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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Marketing Glossary

X Twitter Rebranding Mistakes [Video]

Content Marketing Institute has published a new video ‘X Twitter Rebranding Mistakes’.

The CMI team says, “The content marketing news you need to lead in 5 minutes, from Content Marketing Institute’s Robert Rose.

X’s are being painted all over Twitter, yet the blue bird’s ghostly remnants keep coming back to haunt him. Rebrands are typically meant to solve a crisis, not create new ones. But Robert Rose suggests there could be a shrewd storytelling lesson inside all the Musk madness.

So what do you think? Is Elon Musk ingeniously “blazing his glory” or just making brand decisions while high? Let us know in the comments. ”

Content Marketing Institute

Xmissions: The Christmas Commissions Accelerator #ad

Trevor Carr releases Xmissions, which he calls “The Christmas Commissions Accelerator”.

In essence, he is sharing all he knows about affiliate marketing, just in time for you to put it into practice for holiday sales (but you’d better be quick; just 19 days till Christmas.)

Look at what he is including in Xmissions:

🎅 Hacks, Secrets and Tricks that Made Him Over $1 Million Online

🎅 Instant Access to All his Products, Training and Software in One Place

🎅 Massive Discount during the Launch Period

🎅 15 Full Products for the Price of One

🎅 The Same Methods and Tools He Uses Daily

🎅 You are Getting a 93% Discount on these Products

This packages includes his products on marketing topics such as: List Building, Traffic, Content, Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram,…
Xmissions software and training
You are getting all of Carr’s 2021 Money Making Secrets and Products for the price of one. You can get a Little Caesar’s pizza for less, but regular-priced Jet’s, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s large pizza? I don’t think so. And this can feed you for a year, not just a meal, if you really implement it.

Get your copy here, today, while the price is still this low: Xmissions.

XML Sitemap: Everything You Need to Know

XML sitemaps enable webmasters to tell search engines like Google and Bing about the pages of their websites. By creating sitemaps, you can continue to improve you traffic from search engines.

Bruce Clay has published a comprehensive article on XML sitemaps how to create your own.

He says, “For SEO purposes, you must build an XML sitemap and keep it up to date to help ensure that search engines index and crawl all the important pages on your site.

While some view an XML sitemap as a “nice to have,” it’s actually an SEO best practice for every site to have at least one — even though Google says that sites under 500 pages might not need it.

Sure, the search engines should be able to find all the pages by following links on the site, but the reality is that many sites don’t follow proper linking architecture. So it can be hard for search engines to discover the content.

Benefits of XML sitemaps include:

  • They improve the crawl rate and indexation on a site.
  • They can help you spot problems (for Google, check Search Console).
  • They provide other useful information to search engines about your site.
  • They alert search engines to new pages and hopefully get them indexed sooner than if you waited for search engines to find them”.

What Is an XML Sitemap and How Do I Make One?

X-Wave sold over 1000 copies on day 1. Prices slashed for a few hours #ad

X-Wave is the latest video creation software to be available to online marketers. It relies on the power of Artificial Intelligence to let you easily create masterful videos. It works for any niche where video can capture people’s attention and get them involved with the product. Prime examples are:
■ E-commerce
■ Local Businesses
■ Real Estate
■ Plastic surgeons
■ Cosmetic dentists

Anyone whose products or services are better presented with video can take advantage of this new video creation software.

Here’s how it works. X-Wave can turn any online page into a slickly produced video and do it without requiring you to have any design skills. It was designed to let anyone control the video creation process from the simple dashboard, letting you produce customized results.

What’s more, it is 100% cloud-based, meaning that there is nothing for you to install, so it is easy to get started making videos right away.

The Artificial Intelligence in X-Wave does the heavy lifting. Copy-Paste any URL. Select an image and text from that page you want included. Click “Render”. You just sit back and watch it build a premium-quality HD video. Use your videos for your own business or sell them to customers for whatever price you choose. This can be a big opportunity if you sell to local businesses or if you want to join the gig economy on, or other freelancing sites.

At the end of this special launch (It ends at midnight on June 21), here’s what happens:
► The Commercial License, now included at no extra charge, turns into a ‘paid’ license ($197)
► The low one-time fee will be replaced by a much higher monthly/yearly recurring fee
► The exclusive bonuses listed with this offer go away.
► The high-in-demand exclusive 3-Day Live Training Event by 7-Figure Marketers will be over. You will be too late to take part.

And, even before the launch ends, the price is rising, so don’t delay. In fact, it has already risen. However, there is a short-term opportunity for you because prices have been slashed for a few hours because it hit 1,000 new customer mark in record time. Use coupon code x6off on the commercial plan to save $6.

Remember, If you act now, you get:
• Access to X-Wave at a low one-time price
• Launch-only bonuses
• Commercial License free of cost
• Access to a high-in-demand 3-day LIVE training by 7-figure marketers

And we have arranged 3 unadvertised bonuses that add function to X-Wave.

5 Additional General Templates 5 Additional Real Estate Templates Email Sequence


Please check out this powerful video software, while it is still available at a launch price (don’t forget to use your coupon), here: X-Wave.

