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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Archive for the 'Ecommerce Campaigns Optimization' Category

Kibo Eclipse launches today, training in expert e-commerce #ad

The day has finally arrived when Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are launching the latest version of their Kibo training. They are calling this new enhanced version Kibo Eclipse because it eclipses the two previous versions, which were, themselves, powerful engines of successful e-commerce businesses by many of their students.   In Kibo Eclipse you will discover: ➤ The surprisingly simple 3-Step online selling system that is faster and easier to make money with, they say, than any other business model (assuming you do take action and carefully follow the steps) ➤ The untapped $42 Billion... [...]

Kibo Eclipse is coming. Free book tells all #ad

Just in case you didn’t see the earlier post, I want to remind you to download the Free Kibo Book. that Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have just released. This book reveals how to build a profitable Ecommerce business in 2022 using a $42 Billion Dollar “breakthrough” marketplace that is largely untapped. Some key points for you to consider: 1. They have used this breakthrough marketplace to generate as much as $159K in a single week. 2. The traffic for your online business is free so the cost is low. 3. This has nothing to do with either Amazon or Shopify. Clayton and Booth report that anyone,... [...]

Magnum Automated Store builder with free buyer traffic #ad

E-commerce is booming. You are missing opportunities if you don’t join in. Magnum makes it easy. Here are the highlights: ✓ Build dynamic stores in a couple cf clicks ✓ Sell either digital products, physical products, or both ✓ Get traffic from 99 sources in seconds ✓ Ready-to-go stores in the hottest niches are included ✓ Step-by-Step tutorials included Magnum is the product of the fertile mind of Venkata Ramana, who has been selling online for years and who is the author of many popular marketing tools. (Recent examples include: Breeze Funnels, Wizzard, Empire, Krowd, vSuite,... [...]

$0 to $1,000 in a Day: The Marketing Method You Must Use to Grab People’s Attention [Video]

The Entrepreneur magazine team has posted a video featuring Trevor Chapman on ‘$0 to $1,000 in a Day: The Marketing Method You Must Use to Grab People’s Attention’. Andrea Huspeni says, “Not all marketing is created the same. “And for Trevor Chapman, an ecommerce pro, entrepreneurs are spending too much time focusing on competing with huge companies by using the wrong kind of marketing. “In our second video for $0 to $1,000, a series in which we help ecommerce entrepreneurs learn what it takes to make a grand a day running their virtual store, Chapman talks... [...]

5 Tips to Optimize Ecommerce Campaigns

Your online campaigns directly affect the ecommerce performance. Right ecommerce campaigns can help you drive more sales online. Entrepreneur writer Rocco Baldassarre has shared five tips to help marketers optimize their ecommerce campaigns. On importance of tagging everything, Baldassarre says, “Tag everything you can, including campaigns, sources, mediums and terms. By tagging all that you can, you can perform a deeper analysis of what triggers the assisted conversions. Tagging ads adds additional values in the URL but does not change the URL destination. On Facebook and Bing, these are... [...]

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