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Friday, April 19, 2024

Archive for the 'Online Video Advertising' Category

AdsReel: use AI to create video ads, coming tomorrow #ad

  AdsReel is all set to make creating engaging video ads a breeze, without breaking your bank. Abhi Dwivedi, the leader of the team that created it, is holding a training webinar tomorrow to show how it is used to build your portfolio of powerful video ads. In this live training webinar on 25th July at 10:00 am ET/NY, he’ll dive deep into how AdsReel can help you craft top-notch video ads effortlessly, and more importantly, economically. In this live webinar, you’ll learn: 🌐 How to engage global audiences with multilingual video ads 🧩 The art of transforming simple prompts... [...]

How to Make Low Cost Video Ads That Convert [Video]

Video is the backbone of your marketing strategy. With quality and engaging video ads, you can grow your business online. Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘How to Make Low Cost Video Ads That Convert’ featuring Matt Johnston to help you create low coast video ads for your business. The SME team says, “Want to easily create video ads that convert? Worried you need special skills or a big budget? Social video expert Matt Johnston shows you how to create highly converting ads without outsourcing to pros. You’ll discover four tools to easily create video ads, and... [...]

Successful Online Video Marketing: Making effective videos #ad

Video can be a marketing tool that beats all other media, if it have good content and an attractive design. Your problem is that video may have been the victim of its own success. Why is that? For the last 5 years or so, every online marketer has heard this over and over. As a result, there are so many videos out there that most of them simply ignored. You don’t want your videos to fall into the dustbin of uselss, ignored videos. Marketing trainer, Alex Smith has created a training guide that will give you all the details of successful video marketing, Successful Online Video Marketing. Smith... [...]

Six-step guide to effective YouTube advertising

Advertising on YouTube is one of the best ways to reach out the video surfers. As video is one of the most effective marketing tools, most brands prefer to advertise over it. Marketing Land contributor Bruce Budkofsky has shared six steps to help marketers maximize their YouTube advertising. Budkofsky says, “Leading the pack when it comes to where brands are spending is YouTube. Twenty percent of online video advertising is spent on YouTube. It’s easy to plug-and-play YouTube into your online video plan, but how do you truly maximize your advertising on the platform? Understand YouTube... [...]

The Advantages YouTube Ads Have Over Facebook Ads [Video]

Online advertising has been evolving with a variety of modes you can reach a wider audience. With the rise of social media sites it has become easier to promote our products and services. Entrepreneur magazine contributor Eric Siu has shared a video featuring John Crestani who provides a comparative analysis of the YouTube and Facebook ads. Entrepreneur team says, “When considering the difference between using ads on Facebook versus on YouTube, it can be helpful to know what the benefits are of each right now. Entrepreneur Network partner Eric Siu sits down with John Crestani of Welearn... [...]

Things to know about video advertising

Video has become an irresistible tool when it comes to marketing and promotion. With evolving technologies the advertisers have got the liberty to reach out their target markets with video ads. Marketing Land columnist Laura Collins has shared an useful article on video advertising. She has highlighted some of the important aspects of this ad form. Collins says, “Video is a hotter topic than ever in marketing, with users consuming more and options for advertisers multiplying rapidly. With so much development in the industry it can be hard to look at the bigger picture or anticipate what the... [...]

Improve your YouTube ads with these tips

Video advertising is preferred by many. According to a HubSpot research 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. The study also states that 51.9% of marketing professionals see video as the type of content with the best ROI. Keeping these statistics in mind, designing great video ads can surely boost your revenue. Marketing Land columnist Kevin Lee has shared seven tips to help you deliver better ads on YouTube. Lee says, “YouTube is incredibly popular; Alexa consistently ranks it as the second most trafficked site globally. Additionally, its content shows up frequently... [...]

How To Quickly Sell to Passionate Niche Facebook Audiences #ad

Facebook is home to niche audiences for most any niche (from abs improvement to zebra watching) you can imagine. If you could target your ads for your niche products (say, six-pack abs) at those people who are hungry for that information, your sales to really take off, for the lowest cost. Video Ads Mastery System is a process for creating large, highly targeted audiences for your niche products using video ads on Facebook. And doing it in a matter of days. II you have had a little success with Facebook advertising, but can’t seem to grow your profits as you see other people doing, Video Ads... [...]

52% Marketers to Increase Investment in Social Video Advertisement

According to an Animoto study (reported by eMarketer), in next 12 months 50% of marketers plan to increase their investment in social video advertisement on Instagram. 52% of them plan to increase their investment in Twitter video ads. More findings 67% of US marketers run video ads on Facebook 51% of marketers run video ads on YouTube 25% of surveyed marketers are spending on video for Twitter and Instagram 83% of marketers were confident in Facebook videos for driving purchases. More Spending on Social Video Ads Is Planned  [...]

Create YouTube Bumper Ads with These Econsultancy Tips

According to a recent Google report, 70% advertisers said that YouTube bumper ads helped them increase their brand awareness. It means that creating creative bumper ads can help marketers to gain better momentum on YouTube. Econsultancy’s Nikki Gilliland has shared useful tips on creating effective bumper ads. Gilliland says, “Instead of saying everything in 30 seconds, bumper ads can allow brands to piece together a story over a period of time – the only difference being a series of separate ads as opposed to a single one. In fact, this approach could be why bumper ads are more effective... [...]

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