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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Marketing Glossary

Your Guide to International Link Building

International link building is a long-term marketing strategy designed to build high-quality links on websites hosted in different countries and regions.

Ahrefs contributor Michal Pecánek has published an article featuring nine surprising aspects of international link building.

He says, “In this article, we’ll go through nine aspects of international link building with the help of four SEO and link building experts who collectively share insights from more than 20 global markets.

And we can start with the most controversial tactics right away…

1. Buying links is very common

Let’s be honest—link buying is in the arsenal of many link builders. Aira’s annual survey reports that 31% of SEOs buy links. This number can jump to a whopping 74% for link builders, as shown in a recent survey by Authority Hacker.

That’s a huge number for English websites, but I’m convinced that this number is even higher for non-English content. Let me explain.

The fewer link prospecting opportunities there are, the less creative you can be when building links. You’ll waste resources trying to create fantastic link bait or launch ambitious PR campaigns in most niches in many smaller markets. Link buying often becomes an attractive (yet risky) tactic when your options get limited.”

International Link Building: 9 Aspects That Might Surprise You


Your Guide to Using Pinterest For E-commerce

Selling products on Pinterest is big business. With the right e-commerce strategy,  you can get the best possible results from this platform.

Search Engine Journal contributor Atul Jindal has published an article offering tips to use Pinterest for e-commerce.

He says, “From investing in Pinterest ads to building a consistent posting schedule, in this article, you’ll find some best practices and tips on building successful Pinterest marketing campaigns.

But before we get to that, let’s first talk about whether Pinterest is good for e-commerce.

Is Pinterest Good For E-commerce?

“Don’t spread yourself too thin!”

This is a popular piece of advice people give to e-commerce brands starting social media marketing. And it is valuable advice.

So, is it worth going into Pinterest if you already have a Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok account?

Yes, in most cases.

Pinterest has immense shopping potential, perhaps more so than all the other social media platforms.”

How To Use Pinterest For Ecommerce

Search Engine Journal

Your Content Workflow Should START with Live Video [Video]

Content Marketing Institute has published a video ‘Your Content Workflow Should START with Live Video’ featuring Doc Rock from #CMWorld 2022.

The CMI team says, “This is a clip from Doc Rock’s session at Content Marketing World 2022 called 6 Reasons Why Your Content Workflow Should START with Live Video.”

Content Marketing Institute

YouTube AdSense: How To Get Started [Step-by-Step Guide]

Search Engine Journal contributor Ben Steele has published a step-by-step article on getting started with YouTube AdSense.

He says, “To become eligible for the YouTube Partner Program and start using YouTube AdSense, you need to meet a set of specified requirements and then put your channel through a review process.

You need an existing YouTube channel in good standing, with videos uploaded, an existing audience of at least 1,000 subscribers, and at least 4,000 hours of total watch time within 12 months.

Here is Google’s breakdown of the requirements before you can apply to the program:

YouTube AdSense: How To Get Started

Search Engine Journal

YouTube on what will go viral in 2023!

In the latest episode of YouTube’s official trends podcast, Brian Farnham has shared the video trends that will dominate the platform in 2023.

He says, “With 2022 in the books, it’s a natural time for one to look back on the year while dreaming of what 2023 might bring. For YouTube’s new trends podcast, Like & Describe, that means dropping a second episode, on New Year’s Day, that does exactly that for the world of digital video.

Hosted once again by creator MatPat, episode two takes a look at the videos and creators who made YouTube’s year-end Top 10 lists in the US. As a bonus, MatPat offers his take on what trends he thinks will be showing up on people’s feeds in 2023.

To help him understand what makes it onto the Top 10 lists and why, MatPat enlists the help of two members of YouTube’s Culture & Trends team: Kevin Allocca, its global director, and Maddy Buxton, who’s in charge of tracking trends for the US.”

‘Like & Describe’ episode 2: What will go viral in 2023?

YouTube Blog

Your Guide to Google E-E-A-T

The team Google E-E-A-T refers to Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, And Trust.

Erik Emanuelli has published a comprehensive guide explaining Google E-E-A-T.

He says, “Google E-E-A-T is the recent update to the quality rater guidelines.

The most important change consists of the letter E added to the start of the popular acronym E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness).

The introduction of the “first-hand experience” is designed to help raters better understand how Google defines high-quality content.

This guide will discuss what this means for your website and how to increase your E-E-A-T to improve your SEO.”

Google E-E-A-T: How to Boost Your Authority for Better SEO

Erik Emanuelli’s Blog

Year End PLR Special Sale by FireLaunchers #ad

Year End PLR Special SaleFirelaunchers just completed their Christmas sale Tuesday. Today they are starting their Year End PLR Special Sale, another short-term sale.

This one is very short-term, only 4 days, ending on Sunday.

