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Friday, June 21, 2024

Archive for the 'customer persona and marketing' Category

Creating Customer Personas

It’s an old marketing adage that you must know your customers if you are going to succeed. Without this knowledge, you won’t know: • What products and services to offer • What prices to charge • Where to advertise • How to write persuasive sales copy and • You’ll be flying blind for a lot more marketing decisions you will have to make. If you are an offline marketer, finding out who your customers are (or can be) may involve study of the census data, doing surveys and questionnaires, checking out what existing merchants in your niche are doing, etc. Online,... [...]

A short guide to customer personas and marketing

A customer persona enables brands to understand these homogenous groups, and to recognise key traits within them. This in turn brings out customized marketing campaigns that suit to those groups. Econsultancy writer Nikki Gilliland has published an informative article on customer persona and its importance in marketing. On Building empathy between marketers and personas, Gilliland says, “While generating information about the customer might be fairly straightforward, it is far more difficult for brands to step into the shoes of the customer, as well as sustain this perspective long-term.... [...]

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