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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Archive for the 'Online Publishing' Category

Tips to publish your content and make people read it

Content is an essential part of the marketing game today. It helps you attract the attention of people and make it popular. Its authenticity helps you improve sales. Copyblogger’s Stefanie Flaxman has shared three steps to help marketers achieve success through publishing. Flaxman says, “Creative processes that support businesses are centered around enthusiasm. From that joyful place, you’re positioned to put the utmost care into your writing and content. If you’re not approaching your projects with the right amount of cheer, you might skip three game-changing steps that... [...]

Improve your copywriting skills with these tips

An effective copy is important for persuading your prospects and customers to take an action. You need to connect with their emotions for bringing out desired results. Copyblogger columnist Stefanie Flaxman has shared seven strategies to help writers and publishers improve thier copywriting. Flaxman says, “Your aim is to demonstrate your dedication to clear communication, whether you’re speaking, composing an email, or educating with content. 1. Provide value upfront Providing value as quickly as possible helps you out in a number of situations. When you write articles, if you... [...]

‘What the ‘new mobile display ecosystem’ means for publishers’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

Ornaith Killen says, “The New Mobile Display Ecosystem report, published by Econsultancy in association with OpenX, explores the latest trends in mobile advertising and looks at what the future might hold. The report, which includes insights from more than 20 industry leaders, explores the impact of increasingly mobile-centric consumer behaviour on different stakeholders within the marketplace. This article is focused on how publishers need to adapt to the rise of mobile. For many traditional publishers, moving from print to desktop was a challenge. Migrating to an ever more... [...]

‘Search & Social for Online Publishers’ – ‘Website Magazine’ Article

The latest article on ‘Website Magazine’ is titled “Search & Social for Online Publishers”. Pete Prestipino says, “Twice as many publishers are satisfied with their Facebook traffic as compared to Twitter, Instagram and Reddit traffic according to VigLink and Netpop’s recently released Publisher Roundtable report. The study revealed many interesting insights including: – Audiences are growing: 6 in 10 visitors are new, rather than repeat visitors – Search engines account for 40% of all traffic for blogs/sites“. Search... [...]

‘Why Your Site’s Search Rank May Be Falling (And 4 Simple Ways to Fix it)’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

The latest post on ‘Copyblogger’ Blog is titled “Why Your Site’s Search Rank May Be Falling (And 4 Simple Ways to Fix it)”. Demian Farnworth says, “
This isn’t supposed to be happening. Your 8-year old website with the domain registered 10 years out is getting outranked by websites less than a year old with auto-renewal on. And you thought the age of your website meant authority. But the problem is this: domain age alone doesn’t grant you authority, and your domain registration strategy doesn’t impact your search rankings quite... [...]

‘Have You Ever Thought About Starting Your Own Podcast?’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

The latest post on ‘Copyblogger’ Blog is titled “Have You Ever Thought About Starting Your Own Podcast?”. Demian Farnworth says, “
What’s holding you back? For anyone who would like to start a podcast, but can’t quite get over thoughts like these … “My voice sounds weird.” “The technical skills needed to record, upload, and store audio files are so far out of my wheelhouse.” “The cost of quality equipment exceeds my small budget.” “I want to pee my pants when I think of speaking in public.” Then... [...]

‘How to Nail Your Opening’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

The latest post on ‘Copyblogger’ Blog is titled “How to Nail Your Opening”. Jerod Morris says, “
Bubkes. That’s what happens when you write a great headline, get scores of people to open your post, but then bore them with a lame opening. They leave, and you accomplished nothing … except making them less likely to ever believe one of your headlines is worth clicking on ever again. That’s why it’s essential that you nail the opening of your blog posts. To do so, you must open with a bang“. How to Nail Your Opening ‘Copyblogger’... [...]

‘3 Ways Your Web Design Can Better Connect You to Your Audience’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

The latest post on ‘Copyblogger’ Blog is titled “3 Ways Your Web Design Can Better Connect You to Your Audience”. Rafal Toman says, “
How do people recognize good web design? There is a big difference between good and bad design. Many people can identify a good design, but they don’t know what makes the difference. Most people are not looking at a website and thinking: That website has well-matched serif and sans-serif fonts and a nice usage of white space! Nope. Only designers think that“. 3 Ways Your Web Design Can Better Connect... [...]

‘A 3-Step Formula for Captivating Your Audience With a Few Opening Lines’ – ‘Copyblogger’ Blog

The latest post on ‘Copyblogger’ Blog is titled “A 3-Step Formula for Captivating Your Audience With a Few Opening Lines”. Henneke says, “
You’ve worked so hard. You’ve written an incredibly helpful post. You know your audience will be delighted, as your tips are easy to implement and you’ve proven they work. You’ve tweaked and polished until you found the perfect headline. It grabs attention. It arouses curiosity. It’s powerful. You’re happy. But then a nagging doubt creeps in“. A 3-Step Formula for Captivating... [...]

‘Seven useful Google tips for bloggers & publishers’ – ‘Econsultancy’ Blog

The latest ‘Econsultancy’ blog post is titled “Seven useful Google tips for bloggers & publishers”. Christopher Ratcliff says, “Blogging ain’t easy, especially when you’re starting from scratch, but there are many tools available that can make your life easier and potentially help drive more traffic to your site than you expected. First I’ll make one thing abundantly clear, and this is a caveat you’ll read on any respectable website regarding SEO, if there’s one overarching factor that you should always consider when producing... [...]