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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Marketing Glossary

VidSpark: World’s Fastest Drag & Drop Video Builder #ad

Whether you are a product creator or an affiliate and whether you are selling physical products or online e-products or services, video is the key to more sales.

VidSpark is the world’s fastest system to build sales videos in minutes. Some users have even called it revolutionary.

It combines an innovative design with point-and-click simplicity in one powerful video solution for creating eye-popping, highly engaging marketing videos to attract leads and sales.

Here is how you create professional animated videos with VidSpark:
1. Enter your keyword. This will pop-up over 200 of high converting templates for you to choose from. Select any high converting template and get started.
2. Use Drag & Drop to easily add text, images, buttons, music, or even narration with point & click ease.
3. Publish your video wherever you need it in 1 click: on your website, your social media account, even in a product you might be building.

With VidSpark, you’re getting a Commercial License thrown in for no extra charge (for a limited time only). With this, you can not only create videos for your own marketing, but you can also quickly create unique, high-quality marketing videos for clients.

The launch is underway, but the price is rising soon. Check it out here: VidSpark.

Video Marketing: The Ultimate Guide [Guide]

A TechCrunch study has reported that people watch 1 billion hours of YouTube video per day. Video is an effective tools to promote your products and services.

Search Engine Watch contributor Himanshu Rauthan has published ‘Video marketing: The ultimate guide’ to help you improve your video marketing performance.

Rauthan says, “Video is accessible to everyone and any type of business, you only need the right strategy to kick-off. Whether you’re executing operations in the service team or the marketing team, the usefulness of video is apparent everywhere.

Let’s dig deep into the types of video you can create for the different marketing campaigns:

Types of marketing videos

You will be having different objectives for your marketing campaign and based on that you’ll choose the type of video you’re going to create. So, here is the list of top marketing video types to choose from:

1. Explainer videos

The primary purpose of explainer videos is to educate your audience whether it’s your product/service or some concept in your industry. They generally are short in length and it shouldn’t be more difficult than curating decks of slides in the presentation. It’s kind of a scripted journey of your customer’s problem and how they can resolve it”.

Video marketing: The ultimate guide (You’ll only need this)

Search Engine Watch

Video Resource Club: Tens of Thousands (& Growing) Video Resources #ad

Videos add spice to your marketing, causing people to stop look and (sometimes)listen to what you want to present.

Video Resource Club, a new service for marketers, offers you unlimited access and all the downloads you can use to Tens of Thousands Ever Growing Video Resources for One Affordable Price

This is one of the biggest video resource libraries on the web, housing tens of thousands of stock media and video resources, including
► Stock videos,
► Spokesperson videos,
► Niche video templates,
► Story video templates,
► Motion transitions,
► Motion animations,
► Motion backgrounds,
► Motion clip art,
► 4K resolution real effect videos,
► Logo animation templates and
► Many more.

You are getting access to all this video content for just a one time fee, and you get lifetime access and unlimited downloads from the library,

In addition, we have secured 6 white-label bonuses for our readers:

Stock Videos Collection 1


Stock Videos Collection 2


Stock Videos Collection 3


Stock Videos Collection 4



3600 Stock Photos Package


500 Images with Transparent Background


We will place a link to your bonuses in JVZoo. Get the using the “Affiliate Bonus” button.

The one-time fee is a part of the launch celebration and is valid for a very limited time only so you need to act quickly. Check it out here: Video Resource Club.

By the way, our bonuses are available until March 31, 2020, so if they are attractive to you, please download them before then.

Video Dashboard gets free traffic for your business #ad

Any online business needs customers; that’s obvious. You need a way to get potential customers to see and respond to your offers. Without these actions, you are just pursuing a hobby, not building a business.

In the last 20 years, there has been one proven, evergreen way to get more customers for any business, online or offline: finding and using the latest trending platforms and topics before they become mainstream and popular. Find out what is just starting to become widely discussed and then use that knowledge to customize your content to take advantage of the novel and the exciting, in the early days, before everyone else also starts to take advantage of it.

For example, if you were one of the first businesses to publish videos on Facebook back in 2007 or on YouTube in 2010, it would have made a massive difference in your business results.

There are, today, other, newer platforms that can make a difference in your own business, above and beyond the “old stand-bys” of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Paul Ponna has just released his new Video Dashboard technology. With this automation software, you can publish content, based on what’s trending now, on both trending new platforms and reliable standard platforms:
► Facebook,
► TikTok,
► Instagram,
► YouTube,
► Twitter,
► Pinterest,
► LinkedIn,
► Vimeo,
► Dailymotion,
► Medium,
► Reddit.

Check out Ponna’s Software Demo here: Video Dashboard.

No other software in the market so effortlessly engages with these 11 social media platforms. Indeed, this is the only software to date that engages with all 11.

