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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Marketing Glossary

ViidCloud: Host videos for yourself or clients #ad

If you create marketing videos or customer support videos with VideoMakerFX, Explaindio, VideoPal, VideoAppSuite, VideoBuilder, Camtasia, or any other video tool, you need a convenient way to show them to clients and other visitors.

This is a service that is in high demand. ViidCloud makes it easy to set up and market your own video hosting service, as well as setting up private hosting services for your clients.

Think of all the businesses that need video hosting:
⊕ Information Sellers,
⊕ E-Com Sellers,
⊕ Business Coaches,
⊕ Affiliate Marketers,
⊕ Lead Generation Agencies,
⊕ Digital & SAAS Product Sellers,
⊕ Local Business Owners,
⊕ Freelancers,
⊕ Agency Owners,
⊕ and many more.

Now you can have a solution to their problems by hosting their videos for them.

To use ViidCloud, you just need three simple steps:
1. UPLOAD: Upload your clients’ videos on your dashboard. Automatic optimization makes it a quick process.
2. CUSTOMIZE: Customize the video player and add built-in marketing tools within the videos. Add clickable affiliate links, forms & buy buttons inside their video.
3. HOST: Publish their HD videos within seconds. You can also embed channels and playlists onto any landing page or website.

Watch how videos can influence profits in this demo: ViidCloud.

This new software solves multiple issues your clients (and, perhaps, you) are wrestling with:
➤ Now you can keep your client’s traffic in-house with 100% control of their videos and having no outside commercials or recommendations interrupt their video.
➤ Lightning Fast Videos for the best user experience in addition to quality overlay animations to get the best number of clicks and best engagement for your clients.
➤ This new tool turns their video into an instant GIF, resolving the auto-play issue, which will provide more views.
➤ With optional upgrades, you can capture leads, insert Calls to Action in videos, integrate a favorite autoresponder, and other marketing bumps to generate more leads and sales.
➤ It has built-in professional Business Landing Pages for Restaurants, Contractors, etc. You can sell them to clients for a bigger project (with a bigger fee.)

Online video is growing daily. With ViidCloud, you can help it grow. People are finding so many uses for videos (all needing hosting):
■ Sales Videos & VSLs,
■ Client Prospecting Videos,
■ Product Demo Videos,
■ Training Videos,
■ Affiliate Review Videos,
■ Customer Support Videos,
■ Members Videos, and more.

Right now, during the launch, you are getting the commercial license at no extra cost.

Plus you get powerful bonuses to get you up and running quickly.

And, during launch, there is a heavily discounted one-time price. Get it here: ViidCloud.

Voice Search: A No-Nonsense Guide [Guide]

According to a Google report, states that 41% of adults and 55% of teens use voice search daily. With the rising adoption of voice search, it’s high time we adapt to the new voice SEO practices now.

Ahrefs has published a new guide called ‘Voice Search: A No-Nonsense Guide’.

Joshua Hardwick says, “More people than ever are searching by voice. So it’s no surprise that the question on everyone’s lips is: ‘Hey Google, how do I optimize for voice search?’

It’s a fair question, but is it even possible?

In this post, you’ll learn:

What is voice search?

Voice search is where someone uses their voice to interact with a search engine rather than searching by text”.

Voice Search: A No-Nonsense Guide


Video Personalization at Scale [Video]

Target Marketing’s latest Tech Talk video is titled ‘Video Personalization at Scale’ featuring Vidyard’s Tyler Lessard.

The TM team says, “This week on Tech Talk, Target Marketing spoke with Tyler Lessard, VP of marketing for Vidyard, a B2B online video hosting platform. Vidyard’s Go Video feature allows marketers and salespeople to create personalized videos at scale and distribute them easily over email. This brings an intimate feel to marketing and sales emails, and is achieved as easily as uploading your email list to the program.

If you want to see more about the tool, head over to the extended cut of this video, which includes a demo and more information about personalization options and features. Click here to see the full Vidyard demo video”.

