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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Marketing Glossary

Inclusive B2B Marketing Techniques You Can’t Afford to Ignore [Podcast]

MarketingProfs has published a new episode of the Marketing Smarts podcast ‘Inclusive B2B Marketing Techniques You Can’t Afford to Ignore’ featuring Sydni Craig-Hart.

George B. Thomas says, “On the latest episode of Marketing Smarts, Sydni—who has developed a framework for inclusive marketing called LISTEN—explains why connecting with your customers is such a vital part of today’s marketing landscape.

“We have all been dramatically impacted by the events of the last two years,” she says. “We have been forced to examine what is important to us….Your audience is demanding that you put them first and that you show them how you align with their values, and that you show them that you’re really interested in them and that you get them.”

That includes demographics, yes, but also behaviors and backgrounds. People “use different expressions, they have different cultural experiences, different travel experiences, different family dynamics. Making folks feel like that’s for them over there, that’s not for me.”

For more on LISTEN and how to tackle inclusive marketing, check out Episode 528 of Marketing Smarts.”

Inclusive B2B Marketing Techniques You Can’t Afford to Ignore


Improve Your Marketing Performance with These Free Online Marketing Classes

Continuous learning is a key to success. In marketing too, you need to keep exploring new lessons for achieving better performance.

HubSpot contributor Sophia Bernazzani has published an article featuring 40+ best free online marketing classes to take in 2023.

She says, “Want to learn more about brands and organizations that offer free courses on the list below? Scroll to the end of this post, or jump to the section.

Online marketing is a broad category. We’ve removed the guesswork out of searching for the best marketing classes and categorized them by topic below.

Free Content Marketing Courses

Successful marketing efforts begin with excellent content. Whether you’re just starting your content marketing journey or need a quick refresher, the courses below will help you up your marketing game.

1. Content Marketing Certification – HubSpot Academy


HubSpot Academy’s content marketing certification is an ideal start for anyone who wants to learn about content marketing.”

40+ Best Free Online Marketing Classes to Take in 2023


Internet Marketing Explained

Semrush has published an article explaining Internet marketing. They have provided its definition, useful tips, and examples.

The Semrush team says, “Internet marketing—sometimes referred to as online marketing or e-marketing—allows you to reach your audience through various channels.

And no one channel is “right.” It will depend on which channels your audience prefers.

Plus, these channels are best when used together.

Internet marketing is important for five main reasons. It allows you to:

  1. Reach ideal buyers without breaking the bank
  2. Establish authority
  3. Drive traffic
  4. Generate leads
  5. Drive more sales.”

What Is Internet Marketing? Definition, Tips, and Examples


Instagram Marketing: An In-Depth Guide [Guide]

Search Engine Journal has published ‘Instagram Marketing: An In-Depth Guide’ to help marketers achieve better marketing performance on Instagram.

Brian Fredrick says, “Instagram is a powerful social media channel with considerable marketing potential to grow an audience and reach your customers.

So, if you don’t have an account for your business, go and create one right now. We’ll wait.

Once you have your business Instagram account all set up and ready to go, it’s time to start using it to elevate your brand.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at how Instagram marketing works, why it’s effective, and walk you through a strategy that can help you start attracting new followers and making sales – fast.”

Instagram Marketing: An In-Depth Guide

Search Engine Journal

Impact of Google’s Helpful Content Update on News SEO

On August 25, 2022, Google started rolling out an update that could be quite interesting for news publishers and their visibility.

Search Engine Journal has published an article analyzing the impact of Google’s Helpful Content Update on News SEO in 12 different countries.

The SEJ team says, “In this article, we’ll be showcasing which publishers around the world were impacted by the Helpful Content Update.

We examined each of Google’s categories to see whether we would find something extraordinary around the time the updates were executed and picked out one or two countries per category where the changes were especially obvious.

Those categories were:

  • Top Stories.
  • Country-Specific News.
  • World News.
  • Business News.
  • Science & Technology News.
  • Entertainment News.”

How Google’s Helpful Content Update Affected News SEO In 12 Different Countries

Search Engine Journal

Instagram DM Automation Strategy [Video]

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘Instagram DM Automation Strategy: A Model for More Leads and Sales’ featuring an Instagram marketing strategy.

The SME team says, “Want more prospects and customers from Instagram? Looking for a strategy to follow? Discover how to use Instagram DM automation for more leads and sales.”

Social Media Examiner

Is Google Getting Worse? [Podcas]

Freakonomics has published a new podcast episode ‘Is Google Getting Worse?’.

The Freakonomics team says, “The power of that revelation faded, as revelations do, and we all began to take Google for granted. When you needed some information, you just typed a few words into the search box and, very quickly, you got the answer you were looking for, usually from an authoritative source. But today? To me, at least, it doesn’t feel the same. My search results just don’t seem as useful. I feel like I’m seeing more ads, more links that might as well be ads, more links to spammy web pages. Do you also feel like Google isn’t what it used to be? Today on Freakonomics Radio: how did Google come to dominate web search in the first place?”

