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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Archive for the 'Automated Email Marketing' Category

Email Autoresponder Magic: Getting the most from your autoresponder #ad

Email Autoresponder Magic is today’s MyNams December Deal, available until midnight. It is a 6-Part Video Course with short easy-to-follow video modules that walk you through the process of creating your email autoresponder series to begin building cash generating autoresponders that work for you day and night. In addition, it includes notes for the slides and MP3 audios of the training for your consumption in any format. These videos show you how to set up your autoresponder, how to write effective emails, how to design the right series of email to build an effective campaign, and a lot... [...]

AutoMailX: Stop Paying monthly for Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse #ad

  AutoMailX does away with your monthly subscriptions fees to GetResponse, Aweber, or other autoresponder. For about $17 (but the price is rising), which you will agree is a tiny one-time fee, you can have the newest autoresponder of them all. It has been called a “MailChimp Killer”. It’s an AI-Powered App that writes and delivers unlimited stunning emails to drive clicks, sales, and commissions. With this new autoresponder, you are getting Done-For-You Leads, Built-In High-Speed SMTP (Email Delivery Servers), Smart Tagging, Unlimited List Importing & Mailing –... [...]

StealthD: Turn Emails into Passive Income #ad

Spend an hour setting up a StealthD campaign, and reap the rewards with no further effort. That’s what Jono Anderson and Brendan Mace, the creators, are saying. Don’t stop with one campaign. Spend an hour from time to time to set up a new campaign. It can only help grow your business. Their method uses inexpensive paid ads offered by a “new-ish” Google service, to place your ads before users of the Google email service. Their recommendation is to start by paying Google $10 daily for these ads. As you grow, judiciously increase your daily ad spend. StealthD is a concise training... [...]

Done-for-You service at SnapMailPro works on autopilot #ad

SnapMailPro,with its custom software and its live service team, works like a robot: you give it a task, and it performs it without further involvement from you being required. For example, you can tell it, “Send the message I have just submitted to you on Tuesday morning to all my lists, and on the sales page, put a countdown timer for Saturday midnight. Also, use one of my favorite email templates”. In response, the team of experts builds your email, then adds the timer to the sales page, and sends the email to the lists. Before sending it, you can review their work and ask for any... [...]

The only Done-for-You Email Marketing solution: more profits in less time #ad

The recently announced SnapMailPro is a combination of innovative email software and a technical support team. For an investment of $1, you can have a 2 week trial of this package to see if it works for you. The software lets you do A-B testing of your copy for emails, opt-in pages and squeeze pages. It supports auttoresponder email sequences for people who opt in to your lists. And it lets you segment your list and tag your creative content. But they not only are they offering innovative email software; they will do the work to get the software ready to use in your business and then actually run... [...]

SnapMailPro: Automate all your email marketing ($1 trial) #ad

There’s new email software (with human support to do a lot of the work for you) just announced. It’s called SnapMailPro, and it is the only Done-for-You Email Marketing solution. They not only are offering innovative email software; they will do the work to get the software ready to use in your business. With SnapMailPro and their set-up help, you’ll earn more profits, save time, and eliminate technology-related hassles. The SnapMailPro team is experienced in email marketing and implements the best email practices when they work for you, including: • segmentation, • A/B testing, •... [...]

Better email marketing with Email Force #ad

Take advantage of professional email sequences (that is, a collection of emails intended to be sent one after the other, one per day) written by professional copywriters. Email represents the highest ROI (return on investment) of all types of marketing, online or offline. For every dollar you invest in an email campaign, you may get several dollars back. There are some things you need to watch out for, some things that can trip you up, as well as some things you need to be careful to do. Then your returns will grow. Recent changes by the big email providers, such as Google, are making it more... [...]

8 Things You Can Do with Your Automated Email Marketing Software

According to Small Insights and GetResponse research, 58% users of Automated Email Marketing Software send standard newsletters, 46% send promotional campaigns, 43% send simple autoresponders and 16% send reactivation emails. There are a lot many things marketers can do with their automated email marketing software. Small Business Trends writer Matt Mansfield has covered eight things marketers can do with it. On sending standard newsletters, Mansfield says, “Most small businesses start by sending an email newsletter to their subscribers. This simple email marketing strategy is effective,... [...]

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