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Monday, December 11, 2023

Marketing Glossary

ViralCB FAQs: The Secrets of Smarter Affiliate Marketing #ad

ViralCB builds your online business through free links from viral videos created by AI that you place on TikTok or Instagram.

Do I need to install anything?

No, it’s completely web-based, ensuring easy access.

Can total beginners use it?

Absolutely! It’s designed for beginners, but at the same time, it is powerful for experts.

What about content creation?

With the tool’s strategies, content creation becomes a breeze, saving you time and effort.

Are results guaranteed?

While individual results may vary, leveraging this tool’s tactics aligns well with effective marketing trends.

It’s interesting to probe this new training and see how broadly you can put social media to work in your marketing plans. For example, Instagram:

Are you leveraging the full potential of Instagram for your marketing?

With 80% of Instagram users making purchase decisions while on the platform, it’s time you did consider using it in your marketing.

ViralCB training makes this easy.

It’s not just about posting; it’s about strategy, engagement, and converting followers into customers.

Time after time.

ViralCB provides the insights and tactics you need to make Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more into powerful assets for your business.
Let it reignite your social media strategy today and see the difference for yourself.

Find more answers and get started with your marketing revolution by clicking here: ViralCB.

ViralCB Launch Day: Transform your ClickBank marketing #ad

ViralCB Marketing Training

ViralCB is a digital product designed to enhance your sales results.

It specifically targets sales on platforms like ClickBank, Buygoods, and Digistore.

It capitalizes on underutilized aspects of social media giants like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to drive organic traffic to users’ offers.

As a result, it eliminates the need for paid advertising by generating leads and sales every day by leveraging these viral channels.

ViralCB offers a new approach to achieving sales success – and doing it within a short span of time – emphasizing the power of viral marketing and organic reach.

ViralCB gives you a way to make regular, repeating sales on ClickBank, Buygoods, Digistore, and more, utilizing a hidden TikTok and Instagram feature.

This strategy can potentially drive many viewers to your offers, all through free organic traffic. Hurray, no more worrying about paying for ads.

In ViralCB, you are getting proven training on how to:

➤ Model your Marketing on Winning Social Media Content Strategies

➤ Select Top-Performing Affiliate Products

➤ Do Efficient Blog Setup (and Blog Alternatives)

➤ Build a Strong Online Brand Identity

➤ Create Compelling, Sales-Driving Infographics

➤ Boost Engagement with Effective Video Marketing

Build your own viral marketing mojo here: ViralCB.

Vertex: Leverage YouTube’s Overlooked Algorithm #ad

Vertex Marketing Software for YouTube
Vertex responds to a change in Google strategy for YouTube.

Google recently decided to go all out on an AI model that’s guaranteed to revolutionize the marketing industry in a way we’ve never seen before…

It took almost a year for Google to implement this new AI strategy, but it’s finally deployed…

And it opens an opportunity for online marketers to use YouTube in a new and productive way.

Imagine if you could uncover and take advantage of YouTube’s hidden algorithm to instantly generate 300,000 views of any YouTube video with no effort on your part…

And, then, suppose you could redirect all that traffic to any link of your choice…

Wouldn’t that dramatically boost your business?

Even if:
✓ You’re a complete beginner
✓ You’re “tech-challenged”…
✓ You never made a dime online before…

Well, Vertex is designed to help you accomplish that.

In case you are wondering, this has nothing to do with:
➤ Content creation…
➤ SEO…
➤ Media Buying…
➤ No technical setup…
➤ Any type of upfront cost…
➤ Showing your face on camera…

Fortunately, this isn’t rocket science…

Seriously, this is so easy that even I can do it, and I’ll be 81 in a few days.

Now you can build multiple YouTube Automated AI Channels.

Use them to sell:
✓ Your own products…
✓ Other people’s products…
✓ e-com products…
✓ Services…

Vertex is the world’s first cloud-based app that allows you to take advantage of YouTube’s brand-new algorithm for profitable marketing.

Use it to build a channel for each niche you want to target.

With Vertex, you can automatically crank out AI Automated Channels that work 24/7, even while you sleep.

And you don’t need to exert a lot of effort…

2 clicks of your mouse is all it takes if you want to finally break free from the dreaded rat race once and for all…

Here’s the great thing…

When you get Vertex, you can create as many AI Automated Channels as you want: 1, 2, 3, 10 or even 100.

