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Monday, July 26, 2021

Marketing Glossary

VidProposals: video proposal & contract management tool #ad

How do you persuade a potential client to do business with you? VidProposals may be your answer.

Video has proven persuasive power. Put that power to use when you are sellng services to your clients. Neil Napier has built VidProposals that can help you not only create persuasive videos to use in your sales presentation. It also automates the process of getting the contract in place when the client is ready to buy.

VidProposals lets you create, send, sign and profit with video proposals like never before, and you can do it all from one dashboard.

Now you can create Professional, Persuasive, Custom Video Proposals in minutes, along with a legally binding contract. It is all ready for them to E-Sign so you can close clients fast on any device.

And they host your proposals for you. All your Proposal Videos can be kept on VidProposals‘s servers for fast, secure delivery.

You can also create Custom Thank You Pages to celebrate the new contract.

VidProposals is 100% beginner -friendly. It’s also fully Clou-based.

24 Ready-To-Go Professionally Designed Proposals are included.
Use the Built-In Video Creator to record a fresh and stunning video that can be included right inside your proposal.
You can include a persuasive Call-to-action right inside your videos

Automated E-Signature Tracking offers an Added Layer Of Security, providing Proof of Signature and when it was Opened, Viewed, Or Completed.

VidProposals doesn’t allow signed proposals to be deleted, keeping them secure and legal

IM NewsWatch has arranged two bonuses that will fit right in with your video proposals:

Video Script Template

Create compelling marketing videos with ease! Earning sales and generating leads can now be done really fast with our Do-it-for-You Video Script. Your videos engage your viewers and compel them to take action.

3 Sales Video Presentation Templates

3 Done-For-You presentation templates that you can use for your business or for your clients. Each template comes with complete resell and white-label rights.

For the best deal, go now to get your copy, here: VidProposals.

VSLCreator: professional video sales letters at your fingertips #ad

If you want to use video in your marketing, you would be wise to make sure your videos are unique, not dozens of other copies scattered around the internet. New software just released by Brett Ingram called VSLCreator lets you quickly make 100% unique sales videos.

The full license lets you sell the videos you make to clients. They also have a “lite” license for people who only want to make videos for their own use.

You may want this new tool only for your own video marketing, but don’t ignore the business possibilities of selling videos. It’s a big market; just check Fiverr or Upwork to see what price you can sell a Video Sales Letter for.

Either way, with VSLCreator, you can make a high-quality video sales letter quickly amd easily.

VSL Creator, VSLCreatorYou will be making slide-based videos with voice-overs. The process is highly automated, using:
➤ The one-click automated slide creator that saves hours over manual formatting
➤ The text-to-speech converter for professional voiceovers without the 4 figure price tag
➤ The complete video and audio production suite, with no other tools needed.

VSLCreator the world’s newest and probably the fastest, (and, according to Ingram, most revolutionary) software. It creates game-changing sales videos in minutes.

It combines cutting-edge innovation with point-and-click simplicity.

You can get up and running right away without any technical skills or editing background.

You’re good to go in 3 easy steps!

Step 1 – Select
Choose from a range of stunning templates and themes for lightning-fast script and video creation or use the revolutionary ‘technophobe-proof’ canvas editor for unique sales videos with drag and drop ease.

Step 2 – Customize
Effortlessly customize your content, transitions, kinetic animations, calls-to-action buttons, background music, and more.

Step 3 – Publish
No more waiting hours or days for your videos to render. Now you can publish your videos instantly in stunning HD quality and share in formats optimized for web, social, and mobile, FAST.

The grand-opening-sale is ending Friday. Time is running out. Get started right now: VSLCreator.

Viddle: Powerful Videos for your business and for clients #ad

The new Viddle software continues to attract new buyers. The basic version and the enhanced versions have sold over 500 copies.

Some buyers are individual marketers looking for a simple way to build professional videos for their own marketing. Others are consultants and sellers who use the agency version to make videos for their clients.

There is a big need for videos promoting small and medium businesses around the world. The opportunity to build a video creation business is wide open. We have all heard of Fiverr, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. For example, here are several other big sites where you can sell your video creation services (in no particular order):

It is no exaggeration to say that, if you choose, you can have a full-time job creating videos for companies (and solo entrepreneurs). Check out what people are charging for this service: $50, $150, and up to over $1000.

