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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Archive for the 'Email Marketing Fundamentals' Category

119 Things you don’t know about email marketing

Our friends over at sent us a cool and informative infographic to share with you. The information here can improve your email marketing success tremendously. With 119 facts, you’re sure to find something you don’t already know that will bump up your results. Click on the graphic to read their article and see their infographic.  [...]

Energize Your Email Marketing with These Fundamentals

Email remains the most used tool to reach out more and more prospects and convert them in to clients. Right email marketing advice can help you get the best results form your email marketing campaigns. Marketing Land’s Mary Wallace has shared 12 email marketing tips for the email marketers. Wallace has addressed the points such as humanizing communications, effective subject lines, quality copywriting, call-to-action etc. On email subject lines, Wallace says, “A key driver of email open rates, subject lines perform best when either long or short. Subject lines that are 60 to 70 characters... [...]

Strengthen Your Email Marketing with These 12 Fundamentals

Handling email marketing campaigns is a tricky job. You need to understand your customer’s interest and priorities so that you can approach them in the right way at the right time. Marketing Land columnist Mary Wallace has shared 12 fundamentals to make your email marketing stand out. Wallace has focused on humanizing communications, managing subject lines, being concise, focusing benefits etc. On crafting a concise copy, Wallace says, “Don’t overload your emails with endless walls of text. Given the average read time for an email is 11 seconds, you’ll lose your reader if you... [...]

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