It’s scalable so there’s no earning ceiling. Just keep scaling.

Use coupon VERTEX4 to get $4 OFF for anything in the funnel.

Grab it now (the price is rising so don’t wait): Vertex.

Vista offers Instagram Generative AI for marketers #ad

Vista for Instagram MarketingVista is being released today, with a very short launch sale.

It helps you take advantage of Instagram’s new generative AI feature that is proving to be a help for marketers.

This new AI feature is a significant advance in content creation…

It works by having the computer understand what you like to see and what topics interest you…

…Then it creates tailored content based on this info. DO you see how valuable it would be to get your content into that content stream curated by Instagram?

Vista, created by Venkata Ramana and his team, found a way to find the way to get your content just where it needs to be.

Don’t be concerned. Ramana assures us that this is 100% legal and will never get you in trouble. That means that there are no worries that your account will be banned…

This is the easiest (and quickest) method for adding lots of followers to any type of Instagram account, regardless of the niche you are in.

What’s Included in Vista:

[1] The Vista App: The world’s first app that leverages Instagram’s Generative AI for traffic and sales
[2] Vista AI Posts Module: An Automatic AI-Powered Engine that will create automatic viral posts for you (You’ll never have to post Instagram pictures, ever…)
[3] Vista AI Automation: There’s no need to be glued to your monitor. Let Vista AI Automation do the heavy lifting for you…
[4] Vista ZERO Followers: A no-frills way to create Instagram accounts with zero followers, and transform them into traffic-generation wonders.
[5] Vista Mobile Edition: Perfect for those who use their phones all day
[6] Exciting VIP Bonuses + World-Class Training And Tutorials

3 Steps to putting it to work:
[1] Login To Vista
[2] Let the AI Do Its Magic
[3] Generate free Buyer Traffic and revenue.

Now, you can market on Instagram without:
❌ Posting Pictures
❌ Posting Videos
❌ Showing your Face
❌ Waiting
❌ Experience

You can use it in a brand new account and let it handle the account for you. That’s cool.

Get it here: Vista.

Voice2Content: Speak the word and grow your business #ad

Voice2Content AI Software

Voice2Content is a new cutting-edge tool that allows you to effortlessly transform voice prompts into captivating marketing content using AI. With this innovative solution, you can create a wide range of content formats, including articles, ads, social media posts, and more, all with a single voice command.

It’s ideal for both agencies and individual marketers. It offers 50 sub-accounts, enabling you to extend its capabilities to clients or teams.

One of the major benefits of using voice content is its ability to dramatically increase engagement with your audience. By leveraging the uniqueness of voice, you can connect deeply with your audience and create a more immersive and memorable experience.

One of the standout features of Voice2Content is its global reach with multi-language support. This means that it understands and processes voice prompts in any language, making content generation truly universal. Additionally, the tool offers effortless audio/video upload functionality, allowing you to seamlessly convert media into market-ready content.

The integration of revolutionary AI technology further enhances its power. This AI lets you refine, optimize, and enhance the voice-generated content for even better results. The built-in agency model also presents an opportunity to earn recurring income through sub-accounts, positioning you as a pioneer in voice-powered content creation.

Voice2Content goes beyond just content creation. It also offers valuable insights into content strategy and SEO optimization. This ensures that your voice content is not only created efficiently but also optimized for search engines and audience engagement.

Its platform-agnostic nature is another advantage. Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, you can generate content on-the-go or from the comfort of your workspace. The comprehensive content toolkit provided by the tool allows you to craft various content pieces, from social media posts to in-depth articles, without any manual effort.

By using Voice2Content, you can bypass the traditional hurdles of content creation and generate high-quality content in just minutes. This time-saving and efficient solution positions you as an innovator in your niche, as you leverage the power of voice-to-content technology.

To help you make the most out of this new tool, integrated training modules and responsive support are included at no extra cost This ensures that you have all the resources and guidance you need to maximize your usage of the platform.

Voice2Content is an SaaS platform, meaning there are no downloads or installations required. You can access the tool anytime, anywhere via the web, making it convenient and easily accessible.

Voice2Content Bonuses (no additional cost to you)

Download Page Generator

Create download pages in seconds with Download Page Generator. Perfect for software & e-book resellers.