The agency version of this new SaaS software offers you:
► 1-Click to share your video on nine different platforms
► High speed hosting for up to 200 videos
► 300 GB Storage Space
► 500 GB Bandwidth
► 30 Video Playlists
► 30 Video Channels
► Ultra-Fast Virtual Reality 360° Video Player
► Import Videos From Youtube and Vimeo (No API Needed)
► Create Screen-cast Videos(with Screen, Audio & Camera recording simultaneously)

Users are pleased with how Viddle works for them:

I am very impressed of my initial review of Viddle. This product is very well designed, very efficient and I am convinced that my customers will be very anxious to have access to this golden tool.
Jules N Pedneault

I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Viddle. This kind of video hosting has completely surpassed my expectations. I don’t know what else to say!
Nita Assange

We have three valuable bonuses for our readers when you invest in this new tool.

Viddle Bonus 2

Get your copy here. Get the Agency version (we did); it offers a lot more for the money: Viddle.

Viddle: Create and publish videos without the pain #ad

Viddle video creation software Viddle is a full-blown video hosting & marketing suite.

It will let you host, play and market your HD training, promotion, and sales videos for yourself and for your clients.

These videos can be placed on any landing page, blog, Shopify, or membership site for the highest lead conversions, sales, and profit.

It has been created by the team led by top marketer Neil Napier.

Viddle is a breakthrough multi-purpose video marketing tool to:
► Create Professional Videos
► Import Videos Without needing an API
► Host and Play Videos on the Ultra Fast Server
​​​​​​​► Market Your Videos, Engage Viewers, Get Targeted Traffic & Sales
► Includes Agency rights that let you sell your videos to clients

With the new technology in Viddle, you can:

✓ Easily record videos (demo videos, product videos, webinar videos, etc.) for yourself or for clients
✓ Create, Organize, Manage & Publish Videos on the go
✓ Give clients their own access under your account, giving them control of their videos (while you keep overall control)
✓ Drive unlimited viral traffic to your videos, engage viewers, and increase sales
✓ Enjoy Ultra-Fast Rendering of your videos due to the fast servers
✓ And a lot more.

With Viddle, all it takes to do that is just three simple steps:
STEP 1: Create/Upload Any Video: Create your Professional Videos with Just a Few Clicks or Import Videos From YouTube Without an API
STEP 2: Customize your video to match your brand (or your client’s brand)
STEP 3: Publish the video to start generating leads and sales.

With Viddle, you can turn every video into a profit center without
• Selling,
• Creating any Websites,
• Building a mailing list

Now, you can enjoy hassle-free video creation with:
★ Screencast Recording,
★ Webcam Recording, and
★ Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Mode Recording

This is the kind of all-around video powerhouse you need for modern video marketing. Get your copy here: Viddle.

Viper Cache: Best WordPress cache; Price rising soon #ad

You probably know that if you run a WordPress site, you should be using a cache (which is created by a WP plugin) to speed up your site.

That’s because slow loading pages kill conversions, increases your bounce rates, and cost you more in ad spend.

This is especially true on pages built in WordPress since every WP page is built on request so the more traffic your site gets the slower your pages load.

If 10 visitors want to look at the same page, the page is built 10 times.

That’s why you need a cache. The page is built once, while no visitor is waiting, and placed in the cache, and then this pre-built copy is shown to all ten people.

It makes sense to use the fastest cache you can find. That’s why we present Viper Cache, which does a better job than the most popular cashe plugin for sale.

Caching your web pages is by far the most effective way to get a good speed boost. If you’re not caching, you are 100% leaving money on the table because slower sites get lower rankings in search engines, less traffic, and fewer sales.

Unfortunately, most cache plugins are “finicky”; you have to set them up just right for them to do you much good. If you use the wrong settings values, it’s even possible that the cache actually slows down your site, rather than speeding it up.

