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Monday, December 11, 2023

Archive for the 'Conversational Content Marketing' Category

Your Guide to Creating Conversational Content

Conversational content aims at writing and addressing the needs in words customers actually use. Content Marketing Institute contributor Darek Black has published an article featuring 12 tips for creating conversational content. He says, “As Donald M. Murray once said, “Effective writing should be conversational.” Please remember that what follows are tips, not rules. Use them as appropriate and ignore them when not. 1. Pose engaging questions How do you describe the color of your eyes? I’ll give you a second. Most likely, you paused to reflect, then snatched an image of your irises... [...]

Boost your content marketing with conversational content

Most marketers focus solely on bulk of content but the content that features using chatbots and messaging also matters. Content Marketing Institute columnist Chris Frascella has shared an article to guide marketers learn how to use conversational content. Frascella says, “Marketing automation software provider HubSpot recently released functionality to make it easier to repurpose content for chat or messaging. That means a lot of marketing teams and agencies are going to be fumbling with how to make use of chat and messaging as a content marketing channel. Last year, Forrester wrote an... [...]