such as:
  • Fast forward the video to a certain point on the timeline (e.g., where the call to action is,
  • Redirect to third-party website link,
  • Show a pop-up message.
✓ Add a Button on videos

You can see the power of creating videos that can communicate with the viewer and get them to take action.

It goes live at 11:00. But at 10:00, there is a grand opening celebration and training webinar that will give you special advantages.

If it’s before 10:15 or so, click to attend the webinar. If it’s too late for the webinar, click anyway. There will be a recorded demo on the site to explain how it works before you invest: VidRactor.

VidMora AI: ChatGPT-powered eye-grabbing videos #ad

VidMora AI Video MakerThe Akshat & Jaideep Group has released VidMora AI, which they call the world’s first ChatGPT-Powered app that generates high-quality content and converts it to scroll-stopping videos with thousand of done-for-you templates.

It includes a unique AI-Based background removal tool and DFY Templates for your videos.

If you are tired of creating videos manually check out VidMora AI.

It combines the power of:
➤ Content Creation,
➤ Video Creation, and
➤ Video Marketing
to get the best results using its easy-to-use dashboard.

Watch this short demo video of VidMora AI

VidMora AI Demo from DigiSprout on Vimeo.

Special $4 Off Coupon Code – VIDMORA4

VidMora AI is loaded with professional capabilities like:
★ Fully Cloud-Based Platform – Nothing to install
★ ChatGPT-Powered AI Text Content and AI Video Creator
★ 50+ Ready-to-Use Templates
★ Create Scroll-Stopping Videos for Your Social Media
★ Create AI-Generated Content in Just a Single Click
★ Create High-Converting Video Ads
★ Custom 3D Characters to wow your Audience
★ Custom 3D Objects with animation to grow your sales
★ Instagram, FB, Snapchat, Whatsapp Story Creator
★ Personalized Videos
★ eCom Showcase Videos
★ 50 Built-in Premium Music Tracks
★ 3 Million+ Searchable Royalty-Free Stocks
★ Huge Font Library
★ Upload Your Own Images, Videos
★ AI-Powered Background Remover
★ Full HD Videos
★ Step-By-Step Training
★ And much more…

Get Your Lifetime Account + Commercial License at a One-Time Price: VidMora AI.

Save some money: Special $4 Off Coupon Code VIDMORA4

This week only, there is only a one-time investment needed to acquire access. However, it will be a monthly-fee product beginning next week.

You are also getting a Commercial License so you’ll be able to start your own content, video & video marketing agency in 3 simple steps:
Step 1: Login and Write Any Keyword Or Use DFY Templates
Step 2: ChatGPT Technology Will Generate Unlimited Content and Videos in a Flat 30 Seconds
Step 3: Preview or Download in 1-Click.

You may create unlimited videos. Use them for yourself or sell them to your clients.

Other marketers are already using their commercial licenses. The Akshat & Jaideep Group says that Agency Owners, Content Writers, and more than 20,000 customers have shifted to VidMora AI.

So far, it has generated over 1 million text documents and videos. It can do this for any niche.

VidMora AI Bonuses

We have arranged the following 10 bonuses for our readers who invest in this new tool. You will find the link on the WarriorPlus download page.

  • Traffic Beast
  • Your First Sales Funnel
  • Passive Income Strategies
  • Internet Marketing For Complete Beginners Video Course
  • Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies
  • ClickBank Marketing Secrets
  • Affiliate Marketing Kit
  • Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Unleashed
  • WP BotBlocker Plugin
  • Pinterest Profits

You only have 3 days to get this new AI tool. Don’t delay; get it here: VidMora AI.