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Friday, September 29, 2023

Archive for the 'Push Mobile Marketing' Category

Mobileverse Takeover builds instant app funnels #ad

Peter Beattie is introducing Mobileverse Takeover software for increasing sign-ups and, ultimately, sales, for online and local marketers. Based on a new invention by a couple of software experts at Google, that has been incorporated in a new feature that Google just made available to the public, Beattie has been able to invent a brand new way to generate endless customers, leads, and sales online. It’s called an “Instant App Funnel”, and you’ve seen nothing like this before. Beattie is proud of this new software. Here is what he says: The Amazing New Instant App Funnels w/ Superpowers... [...]

Push Response in pre-release; the “no email” message tool #ad

Unfortunately for marketers, email is a “tool with leaks”. A lot of people you send email to never see your mail: • They have changed email address without telling you • Your email goes into their spam folder. • They get so much email that yours isn’t noticed. • etc. There ought to be a way around these problems. Fortunately, now there is. Andrew Darius has a new software tool, Push Response that allows people to sign up for (and allows you to build) a list of people who visited your website Then it allows you to broadcast promotions to them without email. With... [...]

PushLotus: Send push notices to subscribers, avoid email issues #ad

Satish Gaire and Vas Blagodarskiy have just released apiece of software that can make a big difference in the attention you get from your subscribers. It’s called PushLotus. This works by sending a small pop-up message to your users who have opted in. It’s similar to the notifications you get from Facebook and other online services, appearing at the top right or the bottom right of your screen, a small rectangle with the information you want them to see. When you push notices to subscribers, you don’t have to worry about your emails going into a spam folder or being drowned out... [...]

‘Push Mobile Marketing — App Notifications Vs. Messaging’ – ‘Marketing Land’ Article

The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “Push Mobile Marketing — App Notifications Vs. Messaging”. Cezar Kolodziej says, “Every day, marketers are finding new and innovative strategies to reach their target audience and build loyal relationships. Luckily, through mobile, we have a channel that allows us to get even more up close and personal with consumers. To have a balanced mobile strategy, it is important to leverage both push and pull techniques. We are all very familiar with pull mobile techniques like responsive mobile sites and mobile applications... [...]