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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Marketing Consultation' Category

Last day to get AgencyScale for a one-time price #ad

The AgencyScale Special Launch is going to close tonight. If you wait to get it, you will be paying a much higher fee (which will be a recurring one). Today is the last one-time opportunity to get the deal at the lowest price possible. Here is what this Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will do for you: ➤ Agency Business Manager for tracking client projects, invoices, proposals/estimates, customers & leads ➤ Complete Business Dashboard to help you manage your entire Business & Clients ➤ Business Finance Manager to manage invoices & proposals/estimates ➤ Task... [...]

Offline Marketing IM Checklists by Kevin Fahey, with PLR #ad

Local business owners are generalists. They have to do everything at their business or hire someone rlse to do it. They don’t have time to be experts at copywriting, marketing strategy, and media selection. They probably know almost nothing about what it takes to do good marketing online. That’s why they need a marketing expert like you to fill this valuable role in their company. But you may have a problem. Your expertise is online marketing. • How do you build a business selling to offline businesses, showing them they need you online skills? • How do you create a professional... [...]

‘Taking Your Marketing Strategy to the Next Level Might Require a Consultant’ – Entrepreneur

Renzo Costarella says, “Though your marketing team has access to many tools and platforms, marketing has become so much more complex that it’s a challenge determining the best approach. How do you revamp your brand to take your company to the next level? It may make sense to partner with a marketing consultant who knows how to cut past the confusion to create a marketing strategy that maximizes your brand’s potential. A marketing consulting firm can shape your marketing strategy through comprehensive research and market data. They help you select and implement the systems... [...]

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