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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Article Marketing' Category

FREE WSO: How to Write Articles That Get Clicked #ad

Reed Floren is giving away another of his training videos, this one on writing useful articles, articles that bring marketing results. This video, How to Write Articles That Get Clicked, is completely free; there isn’t even an OTO. He hasn’t written a sales letter for it. He doesn’t need to; the title says all you need to know. If you want free training in article writing, get it here: How to Write Articles That Get Clicked.  [...]

WordBotic – New Technology For Fast Content Creation #ad

Lina Trivedi has just released new software (called WordBotic) that will help you write articles and posts in only 10% of the time it used to take. You create the outline of the article (or even of a book) by simply filling in blanks in the questionnaire this web-based software presents. Then it fills in the content for you. Then you simply review the article it creates. Use it as is, or add a personal story, an interesting fact or two or other tidbit, just to personalize the article, And you’re all done. This whole process requires you to write about 100 words. In a few moments, it creates... [...]

WP Article Directory Plugin adds article directory to your site #ad

We have all heard of and other article directories which allow people to contribute articles that are made available for re-use by webmasters and newsletter publishers. You can now have a similar article directory on your WordPress site. WordPress Article Directory let’s you set up an article directory of your own that can have several benefits for your site: • People searching for your topic will find user-contributed articles on your site and be drawn to visit your site • People writing articles in your niche will be interested in visiting your site, loading... [...]

How to become an Article Marketing PRO #ad

The Panda update made a big dent in article marketing, but only for the creators of spammy articles. Good content is still rewarded. In his new Easy Article Marketing, Ryan Dodson shares the techniques (some of them he calls “secret”) of becoming a professional article writer. This $7 (but rising) report is filled with tips and techniques and it’s without fluff, so it won’t take long to absorb. It tells you what not to do, as well as what works. Learn more here.  [...]

Create your Own Article Directory on WordPress #ad

Terry Sacia says his new plugin WP Article Directory is the most advanced plugin of its type available, providing: + Customization + Admin page controls + Good security + Monetization of every aspect of operation This article directory comes with training for new authors that you can give away to promote your site. Includes an upgrade for authors that brings in additional income. Find out more here.  [...]

Want to be an Amazon Niche Master, a top Amazon affiliate? #ad

Erica Stone has studied all the “ins and outs” of Amazon affiliate marketing. Now, she shows you how to turn your affiliate review site into an authority in the eyes of Google. “Plain vanilla” review sites don’t have much authority, but you can enhance your site to build its value to your visitors and its importance in Google’s eyes. Erica shares the “10 Master Strategies of the Amazon Niche Master.” In these strategies, she shows you how to write informational posts that lead people to your review pages. People who write them well, with good titles,... [...]

End your dependency on Google for your traffic with New Article Marketing Method #ad

Rob Howard has released The Content Money Miracle, the new way to do article marketing that doesn’t risk your business success on keeping Google happy. Google changes its mind a lot; you don’t want to be tied down by its whims. Howard shows you how one article submitted to free traffic sources can make the impact you need for business success. Instead of trusting Google to bring traffic to Google, you take your article to nine places where there is already traffic. When you do, you create “traffic magnets” that pull readers to your site. Get all the details here.  [...]

Get 60 High Quality, Spin-Ready Articles For Only 45 Cents Each #ad

Two Professional writers, Steve Bagasao and his wife, prepared these 60 articles for their planned article service, but due to a major life event, have decided that their service do longer is feasible. As a result, they decided to sell these 60 articles as a WSO. The articles are all ready to run through a spinning process so that the synonyms embedded in the articles can be mixed and matched and thousands of unique articles created. You can use a free software tool to do the spinning. These articles are on a variery of topics, including gardening, career planning, internet marketing and dozens... [...]

Chuck Mullaney’s ‘PajamaNetwork Tip’: “Get the Most Out of Your Article Marketing”

Chuck Mullaney’s latest ‘PajamaNetwork Tip’ is titled “Get the Most Out of Your Article Marketing”. Mullaney says, “Writing articles to promote your online business is a great marketing technique. It’s free and can be very effective. However, the majority of Internet Marketers don’t use their articles to the fullest extent. Here are 3 more marketing tactics you can use with every single article you write. Obviously your #1 use for an article is to post it online and get people to view that article. This should always be your first priority. And... [...]

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