With this new software tool, you can take advantage of these prominent platforms without ever buying any ads on them.

You can now create proven videos that attract traffic. Your content can be published immediately or, if your strategy calls for it, can be automatically scheduled months ahead of time. The whole process is so simple, you can do it in minutes.

Using this “first to market” technology can contribute to your online success, even if you are a raw beginner. This places you on a higher footing, letting you compete with the experienced veterans in your niche.

We need to again emphasize the newness and uniqueness of this technology: you cannot find what Video Dashboard does anywhere else.

A “commercial license” is also included. This allows you to create marketing videos for clients, which gives you another income stream to grow your business.

Ponna isn’t holding the price steady, unfortunately; he periodically raises it, so if it sounds at all interesting you should not delay in checking it out. If you delay, the price is likely to be higher. Get your own copy here: Video Dashboard.

By the way, in the two days since it was announced, over 7500 copies of Video Dashboard and its enhanced versions have been bought. Other marketers are seeing the value of this new marketing tool. How about you?

Video Dashboard: researches, creates and posts social videos #ad

Create stunning, relevant videos and spread them around popular social media platforms with Video Dashboard.

This new software, being released by the Paul Ponna team, includes the first of its kind “Market Pulse Finder” technology that prowls the internet and processes millions of social and video posts every minute to find the trending topics currently being posted about. These are the topics that can bring traffic to your videos.

Once Video Dashboard uncovers what is currently hot, it can create videos on these trending topics/niches for you to post. It also tracks the hashtags of the trending topics so your videos can rank higher in search engine results by using the trending hashtags. This way you are basing your own content on viral content that is already getting lots of views.

Another capability of Video Dashboard is to post done-for-you videos (there’s a whole year’s worth; post one a day, for example) to social media to build a personal connection with your audience and boost your brand and engagement. And you don’t have to use them as delivered. You can customize them with your own logos, text, images and more.

You can upload your videos to 11 social media platforms:
► Facebook,
► TikTok,
► Instagram,
► YouTube,
► Twitter,
► Pinterest,
► LinkedIn,
► Vimeo,
► Dailymotion,
► Medium,
► Reddit.

Posting is completely flexible. You can post immediately or schedule your posts for a later date.

This new video tool is being launched today, with special introductory pricing. And at 2 PM EST today, Ponna is giving away 20 copies of this software (and $1,000 in cash) during his live introductory webinar.

Sign up early and attend. You may be a winner. In any event, you will get the best available price during the webinar.

This will likely be a software tool any marketer will benefit from. Sign up here: Video Dashboard.

Video Catalyst: Jaw-Dropping Designs, Videos & Animations #ad

Need a complete, all-inclusive, easy to use video creation platform to simplify your video creation? Check out Video Catalyst.

This new software allows you to create stunning animated images and videos that command better attention and increase the engagement of your viewers.

Now, you can easily create and edit:
► Animated Banners,
► Instagram stories,
► YouTube videos
► Facebook stories
► Slideshows
► Logo Reveal Videos,
► Kinetic Typography,
► Product Demos
► Just about any other video you may need

The great thing is that it is so easy that you don’t need experience or tech skills. It’s also powerful enough for experienced video makers to use productively.

Here’s a sample of a simple Instagram Story video made with Video Catalyst:

Video Catalyst Demo

During this launch, you get a price break. However, the launch period is only 5 days long so there’s no time to waste. Get the whole story here: Video Catalyst. (more…)

VideoSeeder: Your videos are seen in all the right places #ad

You know that videos can be one of your most productive marketing tools; that is, if they are actually viewed. But you also know that you don’t want search engines to consider them as spam, which can happen if they are available from servers known to host spam.

Teknkforce, led by Cyril Gupta, has just released new software, VideoSeeder, to automatically distribute your videos to the most valuable internet properties that accept user created videos, while preserving your reputation.

With this new software, you can:
► Syndicate your videos to 5 popular video platforms.
► Promote your uploaded videos to many different social sharing sites
► Do it all completely automated with its auto-uploading, auto-promotion capabilities.

Syndication is one of the most powerful methods of increasing you viewership. It has been around for over 100 years. A single copy of content is distributed to multiple venues that agree to host it. You have probably heard the term, “syndicated columnist.” Syndication has been done with newspaper articles, podcasts, commercials, and, now, using VideoSeeder, you can easily do it for your promotional and training videos.

Teknikforce reports that this is the only syndication system that has all of the advantages of syndication and none of the disadvantages of poorly done syndication, because its independent operation, from your personal computer:
1. Protects you and your business from abuse by other users.
2. Promotes and syndicates your uploaded videos on a variety of top sharing websites for maximum viewership.
3. Uploads your videos to your favorite platforms, automatically.
4. Manages a staggered syndication process that keeps your content in circulation.