In fact, even the best WordPress cache products can be problematic:

1. Current cache plugins are complicated to use and sometimes break your site

2. Most free cache plugins are frequently exploited by hackers.

3. All cache plugins clear the cache on all your pages even if you change 1 word on 1 page, which means vital server resources are used to rebuild your site cache. This is certainly a problems for IM NewsWatch since we have 118,602 posts. Just think how long it would take to rebuild the cache for that many pages.

It would make more sense just to delete the cache for the one page you changed and reload the cache of that page. Viper Cache works that way. The others don’t.

4. Cache preloading features cause even more site lag, especially on large sites.

So which is the best cache plugin on the market today, one that would avoid these problems? Don’t go by opinion. Depend on the testing for an answer: Side by side WordPress Cache Plugin Test.

Yes, Viper Cache beat the best product on the market by 77%.

It helps your site in multiple ways:

✓ It is based on one of the most reliable cache engines on the planet, so it won’t fail you.
✓ It plays well with your themes and plugins so there are fewer conflicts.
✓ It’s very simple to use with many fewer settings than any other cache plugin.
✓ It’s built on a secure framework which greatly reduces the potential for hacking.
✓ It has smart cache clearing and rebuilding technology so it doesn’t hog your site’s server resources or slow your site down like other products
✓ It’s built using the fastest cache features that don’t compromise site stability
✓ It also lowers your bandwidth by shielding your site from hot-linking, bad bots, and known site scrapers. (It’s the only cache that does this.)

This week, it is on sale for a special price: you can save 69% over full price.

So be sure to check out Viper Cache while it is on sale. The best deal is the full agency license, which lets you install it on as many sites as you like, your own or your clients’ sites.

Only available for a few days, so go here now: Viper Cache.

Voice Studio FX: Never pay again for voiceovers #ad

Voice Studio FX

What’s something that almost every video, commercial, and sales video, needs?

Answer: Narration. They need human voices to read scripts, explain concepts, and keep viewers engaged. The problem is cost.

Voiceovers are expensive. Go on the freelance sites, and you’ll find that you can end up paying a lot for your voiceover.

One highly rated voiceover provider charges $200 for 100 words, and $25 for each additional 1 to 100 words. An average 5 to 6 minute video has around 1,000 words, that would cost $425!

So we need a better solution, one that is affordable for all of us, and doesn’t requires us to become a voice actor, ourselves.

Voice Studio FX is that solution. It can turn any text into a realistic human-sounding voice in just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Log in and pick your voice (there are 12 to choose from)

Step 2: Type or paste your text into the box

Step 3: Click the Synthesize button and your voiceover is ready to download in seconds

It’s that easy!

Many earlier apps spit out awkward robotic speech that will turn off your viewers and visitors. You won’t believe your ears when you hear what Voice Studio FX can do. Each voice sounds so real, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

And here’s the best part:

While other apps make you pay each month, or even buy credits each time you want to do a voiceover, you pay once with Voice Studio FX. You get up to 30,000 credits in your account, and then they put the same amount in your account next month. And the month after. And the month after.

During the launch, you can have a lifetime of voiceovers for a single payment.

It is any good? Listen to it narrate this ad. (We created this audio without reading the instructions.) Then YOU decide.

Get your copy for the lowest price, here: Voice Studio FX

VideoCreator: No Ordinary Video App (Earlybird Discount) #ad

Paul Ponna has released his latest video tool, VideoCreator.

VideoCreator; Video CreatorThis new SaaS application comes loaded with first-to-market (i.e., never seen before except in Hollywood and Fortune 500 corporations) video technologies:
* Local Business Videos featuring Real Human Actors
* Pattern-Interrupt Scroll Stoppers
* 3D Video Flipbooks
* Big-Budget Corporate-style Commercials
* Profit Boosting 3D E-commerce and Product Demos
* Immersive 360 Degree Animations

Imagine creating big-budget animated videos like the Fortune 500 companies and doing it without any expensive freelancers, complicated apps or high-end video equipment.

Better yet, imagine selling videos you create for a hefty fee.

All that is possible, starting now, with VideoCreator.

For simplicity, there’s no longer any need for multiple apps. This new software has been designed so that you can create any style of video from one simple dashboard:

✓ Explainer videos,
✓ Animated videos,
✓ E-commerce videos,
✓ Logo reveals,
✓ Videos for social media,
✓ Whiteboard videos,
✓ Live action videos,
✓ Real estate videos,
✓ Video ads,
✓ Animated videos and,
✓ A whole lot more.