X-Wave, stunning videos for design-challenged marketers #ad

Breakthrough software called X-Wave is created by Videoremix LP, headed by Dan Cumberland. It launches at 11 AM EDT.

This new software uses Artificial Intelligence to create videos for you. The process is simple: Copy-Paste any URL. Select an image and text from that page you want included. Click “Render”. That’s it. X-Wave will create your video, based on that URL, in minutes.

Here’s a bit more detail about this new video tool:
► It turns any URL into a powerful Video
► It produces amazing HD Videos that are ready to sell
► You pay no ongoing fees if you invest during the launch
► It comes with 10 copyrighted music tracks to use in your videos

There are 3 special offers only available during the launch period:
■ 3-Day Live Training by 7-Figure Marketers (Recordings will be available)
■ Super low One-Time Fee along with Extra Bonuses
■ A Commercial License is included so you can sell the videos you create

It’s the most automated video creation software ever created, to our knowledge.

And here are 3 unannounced bonuses that we have arranged for our readers:
5 Additional General Templates 5 Additional Real Estate Templates Email Sequence


Video makes a big impact on sales. Check out the details on this new tool here: X-Wave.

By the way, they will be raising the price aggressively, so please don’t delay.

xPress Funnels: Creates “Done For You” eCom Funnels in 60 Seconds #ad

xpress Funnels Setting up an e-commerce site for the first time is no picnic when you do it all yourself. That’s why you may want to look into xPressFunnels PRO.

This cloud-based software, just released by Glynn Kosky, builds professional, deep, funnels automatically, based on the information you enter.

You can have your store up and running in moments after you enter the information about what you want to sell.

By using this software, you can avoid the monthly charges from store builders like Shopify because this software has no monthly fees.

The system comes with high converting proven sales page templates you cn use to highlight the products you want to sell.

The easiest way to find products to sell is to use Ali Express, Amazon, Walmart, etsy or eBay to locate an interesting product in your niche. The software is set up to assist. Repeat the process for several more products that relate to the first.

Enter these products, along with your payment processor information, into xPressFunnels PRO. It will build the web pages you need and link them together properly so that your customer is taken from one product to another in the sequence you specify.

Here are the advantages of this system:
► It is quick and easy enough for an absolute beginner.
► You don’t have to pay for products until your customer has paid you.
► Your profit is the difference between what you pay and the amount you sell the product for. Especially, for Ali Express products that difference can be very big.
► The items are drop-shipped to your customer directly from the wholesale merchant. Yu don’t have to handle the shipping process, saving time and money.
► It integrates with your autresponder, so you can collect the contact information for your customers. So you can send other offers to them for additional sales.

In case you are wondering how you get people to view your offers, Instant Low-Cost Traffic System training is included at no extra cost.

To cap it all off, we have arranged for our readers to get a bonusthat Kosky doesn’t offer if you buy directly from him:
Glynn Kosky Info Product Vault: Access to 17 Best Selling information products created by Glynn and his team. Each product in this bonus details a variety of traffic generation methods. You’ll get the link on your WarriorPlus download page.

If you want your own e-commerce store without the expense of Shopify, get the details on this new software: xPressFunnels PRO.

Xmas 2013 Sherman Frederickson’s Firesale #ad

If you have been wanting to build up your WordPress websites into money-makers, Sherman Frederickson has a deal for you, a collection of 10 WordPress plugins that handle all the marketer’s hardest sales hurdles: He calls it Xmas 2013 Sherman. Look at all the things he includes:
1. WP Squawk Box Adds a voice mailbox to your site for customer feedback
2. WP Sales Magix Creates backlinks and shares your content on social sites
3. WP Fontastic Dresses up your site with professional fonts and styles
4. WP Pic Poll Poll your visitors to increase interest, with feature pictures
5. WP Brand Me Make your blog unforgettable
6. WP Viral Rater Let visitors rate your site, builds Google rich snippets
7. EZ Viral Coupon Creator Make your offers go viral with coupons
8. WP Affiliate Ace Need affiliates for your business?
9. WP Treasure Linker Interstitial ads for your site
10 WP GoMo Builds stunning squeeze pages for your site

You get multi-site license for all your personal domains, for under $2 per plugin. Check them out here: Xmas 2013 Sherman

X Launches ‘Affiliate Black Book’

X has launched ‘Affiliate Black Book’. According to X, the book covers which keywords are converting well for one’s online business, use Adsense to earn money, how to build lists, market backend products, and more. [‘Affiliate Black Book’]


X Launches ‘Google Money Map eBooklet’

X has launched ‘Google Money Map eBooklet’. According to X , this ebooklet explains things about marketing and how Internet marketing system works with a twenty-minute video tutorial that discusses two key components of a successful online business.[‘Google Money Map eBooklet’]


Xiosoft Seeks Copywriters

Rick Raddatz of Xiosoft is seeking Copywriters to promote to his list. Rick says, “Write just 10 bullets for me… and I’ll promote you to my list for free.”