In this sale, they are offering 12 top-notch PLR training products at a Massive Discount – Over 70%. (And as a bonus, 5 more at no additional charge. They call these 5 “unrestricted”, so they are probably placing restrictions on how you may use the 12. If so, they should place those restrictions on the sales page.)

In their opinion, this collection is the best package of 5 Unrestricted PLR packages and 12 other PLR products, available for 3 days at a whopping 70% new year discount.

If you want to start a new eCommerce business or expand your existing online business, this package can be the core of your inventory.

Take a look at the Topics included in this bundle:

Marketing PLR

  • Home Income Secrets

  • Recession Income Secrets

  • Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

  • Advance Google Ads Mastery

  • Vertical Video Income Stream

  • Google My Business 4.0

Personal Development PLR

  • Think And Grow Rich

  • Weight Loss At Home

  • Digital Health Mastery

  • Goodbye Addiction

  • Wellness Wheel

  • Goodbye Addiction

5 Unrestricted PLR Packages

  • Cooking Video Firesale

  • LinkedIn Training Kit

  • Giant Media Assets Pack

  • DFY Promo Emails Pack

  • Visuals Blowout

They have sold these 17 PLR items individually for $432.

But in the spirit of a new year celebration, they have decided to offer a massive 70% discount on it, only through January 1.

One way you can use your PLR is to populate Membership Sites. If you gradually make your content available, one item per week, you could have several months of content ready-made for you. You can literally start & run your own membership site in minutes.

You could create your own membership site, and you’d have a lot of content instantly.

With the 5 top-notch packages with unrestricted private label rights and 12 complete packages with a PLR license, you could actually make 2 or more sites, one for marketing and one for personal development, etc.

Because all these products are PLR (“Private Label Rights”), you can rename them, edit them, add your logo to them, and place your name on them as the author. You can sell them or give them to members of your membership site.

Whatever you decide to do, you get to keep 100% of the profits.

Check out the full offer description here: Year End PLR Special Sale.

Because we do not publish on the weekends, this is the only notice we will have for this PLR Sale.

So let me tell you once again, inside you’ll get:

➤ 5 Top-Notch Unrestricted Private Label Rights Packages
➤ 12 Top-Selling PLR Products (Both IM & Health Niche)
➤ With DFY Sales Modules for each product
➤ A Whopping 70% New Year Discount
➤ Resell & Keep 100% of the Profits

Right now you can still get everything with the 70% special new year discount and start putting it to work as soon as today.

There is no experience required, and you can be selling those products to a hungry market of buyers later today.

Get everything for the price of one, now, or wait and buy them separately for $432.

=>> Claim your spot now before midnight Sunday, when it’s gone for good: Year End PLR Special Sale.

Your Guide to Using Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are a <meta> tag option that can give search engines more information about a page’s content.

Semrush has published an in-depth article explaining meta keywords and when to use them.

The Semrush team says, “Some people suggest using meta keywords for competitor research.

They advise looking at meta keywords on competitor sites to work out what keywords they’re trying to optimize for.

But we think this is rarely the right approach.

That’s because:

  • Most sites don’t use meta keywords tags these days, so you won’t find any keywords there most of the time.
  • Some sites even include junk or irrelevant keywords in their meta tag fields.

A better approach to doing competitor research is to use a professional competitor research tool.”

Meta Keywords: Should You Use Them?


Your Guide to International SEO

International SEO is the process of optimizing a website or blog so that search engines identify which countries you want to reach or which languages you should use in your business.

HubSpot contributor Eli Schwartz has published an article on International SEO highlighting how you can optimize your website for other countries.

He says, “Google and other search engines are programmed to tailor results to the user’s language and geographic location.With international SEO, you can communicate to search engines that your site caters to visitors in a certain country or to those looking for your products or services in a particular language.

Language targeting, rel=”noopener” target=”_blank” hreflang tags, certain URL structures, and other localization signals all play a role in international SEO.

What’s the difference between International SEO and Local SEO?

The biggest difference between local and international SEO is scale. While local SEO is focused on keywords and target audiences within a narrow geographic area, international SEO targets audiences across diverse geographic regions.”

Your Guide to Launch & Optimize YouTube Video Ad Campaigns

YouTube advertising is a proven way to increase your leads and get more sales done. Appealing ads can help you give a boost to your business.

HubSpot contributor Jami Oetting has published an in-depth article on launching & optimizing YouTube video advertising campaigns.

Oetting  says, “In this post, we’ll guide you through YouTube ads—how they work, how you get paid, and best practices for growing revenue from your YouTube channel through advertising. By the end of this guide, you’ll be ready to launch advertisements across your YouTube channel as part of your overall YouTube marketing strategy. Let’s get started.

What’s New With YouTube Advertising

Advertising on YouTube is very different from running a PPC or paid social media campaign. There are specific creative constraints and a ton of options for this platform, and you need basic knowledge before you even scope out your next video project to make the most of the paid possibilities.”

YouTube Ads for Beginners: How to Launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign