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Friday, December 8, 2023

Archive for the 'Facebook Live' Category

SellingLive: Facebook Live selling made easy #ad

SellingLive is an eCommerce personalization platform that lets people easily buy and sell on Facebook Live based on a person’s comment. It also helps you manage all aspects of any eCommerce operation and improve your sales by converting social media comments into sales. Beyond that, SellingLive enhances the invoicing process by automatically placing items in the shopping cart and sending invoices to your customers after their comment leads to a purchase. You can use it to implement social selling on both Facebook and Messenger. If you are stuck with poor results from your Facebook Live sessions,... [...]

How to Use Facebook Live to Promote and Sell [Video]

Facebook Live allows you to broadcast a live video to your audience through your company page or personal profile. With a well-planned Facebook Live broadcast you can share thoughtful and quality content to engage viewers. Social Media Examiner team has published a new video titled ‘How to Use Facebook Live to Promote and Sell’ featuring. SME team says, “Wondering how to use Facebook Live video to sell products or services? Facebook expert Mari Smith shares three steps to using Facebook Live to promote and reveals post-live action steps for maximizing the sales from Facebook... [...]

Livecaster 3: Facebook-approved tool for videos on FB, Twitter, etc. #ad

For years, Livecaster has been the only livecasting app in our market that can schedule livecasting of pre-recorded videos on Facebook Pages & Profiles. Teknikforce has just announced the third generation of this video software. Livecaster 3 is the most powerful and the most user-friendly livecasting app you’ll find anywhere, and it’s the only such app that’s 100% Facebook approved. It can schedule and livecast prerecorded videos to Facebook pages and profiles. With this powerful app, you can: ► Increase your organic reach on Facebook and YouTube (plus many more, lncluding Livestream,... [...]

How to improve your marketing with Facebook Live

  Facebook has more than two billion users and Facebook Live is getting the clear advantage of this. This platform helps businesses connect with their customers and enhance their business. Entrepreneur contributor Kim Walsh Phillips has published an article to help marketers improve their marketing using Facebook Live. On using Facebook Live to attract more customers, Kim says, “Pick a topic your prospects are interested in. Here are a few places you might find inspiration in what you and your company are already doing: Do you have an upcoming webinar or seminar? If so, break apart... [...]

You can make money with Facebook Live with these tips

Every now and then, a new technology is launched. The ones who take lead in utilizing that technology for revenue generation gain the maximum out of it. Facebook Live is a platform that allows the social network users to go online – live. Entrepreneur’s VIP contributor Rachel Perlmutter has shared five ways for marketers to make money using Facebook Live. Perlmutter says, “Now that you know how to go live, here are some ideas on the content that will help you generate leads and sales for your business: 1. Product launches If you already have a community of customers who has purchased... [...]

Best livecasting software for Facebook and YouTube #ad

Facebook and YouTube can bring you organic traffic with live-streamed videos. Cyril Gupta has just released new software, LiveCaster Elite, that lets you use any pre-recorded video and livecast it on Facebook or YouTube. LiveCaster Elite has a number of features that will make your life easier: ■ It supports scheduling of your livecasts. Cast your videos at any time you choose. Now, you can be doing another task while the video is playing. ■ It lets you cast live videos to Facebook groups, Facebook pages, Facebook personal feeds and YouTube channels. ■ It does your livecast directly from... [...]

Live Stream Machine lets you reach thousands of buyers with video #ad

We have been telling you about this new software for several days. The news is that there’s now a coupon for $10 off: livestream2016. Use it when you check out for a significant saving. Delilah Taylor has teamed up with Frank Schramm and Andreas to release new software that makes Facebook marketing a lot easier. Live Stream Machine allows you to syndicate your Facebook Live video to many places where you interact with your audience. For example, you can place your live stream videos in multiple Facebook groups, on multiple Facebook pages that you own, as well as to your accounts on Twitter,... [...]

FB Live Handbook: How to use the marketer’s newest powerful tool #ad

Ray Lane (He calls himself Ray the Video Guy) has been exploring a new Facebook feature that competes with Google Hangouts, called Facebook Live. This is a new Facebook feature that builds engagement and brings in sales for savvy marketers who use it. He has created FB Live Handbook , a straightforward checklist that helps you get started with this exciting new marketing tool. Now, you can discover how to get started with Facebook Live and how to get grow your business using this powerful tool. The elite personalities of our culture are already using it, people like movie and music celebrities... [...]

Live Leap: The only FB-approved tool to syndicate your live feed #ad

Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison have been studying Facebook and its potential for creating a dramatic improvement in marketing success. It’s a fact: Not all social media traffic is created equal. At the top of the pyramid is Facebook. And its dominance is growing. For example, Facebook is going after YouTube’s worldwide video domination. Facebook wants to knock YouTube off its throne with the new Facebook Live video service.. Recently, Facebook announced FB Live. And in the days since, it has become the world’s fastest growing video streaming platform. It gets even better for marketers.... [...]