Is Google Getting Worse?


Is IP Address A Google Ranking Factor? [Answered]

In her latest article as a part of the Search Engine Journal’s series on various Google ranking factors, Kristi Hines weighs whether IP address is a Google ranking factor.

She says, “Articles on the internet from reputable marketing sites claim that Google has over 200 “known” ranking factors.

These lists often include statements about flagged IP addresses affecting rankings or higher-value links because they are from separate C-class IP addresses.

Maybe in the past, Google experimented with IP-level actions against spammy websites.

But it must have found this ineffective because we are not seeing any confirmation from Google representatives that IP addresses, shared hosting, and bad neighborhoods are a part of the algorithm.

Therefore, we can conclude for now that IP addresses are not a ranking factor.”

Is IP Address A Google Ranking Factor?

Search Engine Journal

InstantVidz software automates vertical video creation #ad

InstantVidz Vertical Video Creation SoftwareInstantVidz is worth looking into if you would like to automate the creation of high quality marketing videos for your business and your clients.

It allows you to create videos with a few clicks.

There are no “magic genies” in the online business that can do all the work for you. Any software you use will require you to give it instructions about what you want it to do.

Nevertheless, some software is more self-directed than others, having more artificial intelligence built in.

The more sophisticated the programming, the more independently the software can work for you. Automation is real, and smart marketers use it to save time and harness the power of technology.

If you’re not using automation in your business, it’s likely that you’re working harder than you need to.

InstantVidz will add a lot of time-saving automation to your video creation work, saving you countless hours, and yet the price is surprisingly affordable.

This 2-in-1 video software is working for many marketers already and offers them (and you) two advantages.

First, it can help you get traffic, leads, and sales for your Internet business.

This has always been a problem for Internet marketers, which is why Eric Holmlund and team created this 2-in-1 app.

This is because it enables you to generate marketing videos and unique voiceovers with a few clicks. (Literally a few clicks, go watch the InstantVidz demo and you’ll see.)

You can use this new platform to help:
• Build your authority,
• Turn yourself into an influencer, and
• Drive traffic to your business.

Second (and perhaps even more exciting,) is the opportunity to sell these videos to others.

These vertical videos are in high demand on freelancing sites, and you can offer them to small businesses, content creators, and even big brands.

You are going to get these income-producing tools within one simple platform that you can join today for a small one-time price.

If you want to automate your business while creating a new revenue stream, you’ve got to check this out: InstantVidz.

The hottest trend in video is vertical videos (this is huge)

Videos really became popular online between 2005 and 2010 (YouTube launched in 2005).

Due to the ongoing evolution and improvement of the Internet, videos keep changing too.

It was around 2011 that HD videos became the new standard.

Then they kept getting bigger and wider because computer monitors and TVs kept getting bigger and wider.

First came the 720P upgrade, then 1080, then 4k…

Today, if you were still publishing videos in 4:3 aspect ratio and 480 lines of resolution, like an old-school TV, you would have a hard time being taken seriously.

Well, that’s what it’s going to be like if you miss this new vertical video trend.

Vertical video is not just a fad; it’s the next step in the evolution of online video.

It’s already here, and most marketers haven’t even realized it yet.

Don’t get left behind on this major new trend.

A couple of years ago, TikTok happened. That was the start of the vertical trend.

Suddenly the whole world was watching videos with their mobile phones, and the phone’s screen shape naturally reoriented the video world vertically.

And it’s not just about TikTok. it is absolutely here to stay, and it is everywhere now.

You and I may prefer wide-screen videos that we have gotten used to in the movies, but our opinions don’t count for much. The whole world has moved on.

An entire generation or more prefers vertical videos, and that preference is spreading to mobile phone users of all ages all over the world. Everyone is getting familiar with this new format.

We are now at the point that if you don’t use vertical videos, you will actually be missing out on a huge portion of the global audience.

This only serves to create a massive opportunity for us who get on this trend now as early adopters, before the rest of the marketing world catches on.

Using this new tool, we can literally cash in on the vertical video trend.

It’s the perfect time to jump in and ride this trend for many years to come with this new video software that is made for vertical videos. Get it here: InstantVidz.

Insights into the 2022 Holiday Season [On Demand Webinar]

This year’s holiday season brings new challenges with rising inflation rates, evolving consumer trends, supply chain disruptions and shifts in payment methods and technology. Leaders like you need to know how to navigate through these challenges as the biggest buying season quickly approaches.

Markeing Dive’s ‘Insights into the 2022 Holiday Season’ webinar is available on demand.

The MD team says, “Join Industry Dive’s expert team of journalists for an insightful virtual event to get the full scope of developments and trends leaders across a spectrum of industries will need to know to navigate through these changes.  Session topics include:

  • Holiday 2022 preview
  • Supply chain disruption of peak season operations
  • Consumer insights and spending patterns
  • Payment innovations and buy now, pay later.”

Insights into the 2022 Holiday Season

Marketing Dive