Product Creation Checklist

Never worry about coming up with a product idea that will sell ever again. This guide takes you by the hand and makes it easy for ANYONE to come up with a winning product idea.

Product Creation Bootcamp

In this training, you’ll see Neil Napier’s best strategies for creating an info-product in less than 4 hours. In fact, he did this LIVE in front of everyone and ended up selling over $1,089 worth of this info-product within 24 hours.

DFY Social Content

Big library of pre-written content and prompts. The content is generated using our secret AI-tech, so people can choose and customize the content that works best for their niche. Covers 8 hottest niches exclusively, sharing content for the next 365 days (which can be reused). Use it for your videos or social media posts and never write any content yourself again!

This package will streamline your content creation as never before. Get it here: Voice2Content.

Voice2Content turns your thoughts into profitable marketing #ad

Voice2Content AI SoftwareVoice2Content is an AI-powered platform designed for converting voice recordings into marketable content. The Neil Napier team created it to be used on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Is this for you? Here’s what it can do for you. It caters to users who want to leverage the convenience of voice recording from their phones and other devices to create marketing materials without the need for manual typing or content creation.

Voice2Content is simple to use, just 3 steps:

Record or Upload Your Audio

Start by recording your thoughts directly with your phone or computer or uploading your pre-recorded audio/video files to Voice2Content.


Choose the desired tone and the type of marketing material you aim to produce, whether it’s an ad, social media content, or SEO-focused copy.

Generate & Go Live

Let Voice2Content’s AI transform your voice into compelling marketing campaigns. Deploy the content across platforms and watch your brand resonate with audiences everywhere.

With Voice2Content, you can instantly transform your spoken ideas into profitable marketing campaigns, making it a handy tool for professionals on the go or those looking to efficiently scale their content marketing efforts.

With Voice2Content content creation is easier:
➤ Voice2Content reignites your creative spark by letting AI handle the heavy lifting.
➤ With the ability to record on the go, never let a great idea slip away again.
➤ With diverse content types available, reuse and repurpose with ease.
➤ The intuitive interface ensures you don’t need to be tech-savvy to get results.
➤ With the built-in guidance on content types, always know the right format for your message.
➤ Whether you’re on a mountain or in a coffee shop, your mobile phone can be your marketing department.

You can monetize this tool in tow ways besides using it to create your own content:
First, you can sell the content you create to other businesses
Second, your account comes with 50 sub-accounts that you cn sell or give away. You can let your clients do their own voice recording content generation.

Each of your 50 sub-accounts is loaded with 50 credits. When your client runs out and buys additional credits, you get the commission.
This new tool applies to your business, whatever niche you are in and gives you additional ways to monetize it. This could be a boost for your business.

Get all the details here: Voice2Content.

Voice2Content Bonuses for Our Readers


Download Page Generator

Create download pages in seconds with Download Page Generator.Perfect for software & ebook resellers!

Product Creation Checklist

Never worry about coming up with a product idea that will sell ever again. This guide takes you by the hand and makes it easy for ANYONE to come up with a winning product idea.


Product Creation Bootcamp

In this training, you’ll see my best strategies for creating an info-product in less than 4 hours. In fact I did this LIVE in front of everyone and ended up selling over $1,089 worth of this info-product within 24 hours.

DFY Social Content

Big library of pre-written content and prompts. The content is generated using our secret AI-tech, so people can choose and customize the content that works best for their niche. Covers 8 hottest niches exclusively, sharing content for the next 365 days (which can be reused). Use it for your videos or social media posts and never write any content yourself again!

Video and Storytelling: How to Connect With an Audience [Podcast]

Social Media Examiner has published the latest episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast ‘Video and Storytelling: How to Connect With an Audience’ featuring Virginia Kerr.

The SME team says, “Want to grow your business? Wondering how to create videos that position you as a relatable authority? Discover how to use video to connect with your target audience.”

[uix_video width=’560′ height=’315′ responsive=’true’ url=’’]

Social Media Examiner

vAI Turns YouTube & Vimeo Videos to sales #ad

vAI Video Creation SoftwareOne of the biggest problems that you will face in your online business is to get the initial momentum going.

Getting that first few clicks or first couple of sales breeds confidence, spurs creativity, and pushes you into high energy mode.

But it’s hard to build an entire customer base from scratch. first…

Now you can skip all of that with vAI, according to Seyi Adeleke, the creator.