Check out this software at work:

VideoCreator is unlike anything you have seen before because it can create world-class videos in all sizes, languages and topics.

Whatever you are marketing, it can give you the video you need.

On top of that, you can sell your video services on freelance sites because you receive a commercial license.

With VideoCreator, you can turn your ideas into hyper realistic next-gen animated videos in minutes.

Ponna promises that anything you can imagine you can create in minutes from the dashboard. Forget any other video software you have.

Here are the 3 easy steps:

1. Select from an ever-growing library of hundreds of professional video templates from all of the trending topics and categories.
2. Customize with your selection of images, videos, and text.
3. Render spectacular animated videos in minutes with zero technical experience.

This is a perfect choice for e-commerce sites, authors, realtors, local businesses, freelancers, affiliate marketers, Bloggers, Teachers, or anyone else looking to create videos faster and easier than ever.

Don’t delay; the price is rising.

We have collected a set of impressive bonuses for our readers who invest in this new video creation tool: : Video Creator Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers.

These bonuses are worth more than the small investment required to get started (during launch week, especially.)

Don’t delay. There is an early bird discount, but the cost is rising soon. Get your copy here: VideoCreator.

VidScripto creates video transcripts, translates them to any language #ad


Why VidScripto was created

As you may know, YouTube, by default, allows you to use one of its videos on your website. The video creator can prohibit this, but most videos are available for you.

There are many apps and plugins that assist in setting this up on your site. But they all have a major limitation, the video is in the original language only.

But that overlooks a far larger audience than you can address with only your original language. For example, the United States alone has the second largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, after Mexico. And with nearly 900 million Chinese, 400 million Spanish, 240 million Arabic, 170 million Portuguese, and 150 million French, and so many other language speakers online, you are missing a big chunk of traffic to your videos & sites.

Wouldn’t it he helpful if you could use a video originally in English and, translate it into the [different] language (or languages, plural) spoken by your target audience?

And, while we are at it, it would be helpful if the translation could be:
• In the spoken narration
• In translated subtitles,
• Printed as a transcript

And, for good measure, how about modifying the size and shape to match the varying requirements of the social media where you want to post it?

VidScripto softwareThat’s why VidScripto Pro was born.

It is a First of its Kind AI-powered app that automatically transcribes, captions, and adds a voice-over to any video, so that you get more followers, likes, comments, shares, leads, and paying clients.

It creates transcripts in 32 languages, does voice-overs in 30 languages, and creates subtitles in a whopping 74 languages (see which ones, here: VidScripto Languages

And, it’s flexible:
• It can create and post existing viral videos in different languages on Social Media to engage viewers to take action.
• It can create transcribed, translated and foreign language speech for any video on any website in any niche.

How to use VidScripto to build your business

✓ Use the translated videos on your website or social media
✓ Turn the translated text (you get a transcript) into a document or video to use as a lead magnet.
✓ Use the transcript to record the message in your own voice
✓ Easily convert videos into blog posts, podcasts, audio books, or e-books.
✓ Set up a business in transcription and translation

VidScripto Bonuses for IM NewsWatch readers

We have arranged for a useful collection of bonuses, shown here: VidScripto Bonuses.

VidScripto Launch Schedule

The launch introductory pricing structure ends on April 12 at midnight. Until then, the price will be gradually rising. It has already risen in price 3 times.

So, there’s no time to waste. For the best price, go here now: VidScripto Pro.

Video Agency Funnels taps into the $398 billion e-learning industry #ad

With the pandemic changing education for both children and adults, and with many adults losing jobs and needing to be re-trained for new jobs, the e-Learning industry is seeing unprecedented growth.

A lot of people are looking at upgrading their skills and/or learning new things while they are stuck at home.

As a result, there are many educators creating video lessons for their students. Some of these are online videos; others are downloadable lessons.

Educators and content experts who want to sell their training online need a website to sell from. On this site, they need videos (training videos, sales videos, or both).

