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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Archive for the 'Marketing Firesales' Category

9 WordPress Classic Themes: Cyber Monday Sale #ad

If you have invested in Josee Bedard’s themes, you know they are beautiful, professional and functional. Now, Bedard and company are offering 9 of the best themes they have ever released in a bundle for peanuts. They call it their Theme Blowout Package, and the sale is for today only. These themes are all responsive to tablets and smartphones. And each theme comes with XML Presets for easy set up and customization. This makes building sites fast and easy. You have the option of buying a single theme (or more) for just $5 each. Or you can buy all 9 for just $25. Either way, this is a good... [...]

Russell Carter’s Black Friday Mega Blowout Package #ad

There are many Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) specials available, including some for people who earn their living online. One that is underway now is by Russell Carter. His Mega Blowout Package is a bundle of 14 Internet Marketing Packages (over 2250 best-selling Internet Marketing products) at discounts of 50%-75%. You can discover new techniques in all of them, and 95% of them also include either Resell Rights or Private Label Rights. If you like, you can sell them in your business and keep 100% of the income. This treasure store of products includes WordPress plugins and themes, IM Video training,... [...]

Paul Smithson’s Closing Down Sale; great bargain #ad

Paul Smithson is well known in internet marketing circles (or at least his product is). For about 10 years, Smithson has produced the well-known website builder, XSitePro. After the success of XSitePro, Smithson created additional software that marketers have also embraced: XHeaderPro, XCommentPro and more. Smithson has run his business as a “one man show”, and now, he has decided that it is time to retire. To celebrate, and to give you one last chance to get his products, he is holding a Closing Down Sale. He is making his products available, for one last time, in one huge set of DVDs.... [...]

PLR to 21 internet marketing products #ad

Paul Nicholls has created 21 internet marketing training products over the last few years, and has sold them, mostly as WSOs, to quite a few marketers. Now, he is doing something he never did before: offering PLR rights to all his products, so you can resell these products as your own. The list is too long to show here, but you can see the whole list on his sales page. These are video products and, together, contain over 160 videos. 19 of the products come with sales pages you can use to sell the products on your web site. If you were to buy the 21 products individually, it would cost you $598,... [...]

Eric Holmlund’s Hot Topic Firesale: Earn from Google Trends #ad

Your sales are automatically improved when you sell what people are searching for because you are giving them what they want. Google Trends, for example, shows you what people are currently interested in. Find out what Google Trends (and Yahoo has a similar service) has to say about the most popular searches are, and then you can offer related products. You need content related to the current hot topics, of course, content on your site people can read or watch, plus content to sell. Eric Holmlund is offering content about the frequently trending topics, such as various entertainment stars, media... [...]

Avoid copyright infringements; get Eric Holmlund’s Graphics Firesale #ad

We all like to have graphics on our sites because it makes a site more interesting to our visitors. However, we need to be careful where we get the graphics we use. We can be charged with copyright violations if we use a graphic without the creator’s permission. Eric Holmlund knows that danger, so he created this firesale package, full of graphics that include all the rights you need for use in your website and other marketing materials. Eric Holmlund and his partner, Naveed Peerzade, have solved the “risky graphics” problem for you. They have also solved the “visually appealing... [...]

Dr. Capps does it again: More training and products in Birthday Bonanza #ad

As mentioned before, Dr. Ron Capps, known as the NicheProf has been running a firesale in celebration of his 66th birthday. He has just added more products (most of them products you may sell) to the bundle. It now total 171 products, and he promises that before the sale closes on August 20, he will have at least 200 products in the bonanza. All but a handful have resale rights. Over 60 of them have PLR rights, too. The price for these 200 products (you get all 200 even if you buy today) is $36.66 through Wednesday. Thursday, 1 August, the price rises. At today’s price the products are only... [...]

Wacky 12 Days of Christmas Firesale #ad

The Wacky Girls website is offering 65 resellable products at a tiny fraction of their real value in their Wacky Christmas Firesale. All products include MRR or PLR so you can sell them and keep all the profits. You get 65 products, all with MRR or, in many cases, PLR, all on one page in a single bundle, and all at one very low price ($22.97, but rising.) You get products like: • Amazon Kindle Mania, with MRR • Beginner’s Guide to Webinars, with PLR • Domain Sniper, with PLR • Exit Offer script, with MRR • CPA Overdrive, with MRR • and 60 more With this many resellable products... [...]