Video Personalization at Scale


Target Marketing

VisuaLab: Powerful whiteboard videos from PowerPoint templates #ad

VisuaLab is a powerful, all-in-one tool for creating stunning graphics and videos for all your marketing campaigns.

You won’t need to buy any fancy software. Included in VisuaLab are all the professional templates for dozens of projects, and they can be effortlessly edited using Powerpoint.

☝ No tech skills
☝ No learning curve
☝ Everything you need is included, even music.

Actually, 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos, according to research by

We have said it before: for the best results online, you need to use video. The sad fact is that professional videos can be expensive. However, as you may have noticed in our posts, several software companies are producing software that will enable you to make your own videos.

The latest one to be announced is VisuaLab. Here’s your chance to create professional and SEO-friendly videos for your product or affiliate promotion.

Whiteboard videos are persuasive tools to present a sales message, and VisuaLab excels at creating them.

You’re able to create pro-quality videos in just minutes from a large collection of templates. Choose a template; add your text; create your video.

Remember, better videos translate to more leads and consequently more sales for your product or service.

Here are the video templates you are getting;
► Ten Company Profile / Branding Video Templates
► Ten Instagram Promo Video Templates
► Eight Social Stories Video Templates
► Eight Video Intro Templates

But it gets even better. Videos are an important part of what VisuaLab can do for you, but it also includes templates for other marketing tools as well:
■ Facebook Cover Promotion Designs
■ Social Story Promotion Designs
■ Name Card Designs
■ Forty Instagram Banner Graphic Templates
■ Twenty Premium Flyer / Poster Graphic Templates
■ Ten Roll-Up Banner Graphic Templates

And this powerful tool is available for a low, one-time investment. Click here to get your copy: VisuaLab.

Videoz Agency: 100+ Customizable Videos for Marketing Agencies #ad

Videoz Agency softwareVideoz Agency was created specifically for Agencies, by Mario Brown and his team. It goes live at 11am EDT

But if you are in time, you can join the preview webinar Mario is doing at 10:30 EDT. He will do a full demo and walkthrough of the app, with some other helpful information.

Videoz Agency PreLaunch Webinar Registration

As marketers always do, he will have some optional upgrades you might be interested in. On the webinar, he will reveal the full funnel, all upgrades and be available for questions.

This way you can see exactly what the app does and how it works.

Just to give you a preview of what you will discover:
► It’s the first Video App to exclusively focus on Agencies.
► It includes over 100 video templates targeting local niches such as:
  ■ car repair
  ■ house cleaning
  ■ accountants
  ■ chiropractors
  ■ laser hair removal
  ■ beauty salons
  ■ pest control.

Over 100 niches in total. You name the local niche, it’s probably included. If not, there’s an upgrade with 50 more.

Even better, most of the videos come with a professional voice over already included.

Each template video can easily be customized for clients.

For the niches you get multiple types of video:
✅ Real person videos
✅ Explainer videos
✅ Whiteboard videos
✅ Animated videos and more.

Sign up for the pre-launch webinar here to see it all in action: Videoz Agency PreLaunch Webinar Registration .

PS: If you miss the webinar, this link will take you to the sales page.

PPS: At 5 PM EDT, he is raising the price. But here’s a coupon code that will take care of that: vid2

One last time, go here now: Videoz Agency.

Vertical Leap on How SEO Helped Businesses Survive COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic caused serious damage to many businesses worldwide. Several businesses have been hit severely due to this unprecedented challenge.

Vertical Leap’s Gemma Scarth has published an article on how SEO helped businesses survive COVID-19.

says, “When the coronavirus outbreak forced countries around the world into lockdown, brands responded by reducing their ad spend in a bid to cut back on marketing expenses. According to the World Economic Forum, ad spend was down 9% on average across Europe by June while the UK and Germany pulled spending back by a larger 12% each.

Advertising spend is falling across most channels

Back in April, Marketing Week and Econsultancy conducted a survey of 447 brands in the UK and found that only 7% of businesses “seized the opportunity” to invest more in marketing during the outbreak.

The survey revealed that 29% of businesses planned to “stay the course” by maintaining their marketing budgets while 50% said they were making cuts in order to “fight another day”.

In times of crisis, brands tend to respond in one of two ways: they either go into crisis mode themselves and maintain/cut costs or they try to “seize the opportunity” left behind by other brands. Clearly, the majority of brands chose to take the former approach in response to the coronavirus outbreak”.

How SEO helped businesses survive COVID-19

Vertical Leap

Vertical Leap Shares 13 Steps to Building an International SEO Presence

An effective SEO strategy enables you to grow your online business by receiving more web traffic. By creating an international SEO plan, you can enhance your presence in multiple countries.

Vertical Leap contributor Dave Colgate has shared 13 useful steps to building an international SEO presence.

Colgate says, “International SEO is far more complex than building search visibility in one country. Each new market opens up opportunities but you have to work much harder to secure them. You can’t just copy and paste your existing strategy and expect to get the same results in foreign markets.

In this article, we look at the key strategic and technical steps you should take to help you build a lasting SEO presence in multiple countries.

1. Start again with market research

Hopefully, this one goes without saying, but every country represents a new market filled with unique audiences and opportunities. Even within the English speaking world, consumer habits in the UK, US and Australia, for example, vary greatly and this has to be reflected in your international SEO strategy.

For example, while clothes shoppers in the UK are searching for winter coats, people in Australia are looking for summer wear and international fashion retailers have to run very different campaigns in each location.

We’re talking about different purchase intents, keywords and product pages here”.

13 steps to building an international SEO presence

Vertical Leap

Visual Design for Non-Designers [Podcast]

Social Media Examiner has published a new podcast ‘Visual Design for Non-Designers’ featuring Michael Stelzner to help marketers learn how to venture into visual designing.

The SME team says, “Want to create better visuals for your marketing? Looking for tools and tips to help you easily create visual content?

To explore visual design for non-designers, I interview Donna Moritz on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

Donna is a visual content strategist and founder of Socially Sorted. Her course is Visual Content Made Easy.

Donna shares a number of tools and apps you can use to design visually compelling content. You’ll also find tips on how to get more visibility for your visuals”.

Visual Design for Non-Designers

Social Media Examiner

Veedyou’s 85+ Video Marketing Statistics for 2020

Video is the an essential part of your marketing strategy. By analyzing and understanding video marketing statistics you can improve your your marketing strategy.

Veedyou Media SRL has shared 85+ video marketing statistics you should need to keep in mind for 2020.

The Veedyou team says, “Compared to other marketing channels, video content is more popular, engaging, and memorable, which is why it’s the right tool to promote brand awareness.

Here are the numbers to back that up.

  • People will spend 88% more time on a website with video content.
  • 72% of consumers prefer video to text content while researching a product or service.
  • 53% of people engage with a brand after watching one of their videos on social media.
  • 68% of consumers prefer to engage with brands that use video.
  • 96% of people view explainer video to understand a product or service.

Bottom Line: The first and perhaps the most important influencer that drives the sales process is none other than Brand Awareness.

It isn’t enough that the customers know your name. Customers also want to know the values you stand for”.

85+ Video Marketing Statistics to Keep in Mind for 2020

Veedyou Media SRL

Voice Tweets & This Week’s Digital Marketing News [Podcast]

Search Engine Journal’s Christine Zirnheld has published a new podcast titled ‘Voice Tweets & This Week’s Digital Marketing News’.

Zirnheld says, “This week on Marketing O’Clock, we cover Twitter’s voice tweet feature, Google Ads’ new targeting restrictions, Spotify’s self-serve video ads, and more.

Jess Budde, Greg Finn, and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld are here with a fresh new episode of Marketing O’Clock.

We talk about all the digital marketing news of the week and try to come up with a catchier name for Twitter’s new audio Tweets.

Talk to Tweet with new Twitter feature

Twitter is testing a new feature that allows users to record a voice message to Tweet.

The feature is currently live for a select group of iOS users and will be rolling out to all iOS users soon”.

Voice Tweets & This Week’s Digital Marketing News

Search Engine Journal