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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Marketing Glossary

Improve Your SEO Performance with These Tactics

Search engine optimization is key to your business growth. It helps you to enhance your online reach and convert more prospects into customers.

Search Engine Journal’s Greg Jarboe has shared three SEO tactics to focus on in 2021.

He says, “Now is the time for all of us to reboot our SEO strategies to respond to the dramatic shifts in consumer intent caused by the pandemic as well as to prepare for Google’s Page Experience update in 2021.

There are three basic steps to this SEO process:

3 Key SEO Tactics to Focus on in 2021

Search Engine Journal

Is It Time for SEOs to Adopt a Growth Mindset? [Podcast]

Rank Ranger has published a new episode of its ‘Ths In Search SEO’ podcast titled ‘Is It Time for SEOs to Adopt a Growth Mindset?’ featuring Yuriy Yarovoy.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How a growth mindset relates to SEO and how it opens new opportunity
  • What does a growth mindset in the context of SEO actually look like?
  • Why SEOs have not yet adopted the growth mindset.

Is It Time for SEOs to Adopt a Growth Mindset?

Rank Ranger

IMPACT Highlights 15 Marketing Mistakes

IMPACT’s Liz Moorehead has shared an article highlighting 15 mistakes marketing managers make. 

She says, “No matter your circumstance, there’s something here that any marketing manager can do — cutting down on unused software, hiring better, avoiding the most common digital marketing mistakes, and even getting free strategic marketing advice.

1. Stop wasting time creating needlessly comprehensive buyer personas instead of publishing content now

I know, I know. Buyer personas are supposed to be the cornerstone of any successful digital marketing strategy (inbound or otherwise), blah blah blah.

That persistent refrain doesn’t change the fact, however, that one of the biggest mistakes we see companies make is delaying marketing actions that actually drive revenue while they spend months and months, and often thousands of dollars, just trying to get their personas right”.

15 highly irresponsible things marketing managers do that cost their companies a fortune

Infinitunes: Premium custom-made music tracks #ad

Whenever you create a video, whether for marketing or for entertainment, a background music soundtrack is an important feature. It adds interest and professionalism to your production.

Even a dull and boring video can be improved with magnetic, energizing background music. That’s why Brad Stephens invented Infinitunes.

Have you ever spent hours looking for the perfect background music track for your videos?

If you are looking for love music tracks in all the wrong places, you may find that
• YouTube removes your video
• You get a cease and desist order from the copyright owner
• You could even get sued.

With Infinitunes:
➤ You can automatically create unique, premium-sounding, and copyright-free music for any of your videos projects.
➤ You can be assured that licensing rights won’t ever be an issue.
➤ You can create as many music tracks as you want, all different.

Infinitunes solves all the typical music track problems with the click of a button.

It creates premium-sounding audio tracks for videos instantly, based on customization options such as genre, activity, and mood.

The important thing that makes this new SaaS software different from what has come before it is that it isn’t an audio library of curated royalty-free tracks. Each track is created on the spot and so is unique. You can specify custom attributes to match your video requirements.

It works like this:

  1. Generate Audio: Just point-and-select your music genre, activity, and mood to perfectly match your video. Customize your music track the way you like.
  2. Click Play: Select your track duration and click play. Infinitunes instantly creates a 100% unique, copyright-free audio track based on your selections. Every time you click ‘Play’ a new track will be instantly available for preview. Just save the one you like.
  3. Click “Add to Video” and your premium audio track will be inserted in the built-in video editor’s workspace.
  4. Insert any YouTube URL into the editor or upload a video file into the editor workspace.
  5. Perfectly match your premium audio to your video using features such as separate volume controls for the video voice-over and the music audio, when the music should start to play, looping audio, and more.
  6. Click Create. Your video is ready with the new music built-in and is available for download and ready for use (or sell to clients, because you are getting commercial rights to any video you create).

Use it on social media, television, your website, or anywhere else. Your copyright concerns are gone. You have unlimited rights.

It’s simple, quick, and worry-free. And the results will delight you.

Get your own access here: Infinitunes.

Improve your website content quality #ad

Your site needs to get the basics right: enough content, clean navigation, and the important standard pages (About Us, Contact Us, legal pages, etc.), but those are the bare minimum. For your site to excel and to bring in the most engaged fans, you need to do more.

You need supercharged content strategies that generate more engagement with your website, and new training just released can help you upgrade your site for better results. Check into this new training from Content Sparks, Next Level Website Content.

In this just-released training you will discover:
➡️ How to structure your content to get the most visitor retention and engagement
➡️ How to use short blog posts effectively
➡️ How to use three big-league long-form content types (Pillar, Skyscraper, and Ladder) to boost search engine rankings. By the way, Google likes these forms of content. When you use them, you are signaling that your site has real substance.
➡️ How to create a series of related articles to delve into a critical topic in depth (specifically, a topic that your niche audience is deeply interested in.) A series can bring repeated visits by a user who wants to get the complete picture.

