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Monday, December 11, 2023

Archive for the 'Modern Marketing Concepts' Category

Three ways CMOs can adapt to modern marketing

For those who want to grow, change is essential and rewarding. And when it comes to marketing, we need to be constantly striving for the change that can help us influence more people and convert them into customers. Econsultancy columnist Daniel Gilbert has shared three ways CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) can adapt to modern marketing practices and grow. Gilbert says, “Here are the three things I consider the most pressing for any CMO: Integrate media and creative Become data specialists Remove biddable media from the media plan 1. Integrate media and creative Firstly, CMOs should reject... [...]

Give away free memberships; earn big on upsells #ad

John Thornhill has created 10 websites for information marketers. These sites are offered by subscription. Members pay because of the quality content they receive n the sites. Thornhill is offering you the opportunity to give away or sell these membership subscriptions to your followers for a big profit. He calls this opportunity his Ultimate Reseller Kit. Each of the 10 sites has three levels of membership: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Give away the silver (or sell it if you prefer and keep 100% commission), and then as your subscribers upgrade to the Gold level, collect 100% commission. If they... [...]

‘3 Key Modern Marketing Concepts CMOs Might Be Overlooking’ – HubSpot

The latest article on HubSpot blog is titled “3 Key Modern Marketing Concepts CMOs Might Be Overlooking”. Luke Summerfield says, “It’s probably no surprise that the marketing industry is rapidly evolving. Advances in technology and changes in how users purchase have flipped what we use to know about marketing on its head. This has brought on many new concepts that were never previously possible. In this blog we are going to cover three key modern marketing concepts that CMOs should keep in mind when developing a marketing strategy“. 3 Key Modern Marketing Concepts CMOs... [...]