This staggered process is a key to the successful syndication. It provides search engines new content time after time, keeping you in the news.

VideoSeeder runs on your own computer, giving you the control over what is syndicated and when. Since the application runs from your computer, using your personal IP address, you won’t be on the same server as a spammer, helping you rise above suspicion.

There are no limits on how many posts you can make or how you syndicate them.

With VideoSeeder, you can:
■ Post your videos on blogs on WordPress and Blogger.
■ Get high-quality backlinks from powerful sites to help you climb up the search results pages
■ Show up on all the popular sites and dominate your niche
■ Rest assured that your work is 100% safe because this approved application uses only authorized platform APIs.

Check out this new software, if you want to:
1. Publish your video on 5 video sites
2. Promote your videos on 10 social media and bookmarking sites
3. Do it all hands-free. Just schedule and forget. VideoSeeder takes care of it.
4. Drive social media traffic to your videos and get more views on your YouTube videos.

The price is rising soon. Go here now to get your copy: VideoSeeder.

ViralNewsJacker: Viral news brings passive profits #ad

People all around the world like to know what’s new and interesting. Sites that curate news can become a good business for small marketers.

That was the principle that IM NewsWatch was founded on. We limit our news to one niche, online business, but there are many other niches, particularly related to popular culture, that also have a lot of followers. Build a following and you can build a business.

There’s normally a lot of work building and operating a news curation site. We spend up to 60 hours a week operating IM NewsWatch, for example. I can’t count the number of times I have been up past midnight working alongside my editor to get the next day’s issue ready. But now, there’s an opportunity to build your own news curation site that is maintained automatically.

ViralNewsJacker PRO lets you set up your news site, feed the software a description of what it should curate, and turn it loose.

This new software, released by Glynn Kosky, will set up a site for you and add fresh newsworthy content to your site, content that can attract regular visitors. and can grow that list of visitors virally.

Here’s how Kosky explains their rationale for this new software:

The Huffington Post, Mashable, Techcrunch and Engadget EACH earn over $10K DAILY …

While even lesser-known sites generate 4 figures each day.

How are these sites making so much?

By PASSIVELY monetizing with ads, offers & optin forms …

AND legally borrowing authority simply by sharing content posted on OTHER sites!

The RESULT of this ‘borrowed trust’ is viral traffic …
And visitors happy to check out the on-site offers.

Best part?

Thanks to the freedom of information online, YOU can share news from these authority platforms yourself …

And cash-in using OTHER people’s content, 100% legally & ethically!

The point is that if you provide interesting content, and content that is unique (and with ViralNewsJacker PRO it will be), then people will want to visit your site. Once there, they will not only read your contrnt; they will also click on your ads.

The launch of ViralNewsJacker PRO is underway with special reduced pricing, But it only will last a couple of days.

Get your own copy now: ViralNewsJacker PRO.

Video Marketing Strategy: The Power of Video During the Customer Journey [Podcast]

A well-planned video marketing strategy enables you to reach out more customers and improve your conversion rates.

Social Media Examiner contributor Michael Stelzner has published a podcast ‘Video Marketing Strategy: The Power of Video During the Customer Journey’ featuring Ben Amos.

Stelzner says, “Want to use video marketing more effectively? Looking for a proven video strategy?

To explore how to develop an effective video marketing strategy, I interview Ben Amos on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

Ben is a video marketing expert and host of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast. He coaches video marketers and video producers and his course is called the Online Video Strategy Blueprint.

Ben shares why marketers should focus on developing a video strategy, the key elements of the customer journey when it comes to video, and more”.

Video Marketing Strategy: The Power of Video During the Customer Journey

Social Media Examiner

VidScribe AI: transcripts, subtitles & translations automatically #ad

Over the weekend, the product development team headed by Cyril Gupta released VidScribe AI.

This new software lets you convert your videos, that you recorded in your own language, into local language videos for all around the world. That makes your video usable by almost anyone world-wide who might be interested in your product.

Here’s how you can benefit from the artificial intelligence built into VidScribe AI. It will:
► Automatically Subtitle any video in the language you choose.
► Automatically re-dub your video in the language of your choice
► Get local language captions (SRT) for your videos.

VidScribe AI uses the most powerful AI technology to give you natural language translation to native languages from around the world, as well as audio dubbing.

It can also upload the videos to popular video platforms, such as YouTube & Facebook.

Everybody loves videos, but they need to be understandable in the viewer’s native language. This new automated tool makes that possible.

Check out VidScribe AI today. The price is rising.

In addition, IM NewsWatch has arranged for our readers to receive a collection of bonuses with this new software, at no extra cost. You can see them here: VidScribe AI Bonuses.

Vid Scribe Translation Software