That’s just the beginning of what you will discover in this training. Get the complete story here: Next Level Website Content.

As Content Sparks usually does, they are giving you a set of Private Label Rights for this course. These rights allow you to share it with your followers, as though you had written it yourself. In fact, the PLR license gives you the rights to:
► Edit the content any way you choose, adding unique elements, break it into installments, etc.
► Put your name and brand on it to make it your own training product, and
► Repurpose it into whatever media you like (record videos, use in webinars, hold training conferences (in person or virtual), convert it to a book, etc.)

This could be a breakthrough for your own website, and by training other marketers to improve their sites, you can create a second stream of income.

For launch week (through October 15), Content Sparks has discounted this training 54%, so be quick to get the best price, here:: Next Level Website Content.

Inc. Highlights Three Ways to Improve Customer Trust with Social Media

Inc. has published an article highlighting three ways to strengthen your customer’s trust with social media.

The Inc. team says, “Let’s explore several ways you can use your social media accounts to build trust with new and existing customers.

Practice Social Listening

Social listening is the process of observing what users are saying about your brand on different platforms. Monitoring these conversations is vital to understanding what you’re doing right while working on your areas of opportunity.

Let’s say you check your social mentions and see that most customers are complaining about your slow checkout process. You can take this information and assume that if these many people are having issues, there’s room for improvement with your design”.

3 Ways to Strengthen Customer Trust With Social Media


Impact of Domain Age on Search Engine Rankings

Many people believe that older domains rank higher in Google search.

Practical Ecommerce contributor Jill Kocher Brown has shared an article quoting Google’s John Muller that domain age is not a ranking signal.

Brown says, “Many myths surround the complex signals that search engines use to determine organic rankings. I’ll debunk nine such myths below and share the four factors that matter.

9 SEO Myths

Domain age. One of the most popular myths is that older domains rank more strongly. It’s not true. The major search engines have access to domain age, IP address, and owner. However, Google’s John Mueller confirmed that domain age is not a ranking signal, tweeting, “…domain age helps nothing.”

Site age, on the other hand, has more ranking relevance. Very new sites — less than six months old — have trouble ranking. Backlink age also influences rankings. And the age of a site tends to correlate with more backlinks. However, even a site that has been around for 25 years won’t rank well unless other sites have linked to it along the way”.

‘Domain Age Impacts Rankings’ (and 8 Other SEO Myths)

Improve Your Marketing with These Content Engagement Metrics

By measuring your content marketing performance, you can continue to enhance your campaign quality.

Databox contributor Jessica Malnik has shared 30 content engagement metrics to help you improve your marketing.

Malnik says, “here are 30 different ways that marketers are keeping an eye on how engaging their content is.

1. Bounce rate

“Bounce rate,” says Katrina Dalao of Referral Rock. “You may get a lot of impressions and click-through rates, but if people are only spending a few seconds on the page, you might not be getting the type of engagement you’re looking for.”

Michelle Alese of Kantaloupe says, “Inordinately high bounce rates are a great way to spot content that doesn’t closely match reader search intent. This is an indicator that the piece of content at hand may need to be updated or rewritten, in order to provide the best answers to reader’s questions.”

Amelia Whyman of Global App Testing adds, “If the bounce rate is very high, with users only lingering on a page for a few minutes, we know they are not engaged. A low bounce rate shows that your content has captivated the attention of your users.”

“Bounce rate is incredibly telling of if your content effectively grabbed the user’s attention immediately,” says James Watson of Omaha Homes For Cash“.

30 Content Engagement Metrics to Keep an Eye On


Improve Your Content Performance Free Images

SEMrush contributor Amanda Milligan has shared a list of eleven sites to find free images for your content.

Milligan says, “Continue reading for a list of selected sites containing free-to-use images to boost your content. And before choosing images, we recommend you use the SEMrush Content Marketing Toolkit to find trending topics and keywords that will help you choose images that will enhance and be releveant to your content.

1. Creative Commons Search

Choose whether you want images to add to content for commercial reasons or select the box for free images that can also be adapted or modified. In the screenshot below, you can see all the license and public domain options; it is important that you know the difference between each.

11 Sites to Find Free Images For Your Content

Instagram Visual Design: How to Improve Your Branding on Instagram [Podcast]

Social Media Examiner has published a new podcast episode ‘Instagram Visual Design: How to Improve Your Branding on Instagram’ featuring Kat Coroy.

Michael Stelzner says, “Want to create amazing visuals on Instagram? Wondering how to develop a recognizable Instagram style without needing a design background?

To explore how to improve your design on Instagram, I interview Kat Coroy on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

Kat is a designer who teaches small business owners to look amazing on Instagram. She creates mini-masterclasses on IGTV. Her course is called Instagram Makeover.

You’ll learn how to discover your unique brand style and translate it to an Instagram profile that reflects your brand. You’ll also find tips to improve your Instagram images and discover how to take selfies with confidence”.

Instagram Visual Design: How to Improve Your Branding on Instagram

Social Media Examiner