It will allow you to legally use any YouTube video to send traffic to your websites and offers.

You can just copy and paste any video URL, and vAI will automatically take advantage of its views.

And will allow you to place AI interactive elements on the video:

Place optin-forms, buy buttons, CTA buttons, Sell Products, Maps, and more on any YouTube video.

You could get lots of clicks almost instantly.

This way, you capitalize on existing traffic instead of starting from scratch.

Embed your interactive videos anywhere on the internet.

vAI is based on Bard, Google’s AI app.

This is a “never seen” before use of Bard technology that legally “hijacks” any video uses its views to send traffic to any link of your choice….

Send your traffic to:
➤ Sales pages
➤ Optin Pages
➤ Blog Sites
➤ Product Launches
➤ Webinars
➤ Virtual Parties
➤ the possibility goes on and on.

Adeleki says he is only going to sell 1,000 copies. We checked his stats, and since he launched it yesterday, he has already sold over 500 copies.

Videos are one of the hottest traffic sources ever. You really need to be taking advantage of this traffic yourself.

Think about it…

How many videos, shorts, reels, TikTok videos do you watch a day?

A lot, most likely.

With vAI you can get video-watchers to visit your sites.

And you can get these visitors without creating any videos from scratch.

Capitalize on existing traffic instead of starting from scratch. Embed your links in existing YouTube videos.

Embed your new (and interactive) videos anywhere on the internet

Right now you can get your copy of vAI at a huge discount because of the early bird pricing…

But that won’t last long.

And when you buy during the launch, you will receive this monumental vAI Bonus Pack..

Go ahead and secure your copy of vAI with early bird pricing and the great vAI bonus pack by clicking here: vAI.

PS: By getting your copy of vAI in the early bird hours of the sale, you will also get a free commercial license.

Vision AI: 4K & 8K AI Video and Image Creation App #ad

Vision AI Software

Vision AI, just released, creates a wide range of videos and images:
➤ Text-to-Video,
➤ Vision Videos,
➤ Image Talking Videos,
➤ Incredible Graphic Arts,
➤ Age Changer Videos,
➤ AI Text Paint Images,
➤ AI Hair Styler,
➤ AI Image Unblur,
➤ Multi Image Subject Generation,
➤ Human Instructions Editor,
➤ AI Illustration,
➤ Pointing People Generator,
➤ AI Avatar Generator,
➤ AI Vision Image, & Much Much More,
all in less than 60 minutes.

==> Watch Vision AI Demo In Action: Vision AI.

With this new tools, you can:
✔️ Convert any normal text or keyword into hypnotizing AI videos in 3 clicks
✔️ Use This 5th Gen Intelligent Technology To Outclass Your Competition Once & For All
✔️ Create & Publish High Definition Vision Videos In Any Niche You Want
✔️ Create Stunning, High Quality Images With Zero Grunt Work Yourself
✔️ Fire all Your Expensive Images, Graphics And Video Designers…
✔️ Say Goodbye To Losing Customers Owing To Poor Images and Videos On Your Websites
✔️ Enhance Your Business Growth & Leave Your Competitors Far Behind…
✔️ Convert Any Existing Image Into Stunning 4K Image That Viewers Can’t Ignore
✔️ Create Incredible, Top Notch Graphics That Attract Tons Of Customers Attention
✔️ Create Amazing Vision Videos For Your Audience By Just Inserting A Keyword
✔️ Create, Sell, And Showcase Your Original Marketing Assets To The World
✔️ Get Noticed Among Thousands of Other Marketers Who Can’t Create such Attractive Visual elements.

Vision AI Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers

Bonus 1: AI Suite Full Access

World’s First 80-In One – GPT Powered App Suite That Does Everything – Real ChatGPT Ai Chatbot, Ai Content Generator, Ai Text to Image Generator, Ai Keyword to Video Generator Ai Image Variation Generator, Ai Graphic Editor,Ai Product Name Generator, Ai Text to Video Generator In Just 2 Mins…

Bonus 2: AiHub Full Access

World’s First 20-In One – GPT (OpenAi) Powered App Suite That Does Everything..Content Generator, Ai Text to Image Generator, Ai Keyword to Video Generator Ai Image Variation Generator, Ai Graphic Editor, Ai Product Name Generator, Ai Text to Video Generator In Just 2 Mins… Let Ai Automate Your Daily Tasks Like Smartly Creating Attention-Grabbing Marketing Content, Images, Videos & Much Much More. Just Sit Back & Watch Your Profits Grow.

