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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Archive for the 'Email Personalization tips' Category

The Email Personalization Guide Marketers Can’t Miss [Guide]

Digital Marketing Depot has published a new guide ‘The Email Personalization Guide Marketers Can’t Miss’. The DMD team says, “The Email Personalization Guide Marketers Can’t Miss dives into the significance of effective personalization and the benefits it brings when taken to the next level. Packed with inspiring examples, you’ll get ideas for your next personalized email campaign. This guide addresses the common questions marketers have when getting started with personalization, including dynamic content, customer data, privacy regulation, and scalability—all of which... [...]

Personalize your emails for better results – HubSpot study

Personalization is the key in email marketing. Personalized email deliver better results as compared to the common email campaigns. HubSpot columnist Kevin Jiang has published a HubSpot study focused on results gained by running personalized emails. Jiang says, “For the purposes of our study, an email was “personalized” if it was significantly different from the original template. We quantified this difference as the percentage of words changed from the sales email template to the sent version, coming up with a “text distance score” measure. In other words, changing a couple words... [...]

How to Personalize Transactional Emails?

Transactional emails are the emails that are triggered by a user interaction on your site. These emails bring an important opportunity to interact with the customers. Personalization plays an important role in achieving success in your transactional email campaigns. HubSpot writer Kevin George has shared tips along with examples on how to deal with various forms of transactional email such as welcome emails, purchase emails, cart abandonment emails etc. George says, “As a general rule of thumb, your transactional emails should be 80% informational and 20% promotional. Transactional emails... [...]

‘Master Email Personalization with these 5 Best Practices’ – AWeber

Monica Montesa says, “Targeting subscribers and sending them personalized, hyper-relevant emails is a great way to better connect with the people on your email list. It allows you to deliver the right message to people who want and need it most. And the more you can do that with your emails, the more likely you are to expand your reach and nurture your audience until they become customers and loyal advocates of your brand. But how can you optimize your emails so you’re making the most out of the opportunity to engage subscribers? Let’s take a closer look at best practices for personalizing... [...]

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