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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Archive for the 'LinkedIn for Marketing' Category

Linkedtify generates Leads,for High-Ticket Clients on LinkedIn #ad

LinkedIn is the professional social media site. Nothing else compares; not Facebook, not Twitter, not Instagram; nothing. The people who use LinkedIn are professional business people, often business owners or highly placed people is a business. They can be good prospects for what you are selling. If you offer services to other businesses, LinkedIn is the site where you should do your prospecting. You will find many more potential clients there than any other site we know of. Now there is a more efficient way to search for clients on LinkedIn. Linkedtify 2020 is a suite of software developed to... [...]

Using LinkedIn for brand publishing – things to know

Publishing on LinkedIn has been one of the most used and successful trends in online marketing. LinkedIn being a professional social network, offers the authenticity to your content by default which works as an extra perk for your brand publishing efforts. If you haven’t started with the LinkedIn publishing, Content Marketing Institute contributor Dennis Shiao has shared some useful tips you can implement. Shiao says, “Why are conversations important? They drive deeper engagement with your audience (e.g., peers, prospects, partners) and help you increase thought leadership in your... [...]

Linked Assist software for automated LinkedIn marketing #ad

Software being released today, called Linked Assist, will generate Leads in any niche, using LinkedIn Here is what Linked Assist can do for you: 1. Automatically send connection requests 2. Automatically send messages to people you ca connected with 3. Export connection data in CSV format, for import into Excel, etc. 4. Automatically endorse profiles of your connections 5. Save your messages and signature blocks as templates for future use. Sell more with LinkedIn. Check out this new software here: Linked Assist  [...]

‘LinkedIn reveals the “secret sauce” for how to best use the platform for marketing’ – SmartCompany

Dominic Powell says, “For businesses wanting to know how to best market themselves on LinkedIn, now you can get advice straight from the horse’s mouth. LinkedIn has released an ebook about marketing on the platform, called “The Secret Sauce”, and LinkedIn expert John Nemo has sat down and dissected the ebook to uncover some helpful tips. “Long story short: LinkedIn wants you doing more business on the platform,” Nemo writes on his LinkedIn Riches blog. Content is (still) king Nemo says LinkedIn’s ebook highlights the growing prominence of content from businesses on LinkedIn,... [...]

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