These trainers also need funnels, so that when a student buys (or completes) one course, they can be offered the next course in the curriculum.

They need software that will help them set up their curriculum and offer it to their students in a productive and psychologically appealing way.

You can provide them the solution they need with Video Agency Funnels, just released by the Mario Brown team..

Here’s a glimpse of this new software can do for you as you serve your clients:

• It lets you offer an entire range of services that every business or teacher/ trainer needs.
• It lets you create and sell powerful Sales Funnels, Landing Pages & Video Marketing Campaigns in just a few clicks.
• You can use & customize one of its Done-For-You templates to target the hottest niches for online content.
• It includes ready-to-sell templates including a complete set of websites, landing pages & videos.
• It has a built-in Checkout & Payment Collection System for hassle-free check-out.
• You are getting a Done-For-You Agency Website where you can offer your services.
• It is hosted in the cloud so there is nothing to download or install.
• A Commercial License is included that lets you support as many clients as you want.
• And a lot more.

And that’s just the beginning. Check out a full demo here: Video Agency Funnels.

This new online tool is powerful enough for experienced marketers and, at the same time, simple enough for complete beginners.

It Works In 3 Simple Steps:
Step 1: Pick The Website, Funnel or Video Template You Need
Step 2: Customize It Easily & Quickly For Your Client
Step 3: Publish It and Collect The Payment

In just minutes from now you can have your own professional website to start selling high-ticket development services to would-be online marketers.

From your site you can offer:
• Stunning Business Websites, based on templates you can customize for a unique solution for each client
• Professional videos, based on templates you can customize
• A unique Client Revenue & Profit Forecasting System to allow your clients to predict their costs and their revenue.

And when you get access right now, you also get:
✓ Exclusive Bonuses t build your online success
✓ Commercial Licenses for all the videos, sites and funnels you create, allowing you to offer them at whatever fee you choose.
✓ A heavily discounted one-time price.

We have arranged a collection of bonuses for IM NewsWatch readers that will help you build your business with this new tool. Check them out here: Video Agency FunnelsBonuses

But you need to hurry. Brown is only holding this launch offer open through Friday, and each day the price rises a little, so don’t delay. Grab your copy before this special deal expires: Video Agency Funnels.

Video Agency Funnels: Build marketing funnels almost effortlessly #ad

Do you know how to build a funnel? I mean, practically. Step by step set up sales pages and properly link them together so the visitor is taken systematically through your buying process, starting with the introductory product all the way through the final upgrade.

With Video Agency Funnels, the new funnel builder just released by Mario Brown, it’s a snap:

1. Login: Login to the web-based app and choose what kind of funnel you’d like to create (product launch, evergreen, opt-in page, webinar funnel, etc.)

2. Choose: Choose from the many DFY Agency funnels and create your funnel in minutes, or (if you wish) create your funnel from scratch and use any of the included 100+ local niche templates to create your own funnel.

3. Edit and Publish: Edit the pages with its friendly drag and drop editor. Then hit Publish. That’s it. You’re done.

Use this new tool to build funnels for your own products. Or, if you are a marketing consultant or operate a marketing agency, build funnels for all your clients.

Most local business have no idea what a marketing funnel is; much less, how to build one. This is a service they need. With Video Agency Funnels, you are in a position to offer this service and help them build their business.

With the included niche-specific templates, you can offer your services with confidence that you can deliver on time.

These are not “bare-bones” funnels; you can add videos to them. They are designed to make that a natural component.

Here’s another benefit of Video Agency Funnels: A/B Testing. Show two versions of the same web page to different segments of website visitors at the same time. See which variant drives more conversions.

Now you can create attractive websites, funnels, and Videos in minutes, even if you are a beginner with no technical or marketing skills.

You are getting hundreds of templates for web pages and videos. Brown says you will happily find that they are proven to convert visitors. And that they are designed for just about any local niche your clients want to market to.

We have arranged a collection of bonuses for IM NewsWatch readers that will help you build your business. Check them out here: Video Agency FunnelsBonuses

Brown plans to keep this launch (with its one-time price) open until midnight Friday. He has raised the price once already. (The coupon VAF2 will help.) Don’t wait. Get started here: Video Agency Funnels