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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Archive for the 'Squidoo Marketing' Category

Training by Erica Stone, 4 for price of 1 #ad

Erica Stone made her name showing how marketer could use Squidoo to drive traffic that leads to sales. She created several training products on this topic. The majority of the techniques in her training are applicable to many other marketing venues. For example: ■ How to find buyer-oriented keywords ■ How create your marketing message ■ How to analyse competition for a keyword ■ How to create content for your posts that present your message All of this is valid wherever you share your messages, whether for your own products or for affiliate products. That’s good because Stone... [...]

SquidCrafter for Amazon affiliate Squidoo lenses #ad

Squidoo is one of the most popular sites on the web. Savvy marketers have learned to piggy-back on that market penetration to build what Squidoo calls “lenses” to market all kinds of goods and services. A while back, the Squidcrafter tools was released to make building lenses so much easier than the native Squidoo process. Now there’s a custom version called SquidCrafter for Amazon that builds Amazon affiliate lenses. It’s not easy to build an Amazon lens since Squidoo and Amazon follow incompatible standards, and there’s a lot of work to get them to play nice with... [...]

SquidMagic Software: Build Squidoo Lenses that earn #ad

It’s no secret that Google sees as an authority site. Content you place on Squidoo has a “head start” in the race to the top of the search results. As a result, a good Squidoo lens can get you a lot of traffic and, ultimately, sales. And Squidoo has done a lot of work to provide this free platform and bears the expense of hosting. It is absolutely free for marketers to use. The hardest part of building a profitable lens is choosing a topic for your lens that will make money. That’s what SquidMagic Software will do. The issue how many people are coming to Squidoo... [...]

Squidoo Templates: Professional-looking Squidoo lenses sell more #ad

Tom Mitchell has release 18 new professional-quality Squidoo Templates you can use on Squidoo or in an independent website to earn affiliate commissions from Amazon. These templates can be used to sell any Amazon product by simply plugging in the appropriate links to the picture and Amazon product information for the products you want to promote. These templates are pure HTML files that can be used as website templates, as well as templates for a Squidoo lens. Simply copy & paste them into your lens and modify a handful of tokens. In 2 minutes you can add a professional template to your lens,... [...]

Squidoo Templates Package for Amazon affiliates #ad

Leiif Aurumson has done a great favor to marketers who use Squidoo. This Squidoo Templates Package makes beautiful and functional Squidoo pages, particularly for Amazon affiliates. Squidoo gives your marketing a boost since Google looks at Squidoo as a high authority site. Promoting Amazon products in a Squidoo page (Squidoo calls one of these pages a “lens”) can build your Amazon affiliate income. These templates are built to showcase pictures of Amazon products with custom frames of various sizes. These template can be used with SquidCrafter (software that makes building lenses easier),... [...]

Squidoo Evolution, how to use a free Squidoo lens to sell Amazon products #ad

Kelly Stone was one of the original Squidoo users and has over six years experience using it to make sales. Kelly has helped thousands of people learn to use it for profit. Now she has placed all her wisdom in Squidoo Evolution. She shows you how to sell Amazon products, as an affiliate, using your free Squidoo lens. Squidoo has major advantages over a website or blog because Squidoo is one of the highest-ranked sites in the world, only 181 sites are ranked higher. It gets more traffic than almost any site you can think of, way more than you could get on your own site. This means that with a Squidoo... [...]

Squidoo Cash Tsunami: How to use the free Squidoo system to earn a steady income #ad

In the marketing community, Squidoo doesn’t get much attention these days. All the buzz is about Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and to some extent, Twitter. But Squidoo is a marketer’s stealth tool. Google loves Squidoo. When you build a “lens” (their name for a mini-site) there, it’s going to start off with an advantage over most other sites you can build. And your lenses can earn you residual income without additional attention after your initial setup. And you can set up as many lenses as you like, all at no cost to you. Squidoo Cash Tsunami is an in-depth course... [...]

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