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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Archive for the 'Social Media Advertising' Category

The Biggest Opportunity in Paid Social Media Ads [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘The Biggest Opportunity in Paid Social Media Ads Since The Death of Organic Reach’ highlighting an incredible paid social media advertising opportunity. He says, “Looking for social media opportunities? Well, here’s one. Today I’m going to break down the biggest opportunity in paid social media ads since the death of organic reach.” Neil Patel’s Blog  [...]

The Best Social Media Platforms for Advertising [Video]

Neil Patel has published a new video ‘The Best Social Media Platforms For Advertising, Choosing the Right Ad Platform For Your Brand’to help marketers effectively advertise on social media. He says, “I’m getting super creative on how I do growth, and I always have been. It’s just the way my mind works. The typical strategies that you know one of the mill expert marketer uses is I’m an expert in Facebook, like that’s the big one. I’m a Facebook advertising and Facebook/Instagram. And they know a little bit about Google sometimes and even less so about... [...]

Global Social Advertising Trends in 2021 [Report]

ClickZ has published a new report entitled ‘Global Social Advertising Trends in 2021’ to help you discover new social advertising trends for the year 2021. The ClickZ team says, “ has discovered that 66% of companies have an annual marketing budget of USD $20 million or more. Within this, 74% are allocating one third or more of their budget to social media advertising. Delving deeper, most companies are purchasing and placing social media ads on Facebook (93%), Instagram (90%), Twitter (83%), and LinkedIn (63%). In 2019, and the eTail conference series launched... [...]

New IM Checklist from Kevin Fahey: Social Media #ad

Kevin Fahey has just released his third checklist for internet marketing: IM Checklist, Volume 3: Social Media. Your customers and people who are potential customers use Social Media. If you want to meet them and offer them your products and services, you need to be doing so using the social media they use. Fahey learned this lesson several years ago and has been using social media as one of the pillars for his business. He is now sharing the tools and techniques that he has found to be successful in this new training. IM Checklist, Volume 3: Social Media includes all the checklists, worksheets,... [...]

‘Surviving the Social Web: 7 Things You Need to Know’ – Copyblogger

Sonia Simone says, “Oh, those idealistic good old days. Back when we truly believed that the global digital community would fact-check lies, make us smarter, and force our institutions to serve the greater good. As the man said, “How’s that working out for us?” It turns out that the social media utopia, like other utopias, didn’t end up as rosy as we’d hoped — mainly because it’s made of human beings. But the social web is still an extraordinary tool. The ability to instantly communicate with thousands of people isn’t to be scoffed at — if you can do it without losing your... [...]

‘Your No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Started with Social Media Ads’ – Copyblogger

Larry Thompson says, “The first time I rode a motorcycle, I fell in love. Between the power, the speed, and the freedom, I knew it was something I wanted to keep doing for a long time. But I also knew I had a lot to learn. Learning to ride a motorcycle requires several new skills. You have to learn how to maneuver and balance a heavy, two-wheeled vehicle, how to change gears, how to let the clutch out smoothly and at the right time, and how to work the hand and foot brakes. And that’s before you leave the parking lot. Learning to advertise on social media is a similar experience: there’s... [...]