Bonus 3: AI Buddy Full Access

AI Buddy is the world’s first GPT-powered app that generates human-like responses, writes code, creates high-quality content, and designs stunning Ai graphics & art

Bonus 4: SociAI Full Access

SociAi Is The World’s First Fully ChatGPT4-driven App That Automates Social Media Accounts By Creating & Posting Trending Viral Content Such as Videos, Images, Reels & Much More… & Drives 10,000s Views & Traffic.

Bonus 5: AIMailer Full Access

Tap Into The Profitable World of Email-Marketing Without Spending Every Last Penny On Inefficient Autoresponders? In Just 3 Clicks…Brand New AI App Sends limitless AI Emails To limitless Subscriber for a limitless business & no monthly fee.

Bonus 6: Ai Sites Full Access

Now 30 seconds is all that you need to create a stunning website. Futuristic A.I. Technology creates automated high-converting websites in just 30 seconds that you can sell for the top dollar in hottest niches. Skip hassles to directly dominate trending niches like fitness, dating, pets, self-improvement, technology, affiliate marketing, finance & countless others instantly.

You will find these bonuses in your Member Dashboard.

One more thing: We have a $3 off coupon for the entire funnel: VISIONAI3.

Price is rising. Don’t delay. Get it here: Vision AI.

Video Sketch Makers turn your videos into attention-grabbing sales tools #ad

Max Rylski has just released Video Sketch Makers, his latest graphics software product. This new software1 turns any video into an animated sketch, a painting, a cartoon or a blackboard drawing in under 1 minute.

In a day when everybody and his brother are using videos, you need something that makes yours different from the crowd. Now you can instantly apply one of 5 sketch effects to any video you have.

With Video Sketch Makers you are getting 5 different “makers” that will instantly transform any video into a pencil sketch, a textured sketch, a cartoon, a painting, or a blackboard drawing.

It’s a nearly effortless way to make your videos look more interesting and stand out from everyone else.

These effects can be applied to literally any video you have saved on your computer. And the best thing is how easy it is to use…

Video Sketch Makers is super easy to use

You simply drag any video you have saved on your computer into where it says “Put your media here” and hit save… Your video will magically transform into an animated sketch, painting, blackboard drawing, etc..

And you can then export this new animated video as an MP4 in full HD 1080p resolution to your computer. Do this to as many videos as you want and export unlimited videos.

Instantly Apply 5 Different Animated Effects To Your Videos

All of the effects have been designed with the best settings so you don’t have to deal with complicated menus. Simply drag and drop your videos inside, and create animated effects in minutes…

#1: Pencil Sketch Maker

Make your videos look like a hand drawn pencil sketch animation.

#2: Textured Sketch Maker

This is a more grainy sketch effect with some texture and a border around the video.

Great for action videos, sports videos, fitness videos, etc.

#3. Colorful Cartoon Maker

Create a colorful cartoon style animation out of any video. This effect is more fancy and colorful then the previous 2 effects and will make your videos POP.

#4: Painting Maker

This is another fancy looking effect that will turn videos into a colorful animated painting with faded borders.

#5: Blackboard Maker

This effect makes it look as if your video was drawn on a blackboard with a chalk. turning your video into a white outline with a chalk texture and a blackboard background.

These “Video to Sketch” makers an spice up any type of video. You can use them with:
stock videos you bought,
your own personal videos,
videos you created in another video app, etc..

What comes with the product:

Hitfilm Templates

The Sketch Makers are created for a free video editor called Hitfilm. Instructions are included to download it 100% free. You will need to download Hitfilm to your computer in order to use Video Sketch Makers.

Once you download it, the sketch makers are super easy to use. You just drag your videos inside a folder and the effects are applied automatically. You can then render the animated sketch videos as MP4s in 1080p resolution to your computer.

Video Tutorial

The tutorial shows you step by step how to use the “Makers” with Hitfilm to turn your videos into animated sketches.

You could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for bug-name software to do this conversion process, but you don’t have to. This brand new software will enhance your videos for a price so low you will be surprised (maybe shocked. maybe even flabbergasted.)

Get your copy here: Video Sketch Makers.