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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Product Pricing Tips' Category

The power of a having a respected brand

Well-respected brands can charge extra for their products. Ever since there have been mass media, that has been true. That’s why Coca-Cola costs more than a store brand. That’s why Nike sneakers cost so much. Any business, even yours, that makes a name for itself can use its good reputation to charge higher prices. This can go to extremes. Some of the biggest names can charge premium prices that seem to be exorbitant, but they can keep on selling at these prices, anyway. Foster Kamer has looked at this phenomenon, particularly in regard to Apple’s ability to charge prices that... [...]

Eight tips to make your B2B product launch successful

Product launch leads you to the doors of the market but the bigger challenge is to get your product accepted. Business 2 Community columnist Wendy Marx has shared eight expert tips to help marketers make their B2B product launch successful. Marx says, “We’ve collected our top 8 secrets to take your product launch strategy from standard to exceptional. 8 Expert Secrets to a Knockout B2B Product Launch 1. Approach It Strategically The worst thing you can do when launching a new product is to wing it. Don’t leave any part of your product launch to chance. Instead, create a strategy that... [...]

Three tips to price your product right

Deciding an effective price for your product is quite essential as it helps you convince the buyers to make a purchase. Observing other products in the market that compete with you can help you make the right pricing decision. Shopify’s Desirae Odjick has shared three tips to help brands and marketers decide the right price for their products. Odjick says, “The most important element of your price is that it needs to sustain your business. If you price your products at a loss, or at an unsustainable profit margin, you’re going to find it challenging to grow and scale. There are other... [...]

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